USC Morning Buzz: What Happened To Graham Harrell And Todd Orlando?

Has anyone heard anything about Graham Harrell or Todd Orlando since the end of the season?

Not a word on their departures from USC.

Harrell has really gone underground, especially when you consider he was making more than $1.2 million and got a three-year contract in December, 2019. He will probably try to get an NFL job but it might be difficult to get a coordinator job.

What a fall from grace because he was praised by many (outside of those of us on this blog).

He was a QB guru but no one ever explained how Kedon Slovis got worse every year he was at USC.

  • Orlando was on a downward slide until Mike Bohn rescued him to replace Clancy Pendergast.

Remember, Orlando was Texas Tech linebackers coach when USC hired him. That sounds like the right job for him.

70 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: What Happened To Graham Harrell And Todd Orlando?

  1. Watch Slovis throw across the field in his first year vs. last year. Huge difference.

    I hope that ultimately his arm recovers after that Holiday Bowl fiasco in ’19. Pitt is a solid program, they will take care of him. He is responsible for at least 6 or 8 USC vics on his own. I hope Helton sends him a Christmas Card every year for bailing his ass out.

    As far as Orlando and Harrell go, well just insert their names for Niedermeyer and Wormer below:

    Merry Christmas, Trojans.

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    1. A little sad to watch this clip knowing what becomes of the actors with speaking parts—Peter Reigert goes on to get his ass kicked in the Sopranos, Tim Matheson goes on to get his ass blown up in Burn Notice….
      ..And…R.I.P, Bluto

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      1. Ah, but Tim Matheson–the erstwhile voice of Jonny Quest–has been “resurrected” as the curmudgeonly old town doctor in the Netflix show, Virgin River.

        I recall sitting in a traffic jam on the 101 running between hospitals when I heard the news that John Belushi had passed away in some villa in Beverly Hills/etc.

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      2. I think Tim is the curmudgeonly next door neighbor in Jumanji too…he’s cornered that market apparently…
        While we were driving around L. A. that day it seems like everybody on the “A” list was going in and out of John’s room……


      1. My, my, MG, aren’t we picky today, but that was kind of funny.

        And am I the only one here that finds posting to be more fun than work.

        But I have the heebie-jeebies this afternoon because it is almost Christmas with the Season still holding some magic for me.

        And I don’t look at this time of year as reserved for one particular religion.
        I see it as a time for all believers in One God to come together to celebrate together.

        Celebrate just being alive because the odds of each one of us having been born is beyond lottery odds, probably north of
        1 in 1,000,000,000 (1 in a billion).

        So to all the Scott Wolf disciples here (and your loved ones) let us hear a resounding shout-out of Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Praise Allah, so help me Buddah!

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  2. Scooter,

    It does not matter where they are or what they are doing as long as they are not there and collecting a check. Harrell and Hugh Jackson, both Flunked. Orlando and Pendergast, both flunked. All were horrible.

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  3. If you watched any of the games on Fox, the announcers said that those two were football geniuses and world class coaches who invented both offense and defense. Their next stop? The NCAA Football Hall of Fame, if Fox gets their way.

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    1. College sports announcers must be contractually obligated to pour out the compliments when talking about players and coaches. Maybe execs think that makes fans feel better about teams on losing streaks …

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  4. Harrell is shopping his Resume but hasn’t cleared his office yet. He is hoping he can hang as quarterbacks coach. Orlando and the strength and conditioning coach have taken jobs at the shady acres rest home. Orlando is now head of internal security and the strength and conditioning guy is running the day trips and exercise program for octogenarians. He little trouble at first because his credentials were impressive, but after reviewing game film of USC they knew they had the right guy.
    The real question is do you think Lincoln cares what happened to these useless hunks of Traveler fodder ?

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    1. Also Harrell, on paper, looked like a good choice. He wasn’t our first choice but Kingsburry bolted and Swann was desperate. Again Orlando looked good on paper because Aranda took a head coach position, the haircut, jaw and scowl scream tough defense.
      Unfortunately he’s more of a “let them play” type of guy and with PBIS Helton he stopped giving a toot.

