USC Sunday Buzz: Don’t Credit Wrong People For Recruits

It’s time to revive a debate about what really matters when it comes landing recruits.

Some pundits always try to convince us that it is vital to have the support staff types recruiting. Even Mike Bohn constantly talks about it.

But let’s look at the past six weeks:

Tailback Raleek Brown, quarterback Malachi Nelson and wide receiver Makai Lemon switched from Oklahoma to USC. Wide receiver C.J. Williams switched from Notre Dame to USC. Domani Jackson was committed to USC, decommitted and then committed again to USC.

Why did they come to USC? Lincoln Riley.

So how important is the support staff? These recruits weren’t coming based on the support before Riley came to USC. They didn’t commit in the past six weeks because of the support staff.

They committed because they think Riley is going to make USC a marquee program again . . . and they want to play close to home.

So spare me the idea that if it wasn’t for the support staff, USC wouldn’t be able to compete. There are countless examples where pundits try to credit support staff for recruits coming to a school. But I’ll save the credit for Riley.

42 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Don’t Credit Wrong People For Recruits

  1. I hope this piece draws the wrath of “support staff” posing as fans. I want to see a reply reading, “Scott, how can you be so blind? If it weren’t for support staff calling Raleek & Malachi and saying ‘do you need any help with you paperwork? No? Okay. See you next week’ –we would be up shit creek. Thank heaven for their efforts –and mostly for Mike Bohn’s supervision.”

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    1. “your”
      ..But while I’m at it — Bohn’s support staff sure got 100% better at their jobs over the last month…

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    2. SupportStaffLivesMatter


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    3. Agreed. Why is it that all the other big programs put so much of an emphasis on having a large support staff if it isn’t that important?


  2. good piont john!this is why teems shuold firer all them couches and onley have a head couch,the rest of them do nuthin but take the moneys,teems onley nead one couch,,,the head couch!

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  3. I believe we all have a bit of Scott Wolf in us to varying degrees, so here goes my version:

    Yes, Riley had something to do with the local recruits deciding to become Trojans, but after telling Helton “To hit the road Jack,” even hiring Santa Claus to coach SC would have attracted some of those recruits.

    Ok, Ok, I admit that I am a poor man’s Scott Wolf, but there can be but one master.

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  4. The head coach really is the closer.

    Mario Cristobal at Miami might be bigger competition for West Coast talent than he was at Oregon. Miami is alot cooler place to be and has a local recruiting base as well.

    I cant believe he was able to reach across the country and pull Cyrus Moss to Miami. The SEC teams that have been dominating recruiting might need to share with USC and Miami in this next year.


  5. Lincoln Riley isn’t Santa, he can’t be in every recruit’s home. Without support staff he’d be on the road all year. Support staff baits the hook and casts the net. LR just reels them in.
    He probably only meets with the ones who need to talk to him. Besides the support staff dons a uniform and green hood so the photoshop staff can put the new recruit’s picture up as soon as the kid is landed. That’s gotta count for something.

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      1. “Ladies and gentleman, we are delaying telecast of the National Championship to go live to Heritage Hall for big news on USC’s latest Quarterback acquisition….”

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  6. Pac 12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff : “Yes, I’m aware of our dwindling ratings share and bad bowl results. As an ‘experiment’ I’m ordering Mike Bohn to stay 500 yards from all television booths throughout the football and basketball seasons… that leaves him a small baseball season window when he can’t do much harm…”

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  7. So far I’m a little bit disappointed in Lincoln Riley’s recruiting but I’m willing to cut him some slack. He’s had to start from scratch. A lot of Heltons players had a lot of athletic ability but no heart. One of the things that makes me think that way was all of the players who opted out of the Cal game. The previous coaching staff left this football program in shambles. He’s having to start from the bottom and re-build. What they really need is a good 10 or 11 win season.

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    1. ..and no more shot of Lincoln [in the black suit] sitting with Bohn [in the black suit] at the card table draped with the USC logo….


      1. Mike Bohn is a very handsome man❤️Hope he, “Brandon”, Carol, and Tricky Dick Caruso weren’t too offended by my FY emails.

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  8. Football is King (when it comes to sports interest and money invested)

    Why?– Well, the inherent violence structured into its concept-of-play appeals to many potential fans. Apparently most of us fans like our violence

    So the Rams, Chargers, and Trojans are competing for the ‘Best in L.A.’ title, and right now with the Rams looking weak,
    “It is time to seize the day”

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