NASCAR At Coliseum!

USC is aggressively looking for new ways to bring in revenue through the Coliseum, especially after the dreadful attendance this past season.

So the Coliseum field has been ripped out and NASCAR is building a temporary short track at a cost of more than $1 million. It only cost $954,872.98 to build the Coliseum in 1921.

The NASCAR Cup Series cars will race around the quarter-mile track on Feb. 6.

How many USC Board of Trustee members will show up for the race?

I think Mike Bohn should start the race because his voice will carry over the sound of the engines.

71 thoughts on “NASCAR At Coliseum!

    1. Bohn’s insincere comments actually embarrass Riley into closing his eyes & bowing his head ….
      Thought balloon above Riley’s head reads: “You have no idea how much harm you do every single time you open your mouth, Mr. Bohn…”

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      1. Riley’s not worried about off-putting comments from Bohn. Just as long as Bohn gives him what he wants coaching and staff-wise. Plus no penny-pinching on travel and hotels.

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      2. My feeling is that Riley sees USC as HIS program … that he has a clear vision and the ability to build it up from 4-8 into a national contender (again). At Oklahoma, he inherited a program that was already good under Bob Stoops plus Stoops is still very visible around the OU program. At USC, Lincoln is the guy.

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      3. At Oklahoma, Riley may have been thought of as a continuation of Bob Stoops’ success, despite coaching two Heisman trophy winners. At USC, Riley sees an opportunity to build the program up from scratch into a champion. Lincoln’s going to make his mark at USC.

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      4. Charles–
        Riley’s dream was to build something completely from scratch? ….Then he owes a lot to Clay Helton…..


  1. Scott: Having Mike Bohn as the starting official for the NASCAR race would be brilliant challenge for his strong leadership skills. No question his used car sales voice would drown out the sound of the engines.

    Perhaps, Carol Folt would be a great celebrity driver in her mini-skirt. However, you would have to design a special car with elevated seats since her arms cannot reach the steering wheels in a standard card due to her midget height.

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      1. Funny, DrEvil ….but not far from Carol’s actual routine: walking to her office bathroom, looking into the mirror, placing Q-Tips in her nostrils and ears, going crossed-eyed and announcing “I am Immortal!”

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  2. Scooter,

    Better yet, get Will Farell with his buddy from that racing movie he did and have him announce it. He was funny with that.

    Also, is Tom Cruz gonna drive in the race since it is a short track and he is very short?


      1. You idiots and your stupid chants. “Lock her up” (she is indeed not locked up), “Build the wall”(the wall is indeed not built). The Brandon thing is cool and edgy if you’re a 3rd grader and not allowed to say the eff-word.


  3. Zach Branch, (nephew of former Oakland Raider WR Cliff Branch) the potential 2023 Wide Receiver commit reminds of the late great USC wide receiver- Kevin “The Bug” Williams with his explosive speed. No. 8 was a great deep threat, but what surprised many was his strong ability to run excellent short to mid-range pass routes despite his small size of 5ft. 8″ tall.

    Kevin Williams, Kenny Moore, Ray Wiliams( WSU), and of course Charles White were a great team together at San Fernando High School. Sadly we have lost Kevin, and Kenny way too early.

    Apparently, no one ever hears or sees much of Charlie White these days. He was working at USC in computer programming, but not anymore and like many Trojan greats he has disappeared in the Helton era.

    Abe Lincoln Riley should welcome back the ex USC football greats, and
    create “freedom” for Bru McCoy to return to USC. Bru, can be our best receiver next year if he is allowed to return he is that talented. Bru, has been on parole by USC for way too long only Abe Lincoln Riley can help him obtain his well deserved freedom from the bureaucracy of USC.


    1. Absolutely, Riley should build relationships with all the former Trojan FB players. He’s a real winner, and the former players who themselves are real winners will be naturally ready to endorse him.

      I recall watching #8 slice through the DB’s in that 1979 season.
      JR I really liked the flanker reverse and throw, and I recall that play working to KW#8 a few times in that 79 season. There is a great LA Times article (available on line) about how the coach at SF High struggled to get the Fabulous Four (KW, KMoore, Charles, and RW) enough touches each game. Nice problem to have.


  4. this is a reely bad idee,u cant have poeple driveing cars on the feild when poeples r playing with there fotbals,good way to dent the cars then u gotta get them fixed and that cost moneys to,but i geuss thats the cost of inflashun in this so called economy,smdh

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  5. Rob Hertel- not sure what’s going on with Chuck. I have seen AD around a bit, but Chuck has disappeared. I did hear he had some health issues a few years back, but I believe he is still alive just kind of separated himself from SC football.

