Morning Buzz: USC Working Transfer Portal Again

USC offered University of Hawaii defensive lineman Jonah Laulu this morning. He also has offers from Georgia, Cal, Washington and Virginia Tech.

The Trojans offered at least seven players scholarships yesterday led by five-star cornerback Javien Toviano of Arlington, Texas.

  • The Holiday Bowl gave its trophy to North Carolina State coach Dave Doeren this morning before the Wolfpack flew home from San Diego. Doeren was an assistant at USC under Paul Hackett.

I know UCLA players were disappointed not to play. I’m not so sure about Chip Kelly. I don’t know if he cares about anything. Except his salary.

31 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Working Transfer Portal Again

    1. Apparently the Holiday Bowl people are considering suing ucla. ucla ate, drank and had a merry time in quite nice accommodations while in SD. They said that ucla had 2 players test positive the day of the game, not exactly many, so they bailed. This is contrary to the PAC 12 covid guidelines for not being able to play the game

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      1. I saw an ESPN headline saying the covid thing is a “nothing but a cover —apparently, Coach Kelly went into toxic sugar shock at the local 31 Flavors.”
        #Chip:”I’llTellYouWhenI’veHadEnough —MoreFudge!”

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      2. Sounds like Chip is familiar with the Helton bowl strategy – just say no.

        I wonder how long before the name Helton just fades from memory.

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      3. Helton’s name would probably fade from memory…except for the charges of “untoward” conduct in shower stalls that are right around the corner at Georgia Southern…

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    2. Word is that Own’s is trying to raise funds to give Chipster a contract extension. His “win” in this Holiday bowl is one of the great moments in UCLA football history.

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      1. Here’s how Chip probably looks at it: A forfeit is better than a 35-7 loss…..

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    1. He is a one off…was ranked a 2 star as a 6’5″ 250 lb “athlete” position in HS.

      WTF? A 250 lb athlete? The “athlete” position is for the 5’11” 170 lb guys.

      He is now 6’6″ and close to 280 and is playing D line. Cristobal is going after him as well.

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    1. Chip was looking for a way to avoid his 5th loss. He was playing the odds: 5 losses—UCLA cans him. 4 losses and a forfeit –maybe he survives.

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      1. Were the ucla players really disappointed not to play ?

        This is as bad as USC cancelling last year due to some happy horseshit excuse.

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  1. According to the Washington Husky site, the Dawgman:
    “As a fourth year sophomore last season, La’ulu totaled 34 tackles, eight tackles-for-loss and four sacks and over the past two seasons, La’ulu has started 18 games for the Warriors and totaled 59 tackles, 13 tackles for loss and 5.5 sacks during that time.”

    The guy has a good motor and seems to get in the backfield, which is exactly what we need✌🏻

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      1. I was glad he did it at the time…. and I’m still glad he did it…
        #IDidn’tMindCarter.. IDidn’tEvenMindObama…


    1. Tense times? How can that be? Could the tension arise from Chip’s 3-9 and 4-8 records every year but this year? I hope UCLA isn’t gonna part company with this genius over something like a losing record…

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  2. Would be nice to see the La’ulu land at USC. Could use some experienced help at D.

    Toviano would be a nice “get” also. He was interested in Okie, prior to Riley’s departure.

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  3. Scooter,

    Just remember the ruins baliinig out in the Holiday Bowl when the play USC this season. Rest a sure they will bail out again against SC knowing that they will get their asses kicked by SC. Instead of SC running up the score to 90-7, they will take the 2 point forfeiture. Ugly sucks.


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