Domani Jackson Back To USC

Five-star corner Domani Jackson of Mater Dei announced he had committed to USC this afternoon.

He always wanted to go to USC and now that there is a good coach, it was a no-brainer.

He had previously committed to USC. My question is whether he will play next season after his knee injury last August.

Also, the media portrays it as a huge victory. If someone committed under Clay Helton, why wouldn’t they commit under Lincoln Riley?

Is this why Donte Williams is sticking around?

  • Does this announcement by Kenan Christon mean his future at USC is over?

I think he adds something missing from the backfield and thought Riley would want him back. But knowing USC, it is possible the administration quietly made it clear they didn’t want him back.

63 thoughts on “Domani Jackson Back To USC

  1. Unfortunately Kenan Christon was really never given a chance. It has been obvious that there has been favoritism with the different head coaches. For example, Malepiea was a Helton favorite but not a Donte Williams favorite. Hopefully this coaching staff will be more objective.

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    1. I recall watching the video where Joe Mixon–a star Okie RB and now an NFL “star”–truly cold-cocks a girl in a restaurant and she drops like a sack of potatoes. I’m pretty sure that Joe got to play again at OU after serving some sort of suspension.

      I don’t know the context around the Mixon haymaker, but I suspect that there may have been some racial slurs. Yeah, she slapped him first–I think. Doesn’t excuse violence. The two parties reached a settlement.

      I guess my point is that what Mixon did was wrong in “a Man’s World.”
      Never hit a woman. Walk away. However, I do think Mixon got to resume his career AT OU while the case settled.

      Christon? Really sad that he never got a chance at Helton’s and Folt’s USC.

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    2. I also must wonder if the Osa Massina case, among others, cost Kenon any measure of justice at USC. Different scenario, of course. But I suspect after Massina (a Sark recruit, I think), no USC FB player gets any degree of due process.

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  2. Carol Folt: “I could live with Christon returning if he hadn’t headlocked a guy in a fight over a girl ….the whole incident seems provincial and mid 20th century —and I don’t like the idea that the headlock was said to last for 17 seconds —- 10 would have been more than sufficient.”

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    1. P. S.
      USC just went from 82nd in the 2022 recruiting rankings ALL the way to….73rd…..
      [BUT…we can take heart in the fact our average player ranking is only below Alabama’s and a few others —we’re not getting big numbers of players but we’re getting the best players available]…

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      1. Scott Wolf please comment on Lincoln Riley’s press conference.

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      2. Ah, just like the good ole days of Lane Kiffin with small classes with high quality… Kiffin had to battle back from the NCAA’s draconian measures.
        Riley has to battle back from the self-inflicted wounds of the Haden/Swann/Bohn & Helton eras.

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      1. Ha! What makes you think Carol never got in a fight? I’ll bet ya money she’s had to put Mike Bohn in his place more than once….

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  3. If the SC Administration and its personnel who make these decisions about what is an egregious crime and how much punishment should be meted out, then it is time to protect the accused with the same safeguards given to prisoners in a court of law.

    The SC powers-that-be are not making decisions that affect their accused students the risk of jail time, but they still are deciding a kid’s future when suspending him from school or school activities.

    As such, it is about time to impose the same due process rules from the court system onto the quasi legal methods utilized by the universities. Set a deadline for how long discovery (of the facts) should take, when a final judgment should be made, and establish some written standards of conduct so that the students know when they have crossed the line

    Of course it is the accused footballers that grab the headlines, but there are Regular-Joes that are being railroaded as well.

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  4. these so call couches beter start lisening to me on how they shuold do there job,i reed the innernet and now what is what,poeple dont lissen to ol’ed when they shuold and things dont all ways go so good,so john reily beter take my advise on fotbal cuz i got some idees,

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    1. Thanks Ed
      I was so confused, but after reading your uplifting wisdom I have seen the light and know which way to go. Thanks for guiding me in the right direction. What would the world do without you?

