USC Notes: Caleb Williams’ Father Says NFL Future Guides Decision

ESPN analyst Pete Thamel was on SportsCenter today and discussed Caleb Williams.

“So far, he’s visited USC and UCLA but he’s been on Zooms with a dozen other schools,” Thamel said. “The family is weighing their options and Carl Williams, his dad, told me last night NFL, not NIL, is the guiding light of what the family is doing . . . they want to go to the place where he’s best prepared to go to the NFL and ultimately be the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL draft.”

You can argue Lincoln Riley has a good track record with the NFL. You can also argue the USC offensive line might not be the best option for Williams.

  • Michigan State linebacker Ma’a Gaoteote, the brother of former USC and current Ohio State linebacker Palaie Gaoteote, has entered the transfer portal. Ma’a Gaoteote was originally committed to USC.
  • Former USC defensive analyst Brett Arce has been hired in a similar role at Arizona.

40 thoughts on “USC Notes: Caleb Williams’ Father Says NFL Future Guides Decision

  1. I already don’t like him and his dad. Sounds like a repeat of Cam Newton or worse Chuck n Duck, where the dad dictates terms to the program

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      1. If Caleb decides not to come to SC, Maybe J.T. Daniels might want to transfer back to SC. He really is a great QB. He was the best QB Georgia had last year not Stetson Bennett.


    1. Parcel, Hunter Johnson just did exactly that! Spent one year at Clemson, played 4 years at Northwestern and is now headed back to Clemson for his last year of eligibility!!


  2. If I were Lincoln Riley I would bring in another QB out of the Portal maybe a backup at another school who is in the Portal I do have some concerns with Williams father who might be a problem, and alot of these schools especially in the SEC will offer him big time cash, a Southern Mansion, and a Ferrari.

    The sooner this gets done the better no question about that.

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    1. Great idea. Here’s a candidate: Jaxson Dart. I said it from the get-go: there was no need for him to enter the portal and he can still stay at USC.

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  3. I’m out!!! WTF. Everyone knows where you are going but your egomaniac father is enjoying the fame he never experienced at your expense. Caleb you are starting to destroy the good will and excitement that first surrounded the reports of your decision to transfer to USC. The process of dragging this out because of your narcissistic father is getting old. You are not 10 yrs old anymore. Make a fucking decision like a man and show up for school and winter workouts!!!! This shit is really getting old!!!!

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    1. Back in the day great college fb teams were constructed and coached by men who followed the specifics of a receipe that worked year over year and season over season, much like Aunt Jenny did with her blueberry muffins:
      ½ cup softened butter
      1 ¼ cups sugar
      2 eggs
      1 teaspoon vanilla extract
      2 cups flour
      ½ teaspoon salt
      2 teaspoons baking powder
      ½ cup milk
      2 cups blueberries, washed, drained and picked over
      3 teaspoons sugar
      And as any baker worth their salt knows, “deviate at your own peril”.

      Flash fwd to todays player centered portal world and you’ve got the butter bitchin and moaning about wanting to be a full cup, one of the eggs won’t come if he has to share time with another egg, and the blueberries are now represented by an agent who is leveraging the hell outta their importance to the whole blueberry muffin concept. Long story short, it’s not long before your muffins taste like shit.

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      1. I totally disagree, boxisbento. How can you not respect an egg for saying “I’m not taking part in this recipe until March? So what if the rest of the ingredients go bad in the meantime?”
        By talking big and playing hard to get, Caleb and his daddy have undoubtedly earned the love and respect of every player on the USC football team. This is EXACTLY the kind of duo who rescue programs.
        [Special Note: I will withdraw every word I’ve written if Caleb signs in the next 24 hours]….


    2. I do not think he is coming, Trojan Five. Although I hope I am wrong since SC for sure has lost Dart, who had great potential as a passer and occasional runner (what the NFL is looking for)


  4. Scooter,

    You have a job ot do, find out how much Mr. Williams aka Mr. Cam Newton Sr. and see how much he wants for the NIL and how much he wants from the NFL. Newton’s got $185k. They are probably looking for $2 mil now and $60 to $80 mil in the nil.

    Bring back Dart and Moss. The father will be problems. g

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  5. You want to be the #1 NFL draft pick? Look no further than USC, tied for the most in history. (Tied with OU and Notre Dame.) Riley & USC is the obvious pick. Just get it over with.

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  6. LR power move: Call Dart and Trigg in, tell them to stick around, both are popular with the team, they’ll help solidify the program as USC rather than OU rejects and selfish player, they’ll help solidify Utah and Texas as recruiting pipelines, and you just got two 4/5 star player that want to be there and would jump at the opportunity if they thought they were getting a fair shake. For LR it would go a long way to building unity, trust and team, and gain him a lot of respect. Dart and Trigg will run through a brick wall for him if he does this.

    If he gets Caleb right now it will establish a bad culture. And as OU players have publicly stated, some of the players coming from OU to USC were badmouthing LR when he was at OU, and now are coming to USC because it’s the buzz and Hollywood, not because they are about team. That’s just not a good look.

    This is a shining opportunity for LR to earn respect or lose it.

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  7. If getting Caleb ready for the NFL is their key concern, then I don’t know what is holding things up. Riley has developed Baker Mayfield(Heisman trophy winner), Kyler Murrey(Heisman trophe winner), Jalen Hurts(Heisman trophe runner-up), Spencer Rattler(one of the Heisman trophe favorites right before the 2021 season) and Caleb Williams himself. Plus with all the great receivers SC is bringing in, Caleb will probably have the best receiving group in america. If Caleb comes to SC, he will be leading one of the best offenses in the nation under the tutelage of one of the best offensive minds in the nation(Lincoln Riley). The problem won’t be offense. The problem will be defense. So what’s holding things up. There has to be something else going on here, especially if his father says that it’s not the NIL.

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  8. Dad is getting his 15 minutes of fame. Enough already Caleb!!!! Put your big boy pants on and get this over with!!! It really is making you look bad to your future teammates, classmates