USC Morning Buzz: A Graham Harrell Update

Finally, some news regarding former USC offensive coordinator Graham Harrell, who has kept a low profile since Lincoln Riley got hired.

I hear that Harrell is a candidate to become offensive coordinator at Florida Atlantic, the former home of Lane Kiffin.

Florida Atlantic hired Chip Lindsey as its offensive coordinator in mid-December but last week he became offensive coordinator at Central Florida.

Florida Atlantic sounds about right for Harrell, although he probably wants an NFL job if he can get it.

38 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Graham Harrell Update

  1. ben reeding alot abuot this covoid stuf,seams like every thing they do aint wirking but no one asks ol’ed abuot it,my solushun is too trans port all them sick poeple and the ones who aint sick yet too camps and make them wirk,once they do that and get beter they can go free,but im shur happey i aint chineese cuz i dont want too get sick and there food is not good,

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    1. ed — at first I thought your post was supposed to be funny — but then I remembered what Mike Bohn wrote [“I will take the action that will deliver, long term impact through a process of continued listening, learning, leading and educating… to implement a series of meaningful and substantive actions and reforms…”] and I realized it’s hard to know when people are setting out to be funny anymore….

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  2. We recall how Harrell was being heralded when he first appeared on the SC scene, and now he is a pariah that Trojans would love to tar and feather as he is unceremoniously ushered out of Troytown.

    If you don’t want to be criticized and ridiculed in your job, avoid becoming a coach and instead be a night watchman or an accountant.

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  3. Harrell and Orlando need to get the hell off campus. Follow Gomer the disgrace to Georgia State Academy

    I’m really disappointed in the changes happening around McKay Center. Why is Bohn allowing thug coaches like Choice and Cain to leverage us for more money while Bohn and virtue signal Queen Folt puppet master Caruso Continue to parade around woke liberal causes?

    Gascons LA continues to crumble. It’s time for a change people. Vote with your wallets. Do not enable the sick liberal scum to destroy the city

    Also I’m disappointed in LR allowing Manjack to transfer. This guy was a smart ball player. The type of player we need like Cooper Kipp dominating the NFL! We also whiffed on Jake Taylor a stud in the trenches who plays with true all American power. I do like the Bobby Haskins addition. Let’s stay away from thugs scumbags and goons and get back to building the trenches with pure bred strength


    1. It figures South OC would be a conservative moron. Do you ever proof
      read your shit. It is Cooper KUPP! LIBERAL is good, good, and good!


  4. When USC lost Kingsbury to the Arizona Cardinals, Harrell was being touted as Kliff Kingsbury 2.0.or 1a, or “Kliff light.” Whatever the case was – the music was about to stop and SC was afraid they’d be without a chair.It was strictly timing = and we saw what desperation can do to an A.D. Bohn wanted to bring in Helton’s successor (in Kingsbury), but had to settle for the offense version of Todd Orlando and the Air Raid circus was born.I can see it now – “Give ’em offensive thrills and they’ll forget about physical play.”I’m with Trojanboogs on this one -I don’t care where Harrell is – as long as it’s far away from here.

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    1. Gotta admit, the 2019 Trojans offense was pretty explosive and a vast improvement over the 2018 version with Tee Martin and JT Daniels.
      2019 Trojans #9 ranked offense in D1 CFB.
      It was the talent and not so much the coaching.
      Freshman Slovis–prepared by HOF’er Kurt Warner–was remarkable.
      (the pendergast defense was the problem).

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    1. I hate getting scientific…but…but Bohn needed to miniaturize and put Helton into the “Bottle of Arch-Villains” Superman kept at the Fortress of Solitude…..


  5. Harrell is just like much of Leach’s spawn (admittedly I love Leach warts and all), and Air Raid passing coordinators pretending to be OCs and HCs by hustling people, Harrell is just more immature. They’ve found a way to game a multi million dollar profession, in a time when it’s all about seeming more than being.

    Dress right: visors, old school coach country club wear with a twist of Nike soccer dad apparel and appropriate suits. Keep up with your twitter following more than your run game– and be cocky af, not like that good ol’ boy Spurrier way, or that Pete Carroll West coast friendly competitive way. But in that “I haven’t won sht but I still know something that no one else does”, way. And make a clique of guys just like you, from the same place– shills and self promoters, and HS coaches in some rich recruiting ground, (TX is their home but So Cal, hell even So FL if they can get a foot in the door..)

    Get to the biggest brand school you can that’s kinda corrupt and you can do what you want. Recruit the best offense 7 on 7 talent — that includes surveying the country and targeting 5 star dual threat QBs (or the best you can get in your program) presently in some other program unhappy about waiting a year before they start… Before there was the portal and NIL making it so easy to also get by with impermissible contact and bags of money, there was OU $$$ turning other programs into their minor league coaching up kids to be poached…

    Run up those passing numbers. You’ll get the running numbers you need against inferior opponents with an ultra simple run game (“call a counter trey again, it’s all we got unless it’s a QB run”). Fck field position, fck sustained drives, fck sudden change of possession, fck practice looks for your defense that look anything like what they’ll be seeing on Saturday, as a matter of fact fck your defense– hire some shill who’s willing to get dumped on for being a bad DC for your greater glory and some QB trophies…

    Stack your schedule with cream puffs and avoid tough leagues. And fck playoff games. 0-3? The truth is it’s better to go to a non playoff bowl where you get to accept the invite that best fits your chance of winning; who wants to get their ass kicked by a top SEC team, Ohio St or old school USC?

