If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Everyone mentioned the USC-to-Pitt quarterback pipeline when Kedon Slovis repeated the same transfer as Max Browne.

But they forgot to add former USC QB Ricky Town also transferred to Pitt, so it really is a trend. Town played in just one game at Pitt, completing one pass. He famously left USC during training camp after getting a look at Sam Darnold.

  • Is there any reason to think Slovis will succeed at Pitt?

There’s been so little scrutiny of him at USC. His injury at the end of his freshman season was never fully revealed. He looked injured during his sophomore season. He played worse his junior season. He was injury prone.

It didn’t help that USC’s receiver corps got worse each year too. By last season, it was pretty much throw to Drake London every play until London got hurt.

I don’t think Slovis will get healthier (or more accurately stay injury free) at Pitt. I also don’t think his arm has recovered fully from those injuries. And I wonder if he is getting a little shell-shocked from repeated hits.

All that said, I hope he has a good season at Pitt. I think it will help to have a season away from Graham Harrell.

  • USC’s basketball games against Arizona and Arizona State have officially been postponed because of COVID issues within the Trojans’ program. If you never play anyone, you will never lose.
  • USC and UCLA basketball should be in the top 10 of the Associated Press Top 25 in January for the first time since 1975.
  • I hear UCLA had the choice of taking quarterbacks Dillon Gabriel, Spencer Rattler and Adrian Martinez. It chose Gabriel. I wonder how quarterback-of-the-future Ethan Garbers feels?
  • UCLA is hiring former USC defensive line coach Chad Kauha’aha’a to coach its defensive line next season.
  • Where will JT Daniels be playing next season?
  • Former USC assistant coach Demetrice Martin recently left Colorado for Oregon. This means the Ducks will now get his son, four-star cornerback Cole Martin, who is in the Class of 2023.
  • What would be the odds before the season that safety Isaiah Pola-Mao would not win an award at the team football banquet? It just shows the type of season he had.

Ditto for cornerback Chris Steele. Safeties Xavion Alford and Calen Bullock were named perimeter players of the season.


  • USC’s athletics is officially telling Oklahoma fans to leave them alone. This passes for “cool content” these days.

merry christmas to all (except those raising hell in our comments) #usc #football #jinglebells

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31 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. “USC’s basketball games against Arizona and Arizona State have officially been postponed. If you never play anyone, you will never lose.”

    -Scottie, we all feel for you that you have to wait for the first big “L”

    “I hear UCLA had the choice of taking quarterbacks Dillon Gabriel, Spencer Rattler and Adrian Martinez. It chose Gabriel.”

    -UCLA turned down 2020’s number one QB through the portal, for a 3 star (Gabriel)?Sure they did.

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    1. trojan1967,

      Why would the #1 qb got to ugly? That is a death wish. They ahve their choices of Oregon st., oregon, Washington, Wash St. Clemson, auburn and other places. If he is smart, he owuld understand that ugly does not cafre about football. Then he shold not care about ugly.

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    2. It’s because they actually watch football with their eyes and don’t recruit based on meaningless stars. The kid has thrown 68 TDs to 16 INTs and never a QB rating lower than 156.3. Clearly he lacks the stars to be a good college football player…


  2. A bit disappointed in Scotties column today.

    His first mention of USC BBall the entire 2021 – 2022 season and we get the ‘ol pre-surgery snarky comments (“If you never play anyone, you will never lose”). Come on Scottie – it’s the holiday season, show some humbleness, humility and forgiveness.

    Happy Holidays to All on this Blog especially the major contributors like MG, Wolcott, 67, Calabasas, Wulfsberg, Leftwich, pasadena, buddha and Charles Smith). Apologize to any other regulars I may have missed.

    Again, thanks Scottie for allowing us the freedom to “freely” express our opinions.

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    1. Is Slovis injury prone? I wouldn’t say that.
      I played little league as a kid. During my first at bat the pitcher hit me. I turned and the ball hit me square in the back. It hurt being by a twenty-four and a half mile an hour fastball. I’ll admit I was a little timid go up to get the next time. To make matters worse the other team’s coach hollered to the pitcher to throw it at me because I was afraid of the ball. The next pitch hit me on the wrist. This caused me to step back in the batter’s box when at bat.
      But enough about me.
      Oops I mean it wasn’t until my brother’s coach taught me how to bat that I finally got a hit. Unfortunately the catcher tripped me as I ran toward first base and I was called out.
      So USC wasn’t exactly a quarterback ‘s dream as far as protection goes recently. Slovis was not injury prone, he was left prone by his line. He was hampered by a crap offensive coordinator. He’ll be fine with the Pitt linemen protection. If there’s no quarterback rotation to cool his hand he might be the quarterback we expected to see this year.

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    2. Huge pickup with Branch! Yet, somehow, in Scottie’s world, Ricky Town and Max Browne retread stories from several years ago are what he goes with. Seems like Wolf’s world came to an end with USC hoops succeeding and the hiring of Riley.

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  3. I think Slovis will be successful if he can stay healthy. J.T. Daniels should go somewhere where he is sure to play. You just don’t develope sitting on the bench. Georgia turned out to be a bad choice. This coach likes the guy they used this year and that guy is an average QB at best. I still think much of next years football season will be like 2019…..cancelled….especially on the left coast….over this new hoax….comicron. They are already cancelling basketball games like crazy.


  4. Scooter,

    To you, Calabsastrojan, Michael Guraino, trojan1967, Charles, Smith, Ed Wolcott, Just Rent, FU, Ed. G, and to the rest:

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!! It has been a very tough year for Scooter, me, and others. The thing that keeps me going is today, Christ’s Birthday. I love him dearly.

    Scooter, What is so great about Christmas is that everyone celebrates it. During WW1, when the Brits and Germans were going at it, on Christmas Day they held a truce and they played that funny sport called soccer together. They shared food and drink together.

    I want each and everyone one of you to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We all could use it. Thank you for letting me part of this rag tag bunch of misfits, but I belong to this Proudly.

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      1. Does this mean we are playing soccer right now since there is a truce? LOLOL. In all truth, I like everyone on this board. I enjoy pulling some strings to get them pissed and I like it when they do. But at the bottom line, I enjoy the friendship on this board. Thank you.


  5. Scooter,

    No one and I mean no one deserves an award. Everyone should just get an atta boy I tired trophy and go home. One of those small ones that are about 5 inches tall. Everyone stunk. if they give out trophies, then give out one for the biggest stinker, and I nominate the entire defense and offense. Bah Humbug!!!!!!


  6. Scooter,

    When Slovis played his first game his mechanics were off. he was throwing off his back foot and was send floaters down field. That was before he got hit. After he got hit, his arm did not follow through and he was throwing off his back foot. He needs to go to qb camp through March until August and work with Jordon Palmer. He si mentailly damaged from all the crap he is been through and he needs help getting his game improved. He also has to learn how to trust his other receivers. 90% of his passes went to Pittman, Vaughns, or London. He had no confidence in his other receivers. I can’t and will blame. The others were not tursted because they were not in the plays. I do blame him for not looking for them. he kept looking for one of his three to become wide open. My opinion.


  7. Nobody but Scoot would know,

    After you were hit twice, you should had gone Juan Marichel on Johnny Rosobor on the opposing coach with that bat. The other caoch should have neve suggested or cheered for you to get hit. Then to be tripped by a catcher is interference. You should have been awarded fisrt base.

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