USC Sunday Notes

What a season for linebacker Palaie Gaoteote.

He transferred to Ohio State and played in seven games, making eight tackles with half a sack and a fumble recovery. Presumably, he can return for another season if he chooses.

  • Michael Pittman caught 12 passes for 82 yards yesterday for the Indianapolis Colts. It’s funny to think Clay Helton was starting Jalen Greene at wide receiver but not Pittman at one time until Pittman’s father complained on twitter about his son’s playing time.
  • The Battle of the Bulge took place during World War II between Dec. 16, 1944-Jan. 25, 1945. Among those who fought were Pvt. Tony Goux, who died on Dec. 20, 1944. He was the father of former USC assistant coach Marv Goux, who was only 12 years old at the time.
  • Former USC player/coach Don Clark also saw action at the Battle of the Bulge.

34 thoughts on “USC Sunday Notes

  1. You forgot to mention that one of the most overrated players in USC history hired the asshole Drew Rosenhause as his agent. Drake Jackson is a looser and I am so happy he’s gone. What a punk. He is a below average player with a bad attitude. He would not work out with his teammates during summer conditioning. His first words during his beginning of the season press scrum was not about the team but the fool said out loud “I’m out of here. This is my money year”. WTF. He played poorly all year and then tried to initiate a coup by getting players to boycott the last game against Cal. I hope he does not get drafted in the first round. He deserves to be humbled. Any team drafting him should understand that he is all about himself. Does not care about the team and most of all, he sucks. What a wasted 3 year career by that overrated, jerk. He goes down (along with Chris Steele) as one of my most hated Trojans EVER. He is definitely a case of addition by subtraction. By Felicia!!!!!!

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    1. I saw the Drake interview, Trojan 5. Haven’t listened to a player that clueless since Jack Jones announced his own Heisman….

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    2. Spot on. On top of under performing, he ran his mouth to no end and was definitely a team cancer. You could tell he was only playing for himself and did a poor job of that too. I fear he will be drafted because of his size and speed combination but he definitely needs to be humbled.

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    1. Way to go, Clay… it’s called the “last shall be first” system…..

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  2. USC’s three OL recruits in 2021 ranked 392, 809, and 913 nationally. Yet Mike Bohn kept Clay Helton around for another year (actually 2 games). Most of the 2022 OL and DL recruits have already signed with other schools.

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    1. Haskins from the University of Virginia … has to be a smart guy. Says a lot about Lincoln Riley and USC that he’s coming here✌️


    1. But think of how that works out for them draft-wise, ed…..


      1. …as happened today in Seattle’s 24-25 loss to Chicago —


  3. After Christmas I fight the battle of the bulge every year. The transfer portal will be like the JCs of yesteryear. I expect the team to come together after spring practice. The spring game will hopefully be an indication of good things to come.

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  4. Love the post Wolfman. Honoring a generation that is very close to naturally dying off that died very prematurely 70 years ago to give us the freedom we enjoy today. I doubt many young people even care.

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  5. The Ken Burns series on WWII is a must binge.
    I would guess it’s at your local library (for free).
    Brings out the truly gruesome nature of what was mankind’s most
    horrific “folly” of all time.

    Forty Million died in WWII in Europe alone–half were non-combatants (ie, civilians). Half a Million US casualties in Europe in the months from D-day to VE day, and over 100,000 killed in action–including Goux’ dad.
    It was America’s greatest generation, I think.

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    1. Agree with every word, Bourbon.
      Point of Information: The non combatant deaths have gone up astronomically from war to war —from First World War to Second World War there was a dramatic increase …but nothing like the increases from Viet Nam to Iraq —where the vast majority of deaths were civilian deaths. Wars fought by multinational corporations, with the aide of tax $$ financed armies, ruin and/or end the lives of the people in the middle…..who are innocent.


  6. The good news is going to keep piling up for this program. I really want to see Devon Campbell and Josh Connerly commit to USC. And Hero Kanu. Is Christen Miller still a possibility?

    By the end of the recruiting period, USC could be a top 20 recruiting class, maybe even close to top 10. We probably need to get to 14 recruits to approach the top 10, still a small class, but if we get some of the remaining top players, we could even be the highest average star ranking.

    That OT from UTA is a nice get. There will be more. USC just needed some momentum and that is what is happening right now. I can imagine that Riley wants to get a couple more 5 star recruits for the 2023 class, to show that USC is the top recruiting program in the whole country. We are #3 right now, but clearly the highest average ranking. A couple more 5 star commits and the class could jump to #1.

    Still a long ways to go to the season, but it doesnt take much imagination to see USC actually doing well in the first year. I think that Riley knows he needs to do well, because the TV media rights deal will be negotiated in the following year. Is USC going to stick with the Pac-12, or go independent in a really big media rights deal?

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