Kedon Slovis Update

I hear former USC QB Kedon Slovis is seriously considering Arizona, Cal and Nebraska.

Adrian Martinez, the former Nebraska QB, is also looking at Cal.

Wherever Slovis goes, he better pick a school with a good offensive line.

62 thoughts on “Kedon Slovis Update

  1. ugh, couch reily is doing a crapy job cuz he aint win no champoinship yet,i dont think he even win a game yet ether,and know he makeing players go to other places?then he aint gonna win games if he got no one to play with him,smdh!!!

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    1. For your information ed — Coach Reilly has asked every player kicked off our team to do us a favor…and just stop playing football….

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    2. thay shuold do what me and misses ed do with teen age poeple and lock them in the base mint and not let them leave,couch reily takeing a big chanse that these boys will retirn to him,but they dont and some times go to the policy and tell on u

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  2. Guy on another board posted some interesting stuff about Gomer

    Guy cited a buddy of his who has been at USC athletic department for 30 years, take it for what it’s worth

    Says current staff is staff begging remaining targets and others to put off signing until Feb window . Also will give them a chance to evaluate the portal.

    Will have a hard time filling all the spots. More roster pruning soon will be lucky to have 75 to 78 scholarship players come spring ball, maybe as low as 72.

    HS coaches would cold call Helton to tell them about 3 Star prospects they should look at.

    Riley prepared to suffer next year. Gonna be bad next year. LAX practices under Helton led to horrific habits that will need time to break. Staff gonna use this last period for Hail Mary’s at 2022 kids and host as many 2023 kids as possible. Don’t be surprised if Jan OV weekends are mainly or only 2023 kids

    Last note is this recruiting class will not crack the top 15 more likely a 28-22 range. To many ships have sailed. Helton didn’t even try to recruit the top 100 guys. Just lip service and form letters. It was a monster year for West Coast OL especially the Pac NW and Helton and Co didn’t even try, they were recruiting like USC is Oregon State. Admin will not admit any JC’s

    ( Poster talking not me ). I will admit this is USC Athletic Dept cya for what’s gonna be a poor 2022 class but per my source, when Riley and Co showed up at Servite they said a USC coach had not been to Servite for 2 years. Granted Covid but come on. They quickly realized Helton had fallen asleep at the wheel. Was lazy and honestly derelict. Hadn’t been to Loyola High in 4 years, Notre Dame Sherman Oaks ever, Crespi ever. never visited a whole host of other schools that are historically good Oceanside, Norco, Paraclete maybe not yearly 5 star factories but you press the flesh and when a blue chipper does show up you have an inside track. More than that, very little interaction with Trinity League, and Mission League coaches. Just kept beating the bushes of Lubbock, Amarillo and Texarkana. zero or very poor connections with HS coaches in Phoenix, Houston, Las Vegas, Metro Miami or Denver.


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    1. So, you obviously read Wild West? That was “Conquest2000” ‘s post there last night. What “Conquest2000” mentioned his source revealed about Clay’s lack of recruiting and all of that is no surprise. That’s why I always cringed and took umbrage at “Clay’s such a good, moral person and a great guy” garbage over the past few years. He played favorites (like most coaches) and was dishonest and based on Conquest2000’s post, he sat on his backside and did nothing and bilked the university. The university brain trust of Haden, Swann, Nikias, Folt and for a while (too long) Bohn and the administration and Board of Trustees were all his willing enablers. The seven-layer bean dip-eating idiot rah-rah’s you see tailgating at the Coliseum (wearing their stupid USC straw hats, SC print Hawai’ian shirts the book store sells) and khaki dockers drinking chardonnay that don’t know football but supported Clay endlessly until he was fired (and then of course say) “I never supported Clay” (or Sark, or Kiffin, or Hackett, or __________ ) are to blame, as well. The hubris and arrogance of USC, from the university presidents (past and current) to the administration to the board of trustees to idiot rah-rah boosters, fans and alums that put up with it for so long is what caused much of this.

      What a dumpster fire the football program is. It’s going to take three years to fix it. At least.

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      1. Conquest2000’s source isn’t some ‘Deepthroat,” it’s most likely his butthole. None of what that post says isn’t anything anyone with a simplistic understanding of USC & it’s Athletic Department would consider news. You don’t even need to have read the Cliff’s Notes to get it. Dude ain’t saying anything that’s that’s not been blatantly obvious since Clay Helton thought starting Max Browne over Darnold was prudent.


