USC Finally Gets An Offensive Tackle

Lincoln Riley’s search for an offensive tackle has resulted in the addition of Virginia transfer Bobby Haskins. He was an ACC honorable mention selection this past season. He was also ACC offensive lineman of the week against Duke.

USC needs linemen so Haskins will immediately get to play at left tackle. This means Andrew Vorhees can move back to guard or perhaps right tackle.

But I’ve seen USC’s offensive line already described as “formidable.” Really? They are pretty average even with the “All-American” Vorhees. These are the same people that think center Brett Neilon is an all-star.

36 thoughts on “USC Finally Gets An Offensive Tackle

  1. We are seeing the New Scott emerging on the bright horizon. USC has a great new o-line player. Another great player gets to return to his natural position. We are still not formidable. Two thirds positive, one third negative.

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      1. at least he started…some never got going at all,although it does seem at some point these guys would get the signals down…btw how does the center false start? he is the one snapping the start so there is a start…

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      2. Brett is getting famous for the false snap…. followed immediately by the REAL snap…


    1. I got offered a “Special Spectrum Upgrade”, —which is pretty much the same thing, Eddie G….
      [After their Big Offer, I called Spectrum –I got to ask why my bill is in the hundreds of dollars, they said “blah, blah, blah…”, I said lets drop the cable package, they said “you mean you want to go down to the Gold Package?”, I said, no, I want to go down to the Zero Package. I feel very happy –they were like having a bad girlfriend]…..

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      1. MG:
        I cut the cord a few years ago, meaning that I do not get Pac 12 network
        (not a big deal in Colorado as CO only gets Utah and Boulder teams).

        For regular TV we pay HULU about $75 per month–get ESPN and Fox, FS1 FS 2 etc.

        On the rare occasion that USC is on the Pac 12 network, I sign up for a free one month trial of FUBO TV, watch the game, then cancel the free trial.

        If USC FB is as good as I think it can be, then we don’t have to worry about ever being on Pac 12. USC will be on ESPN or Fox.

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      2. Ha! You’re right! One more reason to hope for a great season: No more Pac 12 Network games (or Fox Sports 19 broadcasts….or ESPN Triple Zero games)…..


      3. I dropped Spectrum 3-years ago, have not had a functional t.v. since, and I am one happy dude.


    2. Ed. G,

      Unfortunately, we had did not celebate Christmas due to two people in my family having covid. We will in January. I went to Mass on Christmas Eve, came home and had tamales, refried beans, and egg on top of the tamales. I learned that from my best friend. On Saturday, went to an afternoon movie and had popcorn in the movie. That was that.

      But waht is worse that this is families, children, countries that did not or could not celebrate Christmas sue to not believing, control of the country, or not being able to afford Christmas. That is what truly hurts me the most.

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  2. As Riley progesses and fills all the holes I can see Wolf flat out running out of negatives. Then what, he becomes complimentary? Never happen. Wolf will always find something, even if he has to go to basketball.

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      1. Folt allows stuff as standardized as spelling bees?!

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      2. I think the present group of Trojan students are indomitable* at the spelling bee. Gonna have to be tiddlywinks.

        *spell it like it sounds if it comes up in your spelling bee.


    1. I think Scott is really working on a new strategy —involving a healthy fraction of Good News… a kind of concession to what appears to be USC’s Build Back Better Program (not to be confused with other programs of that name)….

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  3. Scooter,

    I back you on this. We have not seen one thing that has improved in the olinemendepartment. yes, SC got a new and better oline coach and yes SC got a tackle that has experience, however, the only way we will see improvement and will be able to determine if it has improved is by seeing them play and not giving up sacks, not letting the def hit the qb, seeing them pick up blitzes, seeing them change blocks to accomidate the pass game or run game, to see a rb back once again dominate a game, a season, a conference and the entire college football world. That is when he wins the Heisman. Until that time, I am optimistic but reserved.

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  4. the portal is the answer to truly rebuild both lines and line backers…if the injured ‘d’ line players from last yr return ready to practice plus portal adds and all ‘o’ line return ready +portal, then the new line coach can get them up to competition level in spring and by fall…it is a go to a winning season since q/b’s are already in place with good receivers and run backs.I see a 10 win season with potential for even better.

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    1. USC will be GOING TO Stanford, Ore State in Corvallis, Wazzu at home,
      Cal at Home, then the usual flip with the Pac12 south.

      ASU returns its QB–I think. Otherwise, a good coach should be able to whip the fighting Herms. Utah returns a ton of talent and will be tough to beat in SLC. UCLA will also be tougher, though you all may taunt their boosters all you like.

      Anyway, I’m expecting a 10 win season and a nice bowl birth in 2022.

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  5. And we have a really great o-line coach, so they can develop the players.

    I think that it is going to be difficult for Scott to continue being negative with all the positive signs.

    Riley isnt just making cosmetic changes, he is changing the whole culture of the program and actually has a smart plan for roster management. Bring in proven transfer players for the next one to two years. Only bring in top high school recruits, dont bring in 3 star players to fill in the roster because they often dont ever contribute and you have them for potentially 4-5 years.

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    1. Of the few signed and committed recruits, their average score is 87/100 or so–HIGH 4 star ratings, with DB’s being the priority.

      Start with high star recruits and other high ranking recruits will follow!

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      1. One of the recruiting rating services has us over 90 per recruit —I know, in a sense, these are numbers w/o meaning —but everybody has us in the top 7 or 8 per recruit and that’s meaningful.


  6. With 170 ypg in the last 3 games (mostly without Keontay in the backfield), the air-raid Trojans showed that they can run the ball–interesting consider London was on the sideline injured and the opposing DC’s knew that USC was committing to the run.

    This much maligned O-line improved from 95 ypg in 2020 to 140 ypg in 2021. I expect they will be up in the 180 ypg range in 2022. With 300 ypg passing, USC offense will be pretty good.

    It’s all about the LB’s and d-line.

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    1. This is what I saw: o-line taking every other play off –for every well blocked running play, there was a down in which one or two of our guys up front go beat –bad. I think it’s true there was improvement –they were out there gutting it out — but part of their success was due to the fact teams were expecting pass (which was down this year) and they were seeing run. The clincher is, once we got to the 20, teams shut down the run completely.


  7. We’re not done yet. Let’s see who else they get through recruiting and the portal. Who knows….they might come out with a pretty good bunch of O-Line members before this is over and even D-Line.

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  8. We are still going to need outside speed on defense. Our front seven on D have to have depth to back them up and I hope we can get a lot of deceptive schemes that can create some turnovers.

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