    Kevin Williams, and Kenny Moore have both passed. Kenny, passed away less than a year after his older brother Manfred who was one hell of a football player. Malcolm, the youngest brother is still alive.

    I often wonder what happened to former USC WR Randy Simmirin. Never got the hype of many of the other great USC WR’s, but that guy could ball.

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    1. Simmrin graduated from USC with a greater than 20+ yard per catch LIFETIME record. No dink and dunk catches. The guy could go medium to long and was also great with the yards after catch!

      Nice post!

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  6. Just watched the 1974 USC-ND game ……..What a comeback.
    New coach Lincoln Riley needs to watch this game on you tube, and then show it to his entire team.

    ND- had huge physical lineman on both sides of the ball.

    Two things changed this game:

    1) USC was not as big as ND but they played more physical especially our linebacker Kevin Bruce, and the Batman Richard Wood. Safety Charles Phillips was one great football player.
    2) SPEED KILLS- ND could not match up with the USC team speed on both offense and defense. Speed is a key ingredient even in today’s game that Helton and Company missed on the recruiting trail.

    If Riley can get both No. 1 and No.2 we will be back on the national picture again

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    1. Turning point in game? Right after the great Anthony Davis’ TD on the opening kickoff of second half, USC kicks to Notre Dame and absolutely crushes the Notre Dame returner on his own 5 yard line….

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      1. That hit was by reserve LB David Lewis. The crowd never sat down after that. The play that really sealed their fate was near the end of the 3rd quarter. It was 34-24 and ND was driving and fumbled. That was their best chance to get back in it and take momentum away. That game was a case of everything going wrong for one team and right for the other. You don’t see things like that happen even when teams are clearly mismatched.


  7. Kedon Slovis signs with Pitt!!! Good for him. His girlfriend is a Pitt soccer player. And he signed a NIL contract with American Eagle (which is based in Pittsburgh). I truly wish him the best of luck.

    BTW, I’ll be traveling outside the country for 3 weeks so you won’t be hearing from me for awhile. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you. I line reading all of your opinions on Trojans football

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    1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family, Calabasas.
      Safe travels.

      Hoops plays again 12/30. Plenty of good recruiting news to come in Jan and Feb.


    1. DL is done with Cain. Not sure who is pulling double duty on ST, but we only have one spot left. Someone is going to be ST added to what they have now. At least I think that is where numbers are right now.

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      1. He is a DLine coach. Not sure why they had split duties at Oklahoma. But most of his coaching experience is DLine snd not just ends


  8. FWIW, Carol Folt wouldn’t be caught dead at a NASCAR event. This shows how desperate USC is for $$$. Season ticket holders and donors who cut USC off saved the football program. If not for them, leadership would’ve aimed much lower than Lincoln Riley and maybe not fired Clay Helton when they did. Mike Bohn organizing side events such as wet T-shirt contests. START YOUR ENGINES!!!

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      1. I thought she already did that in an Open Letter to Students during the summer 2020 riots….

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    1. It never occurred to you that it might have been NASCAR’s idea? Maybe they thought it made good business sense to have a presence in the 2nd largest media market in the country while their annual trip to Fontana is on the shelf while the track and property is being redeveloped?


  9. Michael: Mckay made sure his assistants recruited tough, and faster players to match up with ND. The problem with Clay Helton and some of our other coaches is they were always trying to recruit the level of players just to stay competitive in the Pac 12, and not against the top teams nationally. Mckay’s thinking was to beat the best we need faster and bigger players if we do that we will dominate the conference automatically. Mckay’s no.1 trait was he was a tough competitor, did not like to lose, and if you beat him once he never forgot that and worked like hell to find ways in the off season to beat you the next year. I am hoping Lincoln is just as competitive as Pete Carroll, and Mckay.

    You are correct in the 1974 ND game USC Outside Linebacker David Lewis made that tremendous hit on the Notre Dame kickoff returner right after the AD kickoff return for a touchdown.. David, was from SD, and was obviously quite physical with tremendous closing speed definitely on the same level as Charlie Weaver, Jimmy Gunn, James Sims, Willie Hall, Eddie Powell, Rod Martin, and Chip Banks. I believe David went on to play for Mckay in Tampa Bay.

