New Group Formed To Help USC Players

Former USC players have started “Fight On Forever,” a new non-profit entity “with the purpose of caring for former Trojan teammates facing life’s challenges.”
Fight On Forever will assist individuals or families dealing with economic hardships, health-related issues or struggles with addiction and mental health.

The group has partnered with Hall of Fame Health, which was formed by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and assists former NFL players and their families. The CEO of Hall of Fame Health is former USC offensive lineman Jeremy Hogue.

Among the former USC players on the Fight On Forever board of directors are Brad Leggett, Frostee Rucker, Rodney Peete, Sam Baker, Mike Lamb and Hogue. The Advisory Board includes Ronnie Lott, Anthony Munoz, Keyshawn Johnson and Marcus Allen.

“To truly help guys and their families is hard work. It’s more than money. And it’s more than one or two guys can do on their own,” Leggett said. “That’s what Fight
On Forever is trying to be – an organization with real resources that can engage with people needing help by developing a real game plan that impacts lives forever.”

46 thoughts on “New Group Formed To Help USC Players

  1. Absolutely love this. I just contacted HOFH to see where to contribute to FOF and /or the three college thing with Mich, ND and SC with HOFH. I’m not so hot on SC and Folt right now, or even HH, but my fraternity and this sort of thing I can support. Fight On!

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    1. I’m in, Brad.

      I paused donating to the general USC scholarship fund after the 2018 debacle, and with the President (Folt) strong-arming my VERY YOUNG and ENTHUSIASTIC Alumni Chapter here in Colorado, I fully pulled back. I’ll reach out to Mike Lamb in about a week. Great guy.

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      1. Me too Brad, and I think a lot of people are so thankful for you guys and being able to support something we feel good about. Bourbon old friend (you man, not the drink which is an old friend too), ditto with both the scholarship fund and the Trojan Clubs– affected some long time and flourishing clubs that meant a lot to me, just shut us down. Funny hearing it from others, bc it was actually a downer but ya get used to shrugging your shoulders at craziness these days til the point you don’t admit it’s bothering.


    1. This is probably one of those times our favorite boy, Ed. G., started a clever retort…and went…. “no, no…I just can’t”…..

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  2. Perhaps “It’s more than money,” but real relief starts with money. And it looks as if the SC boys willing to help are financially well-heeled and are probably semi-retired, so maybe they feel an obligation to reach out and help their kindred. Hats off to them of course.

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    1. Correct, John. I think the quote is “Man does not live by bread ALONE”….not “Man doesn’t need bread…”
      This is a noble project undertaken by the big names we all respect.

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    1. Yeah, that doesn’t actually happen in the business world, the way many like to claim it does. But great to see these guys stepping up! Hope it is very long lived and not a flash in the pan.

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  3. I stopped all USC donating during the horror years of helton. Even after he was finally fired after folt and bohn allowed him two more years to further destroy SC’s image, program and traditions as well as so many of its athletes, I have STILL not written checks because I don’t trust two-faced folt. I’m happy to support a program like this. I was always angry that the university allowed a fool like helton to destroy the dreams of its athletes with his failure to develop them to compete. Folt and bohn should write a big check to this organization AND make it an annual contribution.

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  4. This is what the true spirit of the manta “Fight On ” is all about. No matter what the circumstance is you keep fighting for the person next to you. To all of you involved with this great endeavor, my hats off to you and I will definitely make a donation. FIGHT ON!

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      1. I think Charles is closer to the truth than we may think –a lot depends on where Caleb decides to land….



    Since Carol Folt, and Mike Bohn also need help. I highly recommend Carol and Mike reach out to these ex-USC players for support, and advise on how to do things the TROJAN WAY.

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    Pac 12 Commissioner Kliavkoff has promised to push Presidents like Carol Folt to get more serious about football —and to begin by spending more money on their programs. Apparently Pac 12 recruiting budgets lag behind other conferences —and we’re seeing the results (big time) in Pac 12 non-conference games and post season play….


    1. Doesn’t surprise me a lick, MG. In a sense, football in the Pac-12 has taken a relatively reasonable approach in allocating money for sports, especially the cash-cow football. The SEC is spending money as if it is possessed by the devil. Quite frankly, I am in the minority but I don’t want to get down in the gutter with the SEC, and they can take all of their National Titles to the bank, if the bank will accept them.

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      1. Mostly agree —one small quibble —I’d take the “if” outta the sentence that goes “the SEC is spending money as IF it is possessed by the devil”….