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  5. Kenan Christian was a one of a kind athlete that definitely got a raw deal at USC. There is no question he was our fastest rb (CA state champion), and probably the fastest guy on the team that could have been used on kickoff and punt returns, in the slot as a wide receiver, and on sweeps as a running back. Please look back it has been a very long time since USC had a big return on either the kickoff or a punt.

    Stupid move, and improper treatment by USC. Don’t be surprised if he transfers to UCLA to compete in both football and track. Chip, loves speed most coaches do except Clay Helton, and the USC staff.

    One has to wonder if they will do the same thing to Bru McCoy. Big time
    physical receiver much more talent than most of the current USC receivers other than Drake London, and probably would develop to be just as good.

    If Carol Folt is so paranoid about getting rid of the trouble makers she needs to stop reading the news, and offer a fair evaluation of a student athlete’s conduct rather than always assuming they are permanently guilty even after being proven innocent.

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    1. There’s no way Carol wasn’t involved in slow walking Christon’s return to USC football. And –let’s face it—she had to go thumbs down for things to work out the way they did. Here’s what’s crazy: Anybody who has ever listened to one of Kenan’s interviews can see in about 3 seconds he’s light years more sincere and honest than the phony bitch who, without a doubt, screwed him over.

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      1. Bryant was horrible at kick returning and did nothing to improve all season. There is a big difference between running the ball and returning kicks.


      2. Replay the last 2 minutes of the 2020 USC UCLA covid game, Steveg
        Gary also had a few key KR’s this year that got us back into “winnable” games.

        With kickers today and speedy players hauling downfield to cover, any KR beyond the 25 is a rare and welcomed occurrence.


    2. Last time I checked, a CFB coach had the ability to NOT PERMIT a portal transfer to land within his conference.

      Devon Williams–a former USC WR who could not break the starting line-up at USC–came up with a clutch TD reception along with many other clutch receptions VS USC in 2020. Helton should not have permitted him to trf to the Dux.

      Riles should tell Kedon and Kenon that they should look outside the Pac12.

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      1. Rule still in place I believe, but I think that if one uses it to stop an intraconference transfer then competitor coaches will use it against you. And the media tend to go nuts on this stuff.

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      2. I don’t see USC regularly nabbing players out of the portal from the Pac 12 schools, but I get the point. If the media gets their knickers in a twist, well HELL! I SAY MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!


  6. Donte is a heck of a player. Now where are the lineman? Riley needs to clean house of the thugs, sissies and Helton coddled babies to bring in real all American strength in the trenches

    Get the thugs off campus. We won’t win games unless we bring in solid thoroughbred young men to control the trenches on both sides of the ball. I hope Riley and his staff understand this or we will be doomed to repeat history


    1. I don’t think Helton and staff recruited thugs.
      The Kicker, Kenon, Bru have ALL BEEN EXONERATED.
      Massina was a Sark recruit.

      Seems Folt recruited a bunch on NON-FOOTBALL playing thugs who raped young women on Frat row.

      Fact is that a lot of AH’s around campus like to bait full-ride USC CFB and the players sometimes take the bait.

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  7. Big News! Andy Enfield finally gets his contract season.
    Please take a look at the long USC Basketball history the guy has done a fantastic job. Sure a few other coaches like Boyd, Morrison, Floyd had a terrific season once in awhile, but no one has done a better job making USC relevant in basketball on a consistent basis year after year.

    Merry Christmas – Mike Bohn. Thank you for rewarding someone for doing a great job at USC, and I think now the sky is the limit for this program.

    While we all watch the football program re-build let’s now give our full support to the basketball program under Enfield’s leadership as he tries to bring a National Championship to USC. It can happen get out to the Galen Center we need to pack this beautiful arena.

    “Men’s basketball head coach Andy Enfield received a contract extension through the 2025-2026 season following USC’s NCAA Elite Eight appearance in 2021. As a private institution, USC does not disclose details about university employee contracts. No further details of Coach Enfield’s contract will be disclosed.”

