USC Lands Transfer Portal Receiver

Terrell Bynum, a former St. John Bosco wide receiver, who played at Washington the past three seasons is transferring to USC.

Bynum was Pac-12 honorable mention last season and caught 26 passes for 436 yards and four TDs.

I wouldn’t call this a game-changer. But USC lost Drake London and the never-used K.D. Nixon. Plus who knows what’s up with Bru McCoy? Oh, and Joseph Manjack!

So it can’t hurt to take him and it will make Washington fans mad.

  • Former USC defensive end Hunter Echols is transferring to Arizona. I smell Johnny Nansen on this one.
  • New UCLA QB Dillon Gabriel from Central Florida is now transferring to Oklahoma.
  • This tweet sort of personifies UCLA’s mindset. Always an eye on USC.

21 thoughts on “USC Lands Transfer Portal Receiver

  1. The Wyoming receiver is the one that would be a nice pick-up. The re-shuffling of players through the portal is starting to heat up. Going to be interesting.

    Can we get some d-line talent and some linebacker talent? I’m pretty confident the o-line will get sorted out, but the d-line and linebackers are so thin right now.

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  2. scools shuold do what me and missus ed do to the yuong poeple when we dont want them to leave,but poeple fraid to get the policy envolved so the kids run free and cawse alot of truobles,

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    1. Well, Ed and Missus Ed, spanking young people will scare them from leaving you, but if the policy finds out, yu to are in a help of truble.

      Oh no, Ed is like the flu, it is caching.


  3. For the double whammy of the night, gabriel dillon, who apparently transferred to ucla from South Carolina, wised up, and is now signing with Oklahoma. Sounds like OU is operating as if Caleb is out the door, and headed for…USC

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    1. UCLA is imploding.. Chip Kelly wont get an extension therefore no stability in coaching administration, their big recruit flipped to OU.

      Welcome to USC CJ WILLIAMS!

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  4. This Regalado is an idiot.

    Delusional Bruin claiming Caleb is looking at UCLA.

    Yeah right, Tell me how the QBs since Aikman have done in the NFL?
    Where is Brett Huntley? And DTR is now staying??

    This guy is why UCLA is known as You Clowns Lose Again!!

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    1. Tiny difference:
      USC turned down bowl invitations after Kedon got hurt—USC didn’t accept a bid and, then, turn around and run home at game time…..

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  5. I can see Caleb Williams going to Georgia. I hear Georgia is going after him. They have a lot of pulling power these days. Stetson Bennet is graduating. If he went to Georgia I’m sure that J.T. Daniels would transfer. Georgia is a definite player in this game.
    This would be the biggest loss for Oklahoma in years. Spencer Ratleff has already left which leaves them with no experienced QB. Oklahoma will do everything in their power to get Williams to change his mind and come back to the Sooners. But now I hear that Dillon Gabriel has changed his mind and is not going to UCLA but will transfer to Oklahoma. That makes me think that maybe Williams is not going back to Oklahoma.
    But his dad says that he wants his son to go where he will be prepared to play at the next level. Nobody is a better QB coach than Lincoln Riley. He has 3 QB’s that are starting in the NFL today(Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray and Jalen Hurts). All 3 of those guys transferred in to Oklahoma from a program that they were not playing much at and 2 of them won the Heisman trophy and Hurts finished 2nd behind Joe Burrow.
    I don’t think it is a given that Williams is going to SC but SC has as good a chance as anyone else in the country.

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  6. In so many of our “beloved” sports there is a “silly season,” where rumor and innuendo dominate the conversation. Such is CFB today. I don’t like any of this tripe, but it does keep people interested year round in a sport which previously only took up 4 months of our life.

    gamer is right.
    I’m getting excited when I see some talented DL/LB’s go portal and sign with USC.

    …and an O-line with high 4&5 star recruits would definitely get me excited.

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  7. Gee whiz, and here all along I thought free agency would kill college football.

    Silly me. There are only maybe 10 colleges with a legit chance of winning a football title. So the “universe” is tiny, and the Ohio SStates, Alabama and up-and-coming SC will be the big winners.

    And the rest of the 120 football colleges?– Well, they can just play football for the fun of it, because thee won’t be any banners to fly on campus.

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      1. That “kid” he doesn’t want coming home ….that he’s thinking of calling the police on…. is Chelsea….

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  8. I promised myself I wouldn’t come back, but I cannot resist. If Ed has a Mrs. Ed, then that makes him Mr. Ed. Last I saw of Mr. Ed he was a horse, which plays into my theory that Ed’s into the Trojans because of Traveler. No not that way…silly. He likes the gossip from the ritzy stables. He gets it right from the horse’s mouth.


  9. hello football fans, alabama hits the ground with a Thud !!the pill salesman saban the skunk . 5 star daniels rides bench as walk on stettson runs the show !?alabama and saban suck donkey dick ??? Regards, E


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