      2. while I don’t know about what you read, what you state I agree with all about hellton…I would not apply helltons ways to any other SC coach I have ever watched since 1951.
        And I do think 2022 will be a better yr than 2021, perhaps 8-4 and 2023 10 wins or 11.
        By his 3rd yr practices will have turned SC around into Pac 12 champs and a top 4-5 team.
        SC used to be a JC all american destination and they dominated football coaches in high school and JC. IT WAS A DUMBASS ADMIN THAT DROPPED PHYS ED AS A MAJOR,they must have hated SC sports.


      1. Budda,

        Do you know how i know this? Because I went to Loyola High in L.A. After football practice on a Saturday, I would drive to watch a SC game at the Coli. It took more time trying to find parking that actually driving to the Coli.

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      2. This explains why 4 star OL Sam Yoon went to the bruins… In the years past OLs from Loyola went directly to SC…

        6-5 290lb Lineman off to UCLA… Is Riley doing any better?


      3. SC4Life,

        I talked to Yoon’s dad since his son’s sophmore year at Loyola. he told me privately before it was announced that his son was going to ugly. I asked him why not SC. He said no one came from SC to talk to him and the oline coach at ugly was talking to him since his sophmore year. That is Helton for you


    2. …so ….basically….from the exact same time as Bohn came on as A.D., Helton stopped working entirely….(except for doing a few bible videos)….

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      1. What the hell would you do if dumbass Lynn Swann signed you to a 5 year ~$4m a year deal w/ a $23m buyout? Dude knew he had a golden horseshoe up his ass. Why kill yourself recruiting when you’re not competitive and you’ve secured multi-generational wealth for your family?


    3. Thanks for the info BK. Just as I suspected, Gomer sat on his rear for the last 2-3 seasons, collected paychecks, and let the team implode. I used to think that LR had a 2 year re-build. But reading what BK said, it looks like its a 3 year re-build. Too many good local players going to other schools. Let’s see who signs in February.

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      1. No words in the English language are sufficient to describe Folt and Bohn’s sloth and stupidity. The degree of damage they’ve caused to USC football is [almost] unfathomable.
        I wonder if Riley is having second thoughts about working with these jackasses…..


      2. No second thoughts from Lincoln. He sees the potential (and past) greatness of USC football. Just as long as USC gives Riley what he needs and otherwise stays out of his way.

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    4. Helton didnt visit those schools because they already figured out he is a joke. Can you imagine how he is going to destroy the Georgia Southern program? Maybe the AD there wants to kill the football program and Helton is his method.

      Anyway, when I look at the USC roster, I do see some potentially talented players there – Foreman, Raesjon Davis, Ceyair Wright, Julien Simon, Tuli Tuilpulotu, Vorhees, Dart, Trigg, Epps, Manjack, Ford, McCoy(maybe?) and quite a few others. But there is also so much dead weight.

      Is USC allowed to kick players off the team and end their scholarship if the current coach doesnt want them? I think a whole bunch of guys will simply end up getting their degrees and never play a day of football.

      The USC degree has real value and I think that some players value the degree way more than the football team. So it might be tough to get rid of them.

      Is it possible if Riley cant reclaim their scholarship, he is forced to boot them off the team roster, but their scholarship still counts against our total?

      I think Riley knows that he needs to only add players who will buy into a very intense new culture and that he cant afford to add players that cant handle a year of difficulties until they re-build. But in the Pac-12, even a very weakened USC can do pretty well (8-4 at least). At least we will have a REAL offensive scheme and defensive scheme. Noone is clamoring to hire TO or GH.

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      1. Michael’s Winter Wonder Neverland:
        Lincoln Riley takes out a full page in the Los Angeles Times condemning President Folt and A. D. Mike Bohn for “criminal negligence leading to the destruction USC’s football program”… he goes on to demand $1,000,000,000,000 in damages from USC on behalf of all the athletes whose careers have been destroyed or placed on hold. USC’s Board caves to avoid an embarrassing trial…..


    5. Gomer was the biggest lazy ass loser … worse than Suckisian, who at least got off his lazy ass to recruit wide outs

      HCLR is going to get rid of all the crap

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    6. Great inside information. I like the recruits USC is getting this year from Las Vegas Bishop Gorman. I recall OU getting Demarco Murray from BG years ago, but don’t recall any USC recruits from there since.


  3. Slovis should go to somewhere like Fresno State or San Diego St. If he transfers to Cal or Arizona he will get killed.

    This guy Jed “the Fisch” at Arizona is doing everything possible to get out of the bottom of the Pac 12, but he’s doomed at Arizona and will never get out of the bottom of the Pac 12.

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  4. Yes, I agree Keadon Slovis needs to pick a school with a good offensive line, because his downfall is his nervous happy feet. And he’s probably not as good as his statistics, so earning a starting spot at a power 5 conference school isn’t a given.

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    1. He had a good COVID 2020 year and did it with ZERO run game.
      At least in 2019 we had Christon and Stepp having decent run games.

      Get off Slovis’ @$$. He was not the problem. Inexperienced WR’s who could not find a seam were his problem.

      Irrespective, Vaya con Dios Kedon. Stay out of the Pac 12.

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  5. Maybe ol’ Helton did not bother recruiting the local high schools because he knew he had no chance to get quality kids to come to his version of a football factory, you know, ‘The SC Football House Built by Helton.’

    Remove the Sam Darnold years and what is left of SC football for the last decade or more is stark mediocrity at best. Kids graduating today were 8 years old when SC was SC. All they know now is that SC is not the place to go if you wish to win and have a shot at the NFL.

    Hopefully Wiley is the coaching answer, but even if he is it will take time to convince kids that SC is on track to regain its footing.

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  6. This note was probably lost at the bottom of Scott Wolf’s 2-day old post, but the fact Scott was out of commission for weeks and then was gone for a couple of days this week, tells me he might be undergoing cancer treatment. He probably could use the good wishes and thoughts from his “second family” here.

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      1. Well, Mike, my other possible scenario was that Scott found a girl in which he wanted to paint the town red with, but that possibility was not going to elicit any sentiment out of us posters.

        And of course the truth of the “Missing Wolf” will never be resolved because our boy will take the secret with him to his grave.

        You have been around this blog, Michael, longer than God has been alive– has Scottie ever engaged a poster?

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      2. Address us personally? Ha! Scott has…. wisely… come to the conclusion that it’s not worth it.
        [Film critic Danny Peary once pointed out that, in Sergio Leone westerns, it’s only the weak people who talk about themselves —and whatever you want to say about Scott, he ain’t weak]….


  7. Get well, Scottie. And best of luck to Slovis, he would be well-served going to Wisconsin. They don’t allow many sacks. Super disciplined team and in particular o line.

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    1. Charles! You make American film studios seem so cynical, amoral and avaricious ….. when we all know it’s about the “art”……..

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    2. Yes it’s all green lighted by the leader of the country that costs Hollywood and the music industry billions upon billions of dollars a year. There is no entity on the planet the movie studios hate more than China.


      1. Kinda hard to vote when you’re dead. Unvaxxed are dying at an exponentially higher than us science knowing sheep. Fwiw, I’ve not heard from Bill Gates not seen even the hint that he’s tracking me since I got the shots. Just an fyi.


  8. Not hard to figure Helton was milking his job at USC for a long time, and what’s worse so were alot of the assistants when it came to recruiting.
    Please take a look at the Top 100 HS recruits on some of the recruiting sites especially Offensive and Defensive linemen, and you will see few of the top prospects were even offered, and even fewer visited USC.

    I blame this one on Mike Bohn for letting Helton and his staff get away with sitting on their fannies. The recruiting sites are easy to follow why didn’t Mike Bohn notice this, and yet the non-salaried fans did. All of this is very alarming, and the evidence is clearly there on these recruiting sites that USC put very little effort into recruiting other than defensive backs (Donte), wide receivers, and QB’s. My question if all these coaches conducted light “no pad” practices, and the games showed very little pre-game preparation what in the world were all these coaches doing to justify their salaries?????????????????????????

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    1. That fat lazy loser should had been fired when he called off practices before bowl game vs Whisky and then did it again before losing to crappy Iowa … Gomer was nothing but a thief. Just like Kiffy and Suck were before him hiring all their family and buddies.

      About time SC started taking football seriously and not just time and money on these losers.

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    2. The dead giveaway? Helton had “zzzzzzzz” placed on the office doors of everyone on his coaching staff….


  9. ok…anything important to USC?
    I did watch the ’53 RoseBowl game last night,and most of my favorite all time SC football players,even some of the rose parade…now that was important.

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