USC Morning Buzz: Reputations Unscathed?

With USC in the process of hiring Oklahoma cornerbacks coach Roy Manning, where will former interim coach Donte Williams end up?

There could opportunities within the Pac-12 for Williams such as a return to Oregon. Social media had Williams going to Washington but the Huskies just hired Julius Brown of Fresno State as its cornerbacks coach.

I disagree with Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News, who said on “Trojans Live” Monday night that “(His outlook is) very good. He’s got a good reputation and he will have no shortage of opportunities.”

Williams might land a good job but his reputation has taken a beating, whether it was the implosion of the team, the lack of decisiveness with the QB’s or just the failure to let some of the promising younger players get on the field. Oh, did I mention how poorly the cornerbacks played?

He will get hired somewhere because of his recruiting ability . . . and nothing more.

  • Lincoln Riley extended best wishes to Oklahoma in an interview with Rich Eisen.

“I hope time will heal that, I really do,” Riley said. “I understand they’re disappointed that we left. I do. I have a lot of love for that place.

“Me and my family poured our heart and soul into that place for seven years. Loved every second of it. Had a tremendous run of championships, success on and off the field. We’ve got nothing but love.

“These things, when you leave a university, they either fire you or you leave on your own accord and neither one of them are easy and we understand it. Our love for that place will never go away.

“We certainly hope as time goes on, the time over there will be remembered fondly and everybody will remember all the great success we had together.”

  • USC safety Chase Williams has entered the NCAA transfer portal.
  • Former USC strength coach Robert Stiner, who was hired last year by Coach Bohn, has been hired at . . . Georgia Southern. Details here.

40 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Reputations Unscathed?

  1. Oklahoma ain’t that bad. One of my brothers moved there 20 years ago and I have visited a couple of times. When I arrived at his property the first time he took me out in his yard and showed me the boundaries of his property, about one square mile. Wow, And this town’s cemetery stretched for blocks and was lighted up by hundreds of bouquets of yellow flowers, very impressive until I discovered all the flowers were only plastic.

    So ‘Life with Riley’ indicates the guy has a soft spot for OK, and rightfully so as he churned out some mighty fine teams down in Norman. But I would advise the SC coach to stay out of Oklahoma for a while until the populace cools off because most of these folks own guns and are sharpshooters.

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  2. Gomer also hired

    Effrem Reed

    “Effrem is one of the brightest young coaches in the profession today,” Helton said in a statement. “Having served under Mel Tucker at Michigan State, Effrem knows what it takes to build an elite college football program. Effrem was instrumental in the development of Kenneth Walker III, helping the running back through a very successful 2021 Heisman campaign. He has strong recruiting ties to the Southeast having played and coached at Louisiana and we look forward to him leading a very talented running back group here at Georgia Southern.”

    Brian Ellis

    “Having worked with Bryan at USC, I had the opportunity to witness first-hand his ability to recruit and develop quarterbacks at an elite level,” said Helton, formerly head coach at Southern Cal from 2015 to 2021. “His leadership as a coordinator at Western Kentucky has taken the Hilltoppers to three straight bowl games and this year a conference championship game.
    “This year’s offense ranks second in the nation in both scoring offense and total offense as well as holding the title as the top passing offense in the nation. As a Georgia native, he has extremely strong recruiting ties within our state. We look forward to his innovative style taking our offense to new heights.”

    And Ryan Aplin
    Gomer was excited about this hire, he did a video

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    1. He’s doing it again — the same bullshit, the same insincerity —coming outta the same dumb- as -fuck pie hole…
      btw, Brian Ellis was SO wondrous as a QB coach that 2 of our starters were forced to go to private QB coaches for remedial coaching over the summer….

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      1. Michael,

        As long as all of the coaches go to Georgia Southern or just get away form SC, then that is fine with me. SC will be getting an upgrade with coaches. The two most important coaches will be the oline and dline coach. They have to rebuild two units that were bitched rape by all teams. They were the door mats for opposing teams. They must get better or you can say Riley is Humpty Dumpty Helton II

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      2. Riley knows every word of what you wrote is 100% true, P. T. —now the Big Question is: Can he bring those Big Name O & D Line coaches to USC? I know he’ll try …but if he can’t pull it off we’re right back at square one —and the spin-masters at USC won’t sound any better than Clay did in his umpteenth promo video ….

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      3. Slovis looked SO good …when we had Michael Pittman, Amon St. Brown…. and Tyler Vaughns….


  3. Riley nailed it, you get fired or you leave on your own account, and either way, the fans can’t stand you, but you get paid millions $$ to deal with that. As far as Donte goes, good luck to him. Wolfman, you are getting obsessed with him.

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      1. I don’t mind it when Scott beats dead horses….. IF they’re the right dead horses…

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      2. Actually, Buddha, Scott beats on live horses until they are dead, and then he sells the meat as ground round in L.A. back-alleys.

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  4. So, right now his staff is, according to 24/7

    Roy Manning DB’s ( coaches’ CB’s )
    Jamar Cain LB’s ( coached OLB’s and DE’s at OU )
    Zach Hanson TE’s ( has also coached OL, WR’s and special teams )
    Dave Nichol WR’s ( has also coached OL, QB”s)
    Alex Grinch DC ( coaches’ safeties )
    Dennis Simmons WR’s

    I think you get to have 10 coaches, looks like he needs a DL, OL, QB & RB coach, unless one of the WR coaches’ is going to change jobs

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    1. There’s trouble on the horizon if Lincoln can’t get SUPERSTAR O-Line & D-Line coaches —- we probably won’t have the players we need in 2022 but we HAVE to have the BEST guys available coaching up our lines [or we’ll have a repeat of past years’ problems]…

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      1. Michael,

        Bring the OU line coaches are not the concern. he just need two coaches that will demand phsicality and dominance. Stanford’s oline coach is the type of coach and bama’s dline coach is the other.