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      1. Now that the original members of the Monkees have gone to their reward, it might be time for Orlando and Harrell to resurrect the band —their first hit seems made for our former coordinators:
        Walking down the street
        We get funny looks from everyone we meet
        Come watch us sing and play
        We’re the young generation
        And we’ve got something to say…..
        Any time, or anywhere
        Just look over your shoulder
        And we’ll be standing there…

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    2. I would have been a terrible football coach since it apparently requires getting tough with teenagers. I couldn’t even haze youngsters coming up in my fraternity, just not believing that bullying would somehow build brotherhood.

      I understand football is a different animal, and coaches have to drive their subjects. But I am afraid I would have been another Helton giving out Participation Awards after blow-out losses

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      1. I understand the sentiment, John — I gave every single student in Moot Court a 90 (I rationalized, “it’s okay —it’s not like it’s a Bar Subject”)….


      2. It’s not hard to motivate. I coach high school kids in baseball and basketball. I am just not built to scream and yell. I just use the bench as motivation. No kid wants to sit.

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  5. None of us should be worried about Slovis and Harrell. Slovis, can still throw the football but must have a good offensive line and great wide receivers to have a good year. The theory that his arm is injured is not the problem it’s his ability to make quick decisions, slow feet, and limited mobility. He is fine for flag football or target practice, but not in a live game of tackle football.

    As far as Harrell he can coach a Pop Warner team next year, and still make 1.2 million a year so the last laugh is on USC for over paying a guy with limited experience from NORTH TEXAS STATE. Harrell, hit the jackpot by coming to USC the question is who would really hire the guy at that salary level. I would be very interested in seeing what North Texas State paid Graham Harrell before he came to USC.

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      1. I give the most credit to USC season ticket holders and donors who withheld money from USC. But I was part of the angry online rabble who didn’t give an inch to Mike Bohn or Carol Folt, unlike some.

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  6. Riley and Harrell are buddies. Don’t be surprised if Harrell returns as QB coach for the final year of his contract. Riley implements his version of Air Raid and calls plays.


    1. I hope that doesnt happen. Harrell didnt help Slovis, why keep him?

      Even if it costs USC zero, keeping Harrell is too high of a price.

      For Harrell, a year under Riley and the ability to then pretend that he learned how to run an offense would save his career. But I think Harrell’s problem is as much about his negative impact on culture.

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    2. When Riley is the Qb whisperer you really think he is going to let Harrell screw up the two freshmen? Harrell may be an analyst but he for sure isn’t going to take Riley’s first love away from him. I don’t see a spot for Harrell of any importance at USC.

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    3. Riley passed over guys he’s probably friends with; Clay McGuire and Brandon Jones. But he’s hired the inside WR’s coach and the strength and conditioning coach who I believe he knows from TTU. I’m not bothered by this or keeping Harrell in a more limited role. This is Riley’s “imprimatur”.


      1. I would not have let a decent ‘O’ line coach,unless I had a better one signed,and on board…and sc did have one this season.


  7. Random and off-topic, unless they’re part of the traditional school colors, black and gray should be banned from CFB uniforms.


  8. Off-topic again, Florida may still pull this out, but Urban would’ve never lost to UCF. Dan Mullen WTF happened!? You should’ve played the freshman QB Richardson.

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  9. The number is up to 14 players who have transferred or gone pro.

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  10. Santa’s on his way!
    Follow his journey around the world

    The question is will Santa come to Clay Helton’s house after he robbed USC of alot of money. The same goes with Graham Harrell.

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    1. They are both receiving lavish gifts ….available for pick up on Seventh Level of Hell….


    1. Chip: “All I ever hear is ‘this is best in America, blah, blah, blah’, that is the best in America, blah, blah, blah.’ It gets old. I want to blaze a new trail. By the time I’m done I’ll have the worst coaching staff in America.”

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  11. The 2019 USC offense was #9 in the country (per FPI) and played well (to excellent) vs 5 of the top 22 defenses in the Country (Utah, Iowa, ND, Wash, and Cal: 3 wins and 2 losses.

    The problem in 2020 and 2021 was Orlando’s D, and the inexorable decline in talent (and lack of restocking) on offense.

    Still, I don’t see why Harrell would be retained. Riles can call the plays and QB whisper. Harrell will likely catch on in the Sun Belt/CUSA/American conf.


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