Check Out The NORAD Santa Tracker

In a blog tradition, here is the Christmas Eve NORAD Santa Tracker.

And in an added twist, here is Ed Orgeron delivering some Christmas cheer.

24 thoughts on “Check Out The NORAD Santa Tracker

  1. Coach O would make an awesome Christmas party Santa.




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    1. while I really like your attitude, he needs lots of ‘D’ & ‘O’ linemen and line backers of that variety to get to what you stated…incl JC and portal gets.

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    1. way out Rialto?
      Well here in ol’virginny we have sunshine and 70 degrees near Richmond, the capitol of the south. AND HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS , TO YOU AND ALL…

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  2. Why don’t you track the number of 5 stars Riley has gotten the short time he has been here vs what the fat shit Hellton has done the number of YEARS he has been here. His fat grubby fingers keep counting the mounting dollar bills while the players quality goes the other direction and gets worse every year

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  3. ED, has a great retirement plan going until he gets the itch to do it again, and then he will scratch that itch…maybe asst at Ol’Miss with buddy Kiffin or help Miss St. coach Mike Leach…both are doing quite well, and I am glad’all over’

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  4. As a wee lad I couldn’t help but judge my Christmas loot against that of my four siblings. As I grew older it became more about the thought behind the gift and less about the value. This morning, sans piles of spent gift wrapping or a dead Douglas Fir, I realized it’s not only December 25th that gifts are bestowed. Mine came September 11th this year, when the Stanford Christmas trees embarrassed USC.
    As the bitter sting of the loss set in, Santa Bohn (sounds like the title for a long porn movie) announced that Clay Helton would no longer be the USC coach, that the long march into the abyss would finally end. I shouted “Merry Christmas to me!”
    My wife accepted the pronouncement as fact, thus the lack of Christmas wrapping and other finery of the season. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go buy my own damn underwear and socks. (Definitely cardinal and gold this year)
    Again Merry Christmas -keep smiling – you’ll always know where you put your teeth.

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    1. Funny stuff, Nobody —but I wish (probably like you) it didn’t take bad losses to Notre Dame, BYU, Oregon, Washington and Iowa for Santa Bohn to grow a pair and pink slip Helton….


  5. So how is your Christmas morning going so far?

    Mine started early as I am listening to the radio playing one of
    my all-time Top-10 “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, except a better singer than Cohen is covering it.

    Incredible. I am blissful, enchanted
    — with the rhythm-and-pace leading to several climatic pitches throughout the song;
    and the melody’s religious undertones stirring those
    I make up my own lyrics and words as I silently sing away

    If song is woman the seductress captures you
    If song is man, it strikes the heart at depths too often ignored

    Anyway, suddenly approaching me was my pretty-woman but sometimes brutal wife, saying every so gently but firmly,
    “Honey, could you turn that down, its early, and the neighbors, you know– the neighbors and all.”

    Oh well, maybe next Christmas

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    1. There IS no better voice than Cohen’s to sing Hallelujah…well maybe the guy who sang it in Shrek —but he’s the only one.
      #Merry Christmas!


    2. Without an account I can’t click like, but I suppose this will suffice. Merry Christmas. The religious overtones in that song are enough to make my principal keep me from scheduling it in a concert(or maybe because the kids couldn’t go up the scale like that) besides explaining why a lady tied a guy to a chair and cut his hair…

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