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  5. Kinda funny since all this is about reputations, winning or gaffing up the press conference… To seem rather than to be…

    USC will be making the same old mistakes again if they don’t add some SC folks to the staff including those who SC can trust and keep continuity with the web of agents, runners, coaches, youth league, alum and multi gen athletes that allow you to put a fence up and get all the top players and good inside information. That also allows SC to maintain leverage and continuity.

    We’re already taking a flier on a coach that has all the red flags we’ve been dealing with for a decade: offense runs up gaudy QB numbers but can’t win against big boys, defense is AWOL can’t win in the post season, deals only with insiders and cronies, weak in the trenches, wants to reinvent football (especially at a time when we’re seeing big boy power football dominating)…. Deion Sanders gave Riley and Bohn some of the best advice they could get. OU has all the juice in that conference, esp with Texas in disarray– the money, the boosters, the recruiting network, etc.

    But Riley may have been the fourth or fifth best coach in the worst conference in the country– Aranda, Campbell, Gundy, Kleiman… That’s not a bad thing, none of them would have won the press conference the same way. But SC has to now actually win as a program.

    “Coach” Bohn and his boyfriend Brandon may be gun shy of interfering after going 0 for 10 in hiring and keeping football coaches at USC, and his prior record of going 1-4 in coaching hires… But he does have a role in putting this program on the right track. Riley had Stoops and the Oklahoma AD and boosters, in what was his first rodeo. The last time a stubborn Oklahoma Stoops acolyte with all the Air Raid / Spread dealt with USC Norm Chow gave ’em a tutorial on REAL offense.

    It’s up to Bohn and Riley to understand and adapt to what wins at USC, and how USC wins national championships

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    1. What wins at SC are guys like Troy, Matt, Reggie and Lendale,
      and unfortunately you don’t find their type hanging from trees. Usually.


      1. USC with Carson, w Williams, Fargas was #2 UPI, 4# AP and by the end of the season would have beat the sht out of anyone, esp on offense. Yet two seasons earlier under Hackett, Palmer and much the same line up looked like sht despite having over 30 players who would go to the NFL. even with suffering under Hackett’s horrible lack of development. Hackett had the talent to use, but sucked.

        And Hershel Dennis (even with his knee issues) started ahead of Reggie in ’03 championship season– Reggie had to become a better blocker which for Chow was first priority– under Chow you better be able to block a guy outweighing you by 50 or 60lbs at least for a second, even if you got ran over; they don’t hold backs to those sort of standards today. USC with those subsequent top classes playing Air Raid and soft offenses turned into poop.

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  6. I cannot blame Donte for the season and its many gaffs. He was given a bowl of sh*t and asked to serve stew. He is probably too professional to belittle his staff while he was head coach, but I am also sure he felt a bit like Sisyphus pushing a boulder around. Other coaches take notice of what he accomplished and his maintaining a professional attitude while doing the impossible in front of an already hostile crowd.
    I believe, given the right staff, and team that isn’t pining for a hug from papa Helton, he might make a successful head coach. IMHO

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    1. Donte is a class act — NO ONE could turn the team that got slaughtered by a pathetic Stanford team into a winner overnight —and losing Drake and then Ingram was just bad luck piled on bad luck …..but…. Donte came in with a team on the edge of revolt and he left with a team on the edge of revolt….

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  7. Scooter,

    Answer me this, why is everyone thining that Donte Williams is a good recruiter? When he was at Oregon, competing against SC in recruting, it was nothing but a shooting fish in a barrel. The blind sisters of the poor could out recruit Humpty Dumpty Helton. they took the de that became all world up there. He was originally an SC commit. Other great players left or decomitted because of Humpty Dumpty Helton.

    My question will be, when Williams has to compete against Riley and the assistants, will he still be the great recruiter that most people think he is? We will see. As a coach, I saw nothing special. Players were undisciplined and were lost half the time. I blame the atmosphere that Humpty Dumpty Helton created and manifested while Coach Williams was the head coach.

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      1. Even if we don’t get him, we have a much better chance of getting a good one under Riley. Helton just didn’t have any clout and there was always the case where if you came to SC under Helton, you might just be there for one year. He was perpetually on the hot seat.

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  8. Scooter,

    I hate to say anything, but you had said you were going to have reort cards for the remaining games. You owe for the BYUR own booze and the Long Haired Hippy game. Get with it. I wants to see whats your write.

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    1. If you can’t wait, P. T.—I know Scott pretty well & and can give you a Coming Attraction…..


  9. I hear OWNS will become Clay Helton’s offensive line coach at Georgia Southern. No wonder OWNS has disappeared lately.

    If you would like to send Clay Helton a person e-mail good or bad he would love to hear from all of us.

    Clay Helton’s e-mail address is: Uncle Fester ruined our program let’s wish him luck and thank him for ruining the USC football program.

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  10. Good to see Bohn evidently relented during the Riley hiring discussions on keeping his hires Donte, Orlando, S coach, and Stiner. That coulda been a real fly in the ointment. “OK-LA-HO-MA! Where the wind comes sweeping down plains!”

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    1. Rodgers and Hammerstein even think that Sooner fans are too full of themselves. #DustBowl #Okies #GrapesOfWrath #WindTurbines #MiddleOfNowhere


  11. PasadenaTrojan
    I don’t know who Stanfords O-Line Coach is but I’m not sure I want him. Stanford was rated 125th in the nation in rushing last year at 87.6 yards per game. But I will take Alabama’s D-Line coach. The finished 4th in the nation against the rush.


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