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    1. Hear, hear, tommyd, but you are preaching to the choir with me because I have lusted after a home court advantage for decades, but it is hard to change the decades-worth of indifference towards SC basketball.

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    2. Love the enthusiasm, tommyd.
      The Pac 12 is looking pretty sporty in NCAA MBB.

      Unfortunately, I won’t get to root on the Trojans here in Colorado when they visit Jan 20. HOWEVER, might try to visit Vegas (finally) for the tournament (?).

      I like this MBB team. Wish they could shoot the 1.

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  8. Exciting to see Domani at SC! Riley understands roster management.

    His strategy is obvious. Only take players that you really think can play on Saturdays. Dont fill the recruiting class with players that dont even have development potential. Leave more scholarships open for the next year if you cant get the talent you want in this very short period of time.

    He actually shows up to the top schools in our area to form relationships.

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  9. UCLA is too lenient on their players. Jay Goia threatens a bunch of students in an elevator and UCLA just says they will handle it internally(code for “football comes first and character and conduct come second”). USC is just the opposite. They are too draconian. Get into a loud argument with another student and you’ll never put on the USC uniform again. All the feminazi’s on those student conduct committees who hate men and football because football is mainly a mens game are just waiting like hungry wolves waiting for a football player to put one toe over the line so they can eat him alive.

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  10. John: USC Basketball has always been 2nd in line behind USC football.
    Bottom line the fans were apathetic to USC basketball because the program was up and down alot with little consistency, huge turnover in coaches, and player transfer. Many blamed the poor attendance in basketball on the Sport Arena, but in reality all Enfield needs to do is keep winning like he is doing, and the arena will gradually get filled with people.

    Keep up the good work Andy Enfield!! A trip to the Final 4 is now possible. Make it happen create a new tradition for USC Basketball.

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  11. So Kenan and Bru lose a whole season of football…and a Palestinian student Diversity representative tweets “kill every motherf’ing zionist”, and laughs and retweets videos of Palestinians lighting Israelis on fire, and somehow she is the victim with no consequences. WTF is going on over there? I mean, WTF?

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    1. These far left libs aren’t even trying to pretend that they are fair anymore. They feel that they can whatever they want. I guess they are right because nobody seems to care enough to make them pay. Whatever happened to “hate speech”? I guess that only applies if you are a Trump supporter.

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    2. She should be kicked out, expelled, shown the door and never be able to return to USC ever. What a fucin disgrace. And the bigger disgraced are the administration and alumni for not doing anything about it. Just ignore it and move along. Nothing to see here with this hate speech. Bang your fucin monkey fellow Trojans and demand that evil shyt stirrer be removed from USC in disgrace. Hypocrites all of them. Stop the double standards and demand some fucin integrity. FTB.
      Fight on!

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      1. Win a lot of sports, keep our #19 ranking of Best Universities in America (per WSJ), and quietly move Folt out to pasture in the next 2-3 years.

        She was here to get USC through some scandals. Mission accomplished Carol. Not a member of the Trojan Family. Move her along towards semi-retirement in somewhere besides LA/Santa Monica.

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  12. Making a threat to a person or specific group is not protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. If Folt and the BOT don’t take aggressive action on this matter, it will manifest itself into something larger and uglier. But this is where we are at in this country right now. There is selective outrage and justice based on one’s gender, sexual preference, and political views. In a republic the rules and consequences are for all or none at all.

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    1. There needs to be a full scale push back on this issue. The double standards need to be exposed. This can’t be pushed under the rug. Start exposing Folt and the administration for the frauds they are. USC needs to have some
      integrity and standards be restored or its only going to get worse. Time to cut the rotten fish head at the top.