    Speaking of the 1974 game. Watch our inside linebackers in that game- Clay Matthews, Kevin Bruce, and the Batman Richard Wood. Boy did they play physical football something that has been missing for quite awhile. Our linebackers today are much too small we need more size and even more speed with linebackers like Richard Wood who I think ran a 4.4. Very sad to see our current linebackers are smaller, slower, and less physical so Uncle Fester and Company recruited incorrectly to match up properly with physical teams.

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  10. Michael:

    That hit David Lewis put on the ND Kickoff returner was one of the great hits of all time. It happenned right after the AD Kickoff return. I would not be surprised if the ND guy is still hurting 47 years later.

    David, came from San Diego and I believe Mckay drafted him for the Tampa Bay Bucs. He was extremely talented just like some of the others before him which included Charlie Weaver, Willie Hall, James Simms, Chip Banks, Jack Del Rio, Rod Martin, and my favorite Richard “The Batman” Wood who ran a 4.4 40. All these guys could ran, and play physical football. The guys we have now at linebacker are smaller, slower, less physical, and would ride the bench in the Mckay era at best.

    John Mckay, was an intense competitor as was Pete Carroll. I am hoping Lincoln is the same way. ND use to beat USC with stronger, bigger players in the early years, but Mckay was smart enough to see you must recruit the best players at every position to win a national title, and if you do that winning the conference would be pretty automatic. If you notice in the 70’s the USC players got just as big and physical as ND, but the real difference was USC’s speed. Our very own Lane Kiffin, Sarkisian, and “Uncle Fester” changed USC to a finesse team, and recruited players that would only be competitive in the Pac 12, but not on a national level other than perhaps WR, and QB. Football is all about match ups, and the Pac 12 level player USC has no is just not competitive with the super powers of college football today.

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  11. Whew, what a treat to relive that SC-Auburn game. I was there, I guess I was exalted with Trojan football hopeful spirit after the wonderful 2002 season-ending season, and smelled possible “once-in-a-lifetime” SC success. I had never seen football fans so worked up in a lather before that 2003 game played in Alabama whereas Auburn was a preseason favorite to win the National Championship. But SC so dominated those paper Tigers that their fans started to boo them unmercifully in the second half when the Trojans took away any hope they might have had.

    Of course McKay won 4 championships, but they were spaced out– 1962, 1967, 1972, 1974.

    Whereas Carroll ruled the roost in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 (thanks Texas), 2006 (thanks sucla) and even into 2007 and 2008. A 7-year run that was unequalled in history, although Alabama recently has eclipsed the Carroll achievement.

    If anybody wonders how I sustained myself during the 7-year Reign of Terror directed by one Clay Helton, it is because I had the Mckay run and the Carroll run to soothe me through those tough Trojan football years.

    Now I hope I live long enough to witness the Trojans’ effort at a Trifecta, the 3rd time SC will have carved out a long-term winning of National Championships. I know I call him “Wiley Riley” for extracting a $40-million+ contract out of foils Folt&Bon-Bon, but I am one of the major cheerleaders hoping this Riles guy can bring home the bacon in the same style of McKay and Carroll

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  12. Everyone should watch the replay of the 1974 USC -Notre Dame game at the Coliseum. That was real Trojan football. Big man on Big Man as Marv Goux use to say.

    Please watch the 2nd half opening kickoff return by AD. The Coliseum was rocking like never before.

    Can anyone name the USC player who made the key devastating block on a ND player to spring AD for his long kickoff. I will give you a hint his number was 42, and he started his career as a linebacker at USC, and then the rest is history thanks to his tremendous talent, and the genius of Coach Mckay to move him to offense.

    Let’s see who can get the answer the quickest…………..Michael Guardino I am betting on you this time since you have not found us any recruits as promised over in Hawaii.

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    1. The guy’s name was Celotto and it only took me 10-seconds to copy MG’s answer.

      Oh, and you got that right, tommyd, I have never experienced a coliseum crowd so into it, and the screaming was non-stop for the entire second half, nearly 2-hours of sustained yelling, smiling, and yes, laughing too.

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      1. P.S. That 1974 SC-ND game was my greatest sustained excitement at any Trojan football game. But my No. 1 thrilling football MOMENT occurred in the last game of that 1974 season, the Rose Bowl for the National Championship, SC vs Ohio St.

        SC has not played well, and is down 17-10 with minutes to go when Pat Haden to Johnny McKay Jr. for 17-16 suddenly jolts the Trojan crowd into believing they might win the National Championship with one more play.