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  7. Nice to see see the pleasantries expressed between Brad Leggett and the posters here.

    It got me to thinking of how is it that the least sentimental-and-emotional of the species (men) got a group of excellent SC footballers from the past to agree to form a “grouping” to help less fortunate Trojan players from the past.

    Never having played football at a college level except as a never see the field walk-on back in 1966, there is something about the chemistry and bonding of these Neanderthal-type men going into an arena readying for a difficult physical battle. Decked out with some 30-pounds of gear and a hard plastic helmet the boys know what they are in for. Together.

    They may not be the best of friends because of personality differences etc, but the commonality in games they shared in a brotherhood-state-of-mind is eternal.

    However, Brad and his Trojan posse have taken it a step further by actually doing something to help their past-brothers.

    Fight On and Carry On, Brad!

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  8. Thanks Brad
    I went on the site and did not see a donate link.

    Ready to donate to a truly worthy cause.

    Love seeing all those 80s football alumni as well.

    On a different topic, BB won again on the road after long layoff.
    FT shooting nearly 90%.

    Thanks Enfield.

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  9. Soon we will have more Trojan Basketball greats add to this great cause. We are beginning to fill up some NBA rosters, and it’s just beginning the way Coach Enfield is building this program.

    USC is now 13-0 with a good chance to sweep the Oregon schools at home next weekend. I was concerned tonight after the long Covid layoff but boy did this team perform well tonight.

    Big shout out to Andy Enfield, and YES PAT HADEN for taking the chance on hiring an unknown young coach. Alot of negative has been written in recent years about Pat Haden and alot of it is justified, but hiring Andy Enfield to build this basketball program is one of the great hires in USC History. Pat, made some mistakes no question about it, but the truth is he was, and still is a great Trojan in my mind. USC Basketball has arrived as one of the top programs in the country, and everyone here needs to get out to Galen Center to support this team when things open up again.

    Let’s fill the Galen Center Trojan fans for the UCLA and Arizona home games. Both games will be epic battles the team will need our help to come out victorious in both games.

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    1. Hear, hear, tommyd– Pat Haden made poor choices when it came to choosing a football coach and not fighting the NCAA over the draconian sanctions, but it was the nepotism and charity money rechanneling that did him in. I don’t know the particulars of that, but he wasn’t arrested, so I guess it was quasi-legal.

      I will always recall my favorite football moment when he led his 1974 team to the National Championship over Ohio St in the Rose Bowl in the closing minutes– t.d. to Mckay Jr., and then a 2-pointer to Diggs.

      And a word of wisdom I have carried with me when he exclaimed how one can get a lot of work done in a 3-hour period. I have put that advice to good use, especially on Sat and Sun when I am feeling lazy, but I say to myself, “Self, come on, you can do 3-hours.” And he is right– you can get a lot of work done in a concentrated 3-hours.

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  10. Michael——-it’s time to visit the mainland for a well deserved vacation. Time to purchase your SC-UCLA tickets at the Galen Center while your in the big city we need every USC fan at that game supporting a great USC basketball team that deserves fan support even those as far away as Maui, Hawaii. The trade winds will still be blowing when you return, but this upcoming USC-UCLA game at Galen will make your trip worthwhile.

    Please bring some big recruits with you on your trip to the mainland. We still really need some offensive and defensive lineman as well as some big and fast linebackers. Never seen a 7ft Hawaiian, but you can bring one of those also for the basketball program.


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    1. A man after my own heart– I have begged for a home court advantage in basketball for years (decades), but the SC teams in the past could not put together 3 good seasons in a row, so the fans stayed home. However, “the times they are a-changin'”

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    2. As Brad Pitt said in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, “Cool. I’m way ahead of you.” [I’m purchasing tickets for my son and daughter and their spouses —and I’m gonna get on that Fight On Forever website ASAP and put my money where my mouth is]!

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  11. Good for you Michael! Something big coming up for USC basketball, and that UCLA game at Galen is going to be a war. Right hear in LA we may have two final 4 teams which is tremendous.

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    1. IF we beat UCLA I believe we really ARE looking at a Final Four USC Team this year.


  12. Congratulations to the players who created this wonderful organization! As a former athletic department staff member (1981-1996) I had the pleasure of working with and on behalf of many of you and know how important the support of teammates is to success on the field and off. To extend this support for a lifetime has always been the goal of the Trojan Family, but to do it in such a tangible way will make a huge impact!


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