USC Winners And Losers Of Week


USC basketball

The Trojans rose to No. 7 in the AP Top 25 poll, their highest-ranking since 1975. That Gus Williams-led team got to No. 5. Just don’t play and you never lose. Williams is pictured above.

Carson Palmer

The Heisman winner turns 42 today and did a great job spilling the beans on that players group Mike Bohn consulted during the coaching search.

Kedon Slovis

He’s off to Pitt but will he do better than previous Trojans who went there?

Adrian Klemm

The former UCLA offensive line coach was given immediate permission by the Pittsburth Steelers to go to Oregon. Sounds like the Steelers wanted to get rid of him.


USC Twitter Warriors

They have proclaimed USC is back and become arrogant/obnoxious before a single snap under Lincoln Riley.

USC pundits

How many of them praising the transfer of Virginia offensive lineman Bobby Haskins have seen him play a single snap?

Former USC coaches

The NFL jobs have yet to open but no one has exactly snapped up Graham Harrell, Todd Orlando, Vic So’Oto and Co. yet.

Bowl season

It’s already getting tiring having to hear about teams dropping out of bowl games.

29 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of Week

    1. In Scott’s world this is a compliment. I’ll lose my mind if ever gives Enfield any credit. When they are winning they don’t have a coach when they are losing it is “Thanks Enfield!”. #Underside of USC #ownsworld

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      1. I asked Wolf why he didn’t mention the BB team here. He said that he would text live updates while the games were going on and he lost followers because of it, so there you go.

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  1. Talked with a guy at the grocery store today, he had on Oklahoma jacket on. I asked him if he was sorry to lose Riley. ” Nope. ” I asked why ” His teams don’t play defense well enough to win NC’s. He’s an offensive guy, people think he’s a wonder kid, we won’t miss him. ”

    I told him OU put Boise State on the map, he said ” Oh shit, please don’t remind me of that game. ” LOL

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    1. Pre-covid: Riley tabbed 3 consecutive 12-2 seasons with his losses coming usually in the CFB playoff game. Remember the OT loss to Georgia 54-48? He is 4Wins/4games in Big 12 conf champ games.

      The guy is a winner. If Grinch can recruit some quality D players from the Southland (and Texas), USC will be just fine. The NCAAF stats show that the Pac 12 has some pretty good offensive talent and teams, so it will be difficult to shut down every offense.

      After the last decade, I’ll take a 12-2 season at USC.

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      1. Bourbon, he didn’t strike me as a guy who was bitter, just didn’t think Riley was the guy, he was pretty happy trading him for Venables

        Time will tell


  2. Winners – USC fans – every week – since Helton (village idiot) has been gone, and hoops has been winning.

    Riley is doing about as good of a job as possible IMHO.

    He has shown a bunch of players the portal after seeing what the village idiot did. Frees up about 15 scholarships.

    Riley has five 5* recruits and four 4* recruits since he arrived. Pretty good, eh Scottie?

    He got a TCU d lineman in the portal who had been also offered by Georgia, ‘Bama, and Oklahoma a couple of years ago. D-line was bad last year.

    Granted, the following link is highlights, but check out last year’s cotton bowl, # 7Ok vs. #6 Florida.

    Strength on both o and d lines of OK, lots of team speed, maybe most important is discipline. I don’t see guys celebrating after stopping an RB for a 9 yard gain or dancing after they almost got a sack. A total 180 difference from Helton’s teams.

    Keep in mind that last year’s Florida team would probably have beaten Helton’s team by at least 4 TDs.

    Helton destroyed the program, just no two ways about it. My hunch is that Riley and staff will get it back up much faster than we think.

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  3. SC has played 12 bsktbl games and won 12, but the political flu from china rules this country and SC following rules has not been able to play and won’t until next yr. Bowl games also being cancelled, but our little scottie thinks SC is dodging games only so as not to lose? what an ‘arse’ logic and reason not a strong point with this one.

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  4. Losing bowl games to Covid and transfer portal players is almost expected. What gain do the players expect from a non championship game? The ones who are in the game for themselves see only the enrichment of the school that gave them the chance to play. They really don’t play for pride or loyalty. These notions are no longer available with a championship game as the only prize. Why should a player risk injury in a meaningless game ? Unfortunately the era of greed is going to rule for a long time. Too much money is involved in all aspects of college football to expect any less.

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  5. USC fans have some legitimate reasons for optimism for the first time in at least four years.

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  6. Dodged a tough road MBB game vs Okie State. Could have been an upset for USC.

    Now, the fellas get a few more Pac 12 games under their belt prior to lining up against U Arizona (and an always-tough ASU). A tad lucky, don’t you think?

    Still, there will be hell to pay, since postponing the ‘Zona game only means that the fellas will be rescheduling that game into an already busy Pac 12 schedule. Both teams will be tired when they finally get that game played.

    Irrespective, a #7 ranking is not realistic. The fellas will lose a few games due to lack of FT shooting. A nice seed in Vegas (I was going in 2020 prior to the cancellation) and a nice seed in the Big Dance is expected.

    Thanks Andy! (first name basis)

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      1. …if it weren’t for the fact Helton and Harrell ended up hating each other’s guts…


  7. me,didnt get enuff stuff,poeple holeding back waht i tell them i wunted,know i reely got to get me a job so i can get vidoe games and a new fone and stuf cuz no one got me it,smdh

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  8. Look at those gritty, little Chippewas 👍👍


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