        No overtime games back then, so Coach McKay goes for 2-points and the win.

        Haden takes the ball and appears to want to run it in, but suddenly realizes he cannot make it, and so throws a lame-duck pass to Shelton Diggs who “digs” the ball out for the 18-17 winner, and the National Title.

        To this day sometimes when I am feeling low-energy I mentally relive those closing moments to resusitate me

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      2. I remember the laughing….as the score continued to grow. Most of all I remember the crowd spontaneously breaking into louder and louder “USC!USC!USC!” chants ….that poor Ara had to stand on the sidelines and listen to throughout most of the 4th quarter…..

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  13. I saw the NASCAR thing on TV last night by streaming CBS LA on the Roku thing here in San Antonio, all I could think was how many laps it would take to go 500 miles. Call me stupid but isn’t watching a quarter mile track race at the coliseum like watching a USC game last season? I mean all the wheels spinning and going nowhere fast, sounds like a description of our games. Will they limit the number of cars? If fifty cars enter the race it will be like watching a live traffic cam on the 405 at any hour of the day.
    Finally would Mike Bohn yell “gentlemen start your first choice of coaches?” What’s next a BMX race at Santa Anita ?

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  14. Michael/John: You are both partially correct. Tatupu #36 was one of them they built a wall for AD at the beginning of the kickoff return along with NO. 42, but NO. 42 was the one running with AD down the field the entire length of the field until he scored. Young Trojan Linebackers Clay Matthews, Mario Celotto, and Fullback Dave Farmer also had some great blocks on that return.

    NO. 42 was the late great RICKY BELL. He started his career at USC on special teams, and linebacker, and then the brilliant John Mckay moved him to Tailback as a sophomore. Ricky, was a devastating blocker, and later led the nation in rushing. Richard Wood, David Lewis, and Ricky all played for Coach Mckay once again with the Tampa Bay Bucs. Bell, had a pretty good career in Tampa before he started to his battle with this rare disease that took his life much too early. Like Sam Cunningham he was also a tremendous person. His older brother was Archie Bell from the early 60’s group called “Archie Bell and the Drells”.

    No question people forget how great Ricky Bell was as a football player, and after a sensational season should have won the Heisman Trophy no doubt about it. RIP – NO. 42 you are right there will all the other great USC running backs. NO-20 Mike Garrett, NO-32 OJ SIMPSON, NO 28 AD and CLARENCE DAVIS, NO.33 MARCUS ALLEN, NO. 12 CHARLES WHITE, AND NO-5 REGGIE BUSH.

    How in the world did UNCLE FESTER CLAY HELTON goof up our running game so badly with all the great tradition we have had at running back. That should have been the easiest position to recruit along with wide receiver. Let’s hope Lincoln Riley can get our running game going again.

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    1. I think it’s a safe bet Coach Riley dreams about building the perfect offense at USC — meaning run, pass and protection. You ask “how in the world Uncle Fester goofed that up?” There is no answer to that question…..but… somehow he was unaware of two thirds of the formula.


      1. P.S.
        Thanks for the tribute to the great Ricky Bell —in a fair world he’d have walked into that final sunset carrying the Heisman….

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  15. YES..Ricky Bell was a special football player. Did it all for USC- Special Teams, Linebacker, Fullback, and then Tailback. His stats in college are unbelievable!


    1. After FINALLY being named starting TB for the Trojans, Ricky trained by going down to the beach and running in the heavy sand with high lace-up army boots. By the time the season started, running on the Coliseum turf in cleats was “easy.” Didn’t hurt that he had a great O-line also.
      Hardest working man in CFB. Michael is corrrect. #42 should have received the Heisman. I think the Downtown athletic club was getting tired of giving it to a USC TB every year, so they went with Archie Bell.
      In 1976, Dorsett was hard to beat.

      Along these lines, Anthony Davis was lethal as TB, PR, KR and really should have earned a Heisman along the way.

      But I AM biased.


  16. For many it is hard to believe but Ricky Bell was a great football player in the class of Marcus Allen- both had speed, power, vision, and importantly great blockers. Both would have been All-Americans at safety, linebacker, WR, fullback, running back, and special teams. If Ricky Bell did not have the heart disease which shortened his NFL career with Tampa there is no question he would have been in the NFL Hall of Fame.

    For those that never saw him play please watch videos on you tube of his senior senior especially against Washington State where he was a 1 man wrecking crews-totally unstoppable.


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