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  13. Lay off, 67 –she’s an “inclusion and diversity senator”! And who really can say the phrase she tweeted means “curse the Jews”? I bet a lot of people are thoughtlessly putting a negative spin on their interpretation simply because she’s said harmless things in the past ….like “kill all the motherfucking Zionists!”
    I came into contact with many Palestinian & Israeli law students during my time as a law school dean —they are, right this very moment, doing everything they can to bring peace to that troubled region —does this student really believe these angry tweets help that dialog along?

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    1. P. S.
      Don’t expect Folt to do anything. She’s only good for spewing meaningless “Walk the Righteousness Path” speeches.

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      1. Exactly MG and the phonies will get exposed and delt with for their lies, incompetence, and double standards. Hopefully this is the first step on Folt hanging herself and keeps setting herself up for failure where she has no where to hide where she is totally exposed. The emperor has no clothes and exposed as a fraud. Thus forced to resign in shame. This might be the first domino that falls that exposes all the hypocrites at USC. Let’s hope!

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      1. They are drunk with power and out of touch with reality. Just like our politicians. This is a plan to brain wash our youth with hatred if you don’t agree with woke liberalism and it needs to be stopped. It’s only going to get worse. The NFL has already sold out pushing a division politics narrative with the covid vaccine for their players and fans.

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      2. trojanboogs –The hallow, chicken shit way Folt handled this situation is getting national attention ….and the message that’s going out is: USC’s president is a day in, day out, old fashioned garden variety screw up.
        Now, screwing up once is understandable, screwing up once a month means you’re an amateur — screwing up EVERY time you’re called on to make a decision means you’re a menace. Time for the University to admit the obvious —and move on.

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  14. To get more recruiting momentum, it might be helpful to announce that injured player Jake Smith, WR, transfer from Texas, has re-affirmed his commitment to USC with new coach Lincoln Riley.

    A similar effort should be made to reach out to five star Bru McCoy, if possible.

    And reach out to Mo Hasan, QB, and get his reaffirmation after injury as USC needs a third scholarship QB.

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  15. So more walking wounded at USC. Get hurt players from the transfer portal so they can fill a roster spot. They contribute nothing to the team. Great idea! Go ask the Raiders how that has worked out for them. They are notoriously known for drafting hurt players every year that don’t contribute anything to the team. They suck and blow the draft every year. USC doesn’t need to make that mistake.


  16. Domani Jackson from Mater Dei is a nice win.

    Rollo continues to produce great, intelligent, NCAA ready HS FB players.
    I think MD won the mythical HS national champ again this year.

    Gotta’ get the Mater Dei pipeline. Same with J Serra (gardena?). Same with Bishop Gorman.

    Great news.
    Winning games starts with Defense, right?

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  17. Brandon Jones will be O-Line coach. I hope he can change our OL misfortunes of the last decade. I’m skeptical from another Texas (Tech)\air raid connection but for better or worse, here we go.

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    1. Stats below sound promising, particularly for 13th in the country for fewest negative yardage plays (sacks, rushes netting neg yards).

      • In addition, the running game drastically improved during Jones’ first season as Tech averaged 140.9 rushing yards per game, an improvement by nearly 40 yards from the 2016 campaign.

      • Jones arrived at Tech after helping build Cal’s offensive line into one of the top units in the country in 2016. Jones, who served as run game coordinator and offensive line coach, boosted a unit that ranked 82nd in sacks allowed the year prior to his arrival to 22nd nationally and second in the Pac-12 Conference at the end of the 2016 campaign.

      • Cal was one of the top offenses in the country in positive plays during Jones’ final season as the Golden Bears ranked 13th in tackles for loss allowed. Cal was also among the top-10 teams nationally in passing offense and total offense during his two seasons.

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      1. Fingers crossed on Brandon Jones. He may not be the biggest of Big Names in O-Line coaches (yet)—- but he might be a star waiting to happen.

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      2. 67, all of that looks good, likely will help reestablish USC as a favorite in the Pac12. Not sold he can recruit and compete with the big boys in the CFP. And another Texas guy with air raid roots. Probably buddies with Harrell.

        I hope he sways me with results. Time will tell.

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