    This will start to wear out as your program wants to start to win meaningful games, and start to get tired of your excuses blaming the defense, and opposing coaches realize that they can actually get off their lazy azzes and install a 3-3-3 or some other version of “Air Raid Killer” defense, that stops the pass happy offense and easily diagnoses the skeletal run game and bad blocking schemes.

    I’m not hating on a gaddam part of it, and most of this is being said in fun, tongue and cheek so miss me with the butthurt… As long as when they get to their destination, they find some solid football schemes and coaching and play-calling and balance, and they coach like they’re trying to win for the program, not run up numbers and PR and personal branding to their own glory, eff the program. Harrell didn’t do this, so he effed up a huge opportunity. Mr. Wraxlin Belt could not see the big picture.

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    1. I think most of the ADs in the country have no clue how to hire a truly good head coach. Coaching is a profession where the incompetent cant hide from results for long. Helton took an absolute winning hand and ruined the program. It is a shell of what it once was.

      Lincoln has a big job ahead of him.

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    2. “the playbook for Air Raid OC’s looking to cash in on a quick buck.”

      Interestingly, true offensive geniuses like Andy Reid, Sean Payton, Sean McVay (maybe Bruce Arians) never learned from this playbook.

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      1. While it will be clear to everyone that none of those coaches run an Air Raid offense, and I hope you’re aware of that… even if you were so deeply confused, you’re missing a bigger, obvious point, i.e. this is college football.

        First, the NFL rules are much more favorable to the offense and receiver. You get five yards to jam and after that you can’t initiate contact, whereas in college you can joust and use leverage all the way down the field– a DBs job is much harder. And of course the illegal contact and pass interference penalties are a night and day difference. I don’t want to be insulting sounding by explaining this well known difference. In short, being pass happy is not so dangerous in the NFL since the rules very much favor the receivers.

        While the Air Raid has never won a championship, it is much more problematic for programs like USC in CFB for other reasons discussed to death but here: CFB is all about inequality of talent vs NFL which is based on trying to make sure all the teams are relatively equal (though salary caps, drafts, etc.)

        In college football big teams beat up little people on the line, tall rangy receivers make big plays over short poor jumping cornerbacks. Sure handed track champ fast slot receivers beat slower secondary players. Quick big and fast backs run by or punish smaller LBs. Big and fast TEs block smaller DEs and LBs while also racing by LBs as receivers. Fast, huge DL and LB clog up the LOS and get in the backfield while the LBs range from sideline to sideline… There is a shortage of talented players of these types, so the blue blood programs maximize this by using offenses that overwhelm other teams with these match ups. I think this is well known by everyone. And as Mike Leach himself says, he uses the Air Raid system because he couldn’t get the talent he wanted, so he develops schemes that make-do with what is more available. Leach himself entertainingly explained (I’ve posted his quotes here) that he loves fullbacks and tight ends, he just doesn’t want to try to take fat kids and second rate offensive linemen and pretend they are the rarity that is a good FB or TE. He said that if talent was all there the offense he’d want to use is the ultra-run-heavy Wishbone scheme that the likes of Emory Bellard, Barry Switzer, Bear Bryant, and Lou Holtz operated. If anyone notices, Leach is more flexible than the new generation who have made a less varied Air Raid and in particular the aspects of offensive stat chasing their self promoting gospel, even if they lose to big boy teams and strain their defenses, and have, well, Harrell type outcomes, even if they are much better at selling their image than the Pirate. 🤷

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    3. Bingo … well done. You just described the disaster of Goat Kiffy and Suckisian. Their fraud, enbabled by Pete and superbly described by you, ruined USC football for more than a decade.

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      1. Mario’s direct ‘ goodbye’ was the blunt version of Caleb’s “iffy” goodbye…

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    1. They (the two brothers) honestly couldn’t crack the USC starting lineup in 2018/19/20.
      Got a chance to develop at Illinois and K-state.
      Glad they got to show some baller skills.

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      1. Daniel was a GREAT player –what was the story behind his getting benched after such a promising season in 2016?

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  6. Shaun Nua from Michigan as our DL coach. Great move. Again, LR and SC are winning by not getting who LR initially wants. Is it LR or is it someone behind the scenes- who knows? All that matters is that it’s good for USC.

    A USC Poly guy would have been better– we can think of the many candidates– but it was without question a Poly was needed to be able to connect and recruit Polynesian talent which has been the backbone of USC’s success for years.

    Actually it doesn’t hurt to have a BYU guy with those woke twizats in the stands jeering LDS when so many of our student athletes are from that background (which of course is being used in negative recruiting). A USC guy still would have been better for West Coast recruiting but it was an improvement, both from the recruiting to the Xs and Os, if Grinch has an open mind.

    OT, I see there is still some excuse making as to why we didn’t play Daniel Imatorbhebhe, as if he didn’t start because the coaches knew what they were doing. Smh… But it’s also from the same people who held on to the idea that Harrell was a genius and Helton was competent.


  7. Clay Helton is an absolute disgrace of a coach and a man

    He let all the best pure bred CA talent get poached everywhere and left us with scraps

    The program was left in dissatisfy much like the city of LA under liberal policies of Gascon and Garcetti

    Time for LR to purge the streets of scum, filth and thugs. Bring back pure bred all American white strength in the trenches to restore order around McKay Center. Get rid of the drug abusing yes men coaches like Harrell and Orlando. I’d like to see us make a run at Art Briles to run the offense. Now there’s a man who knows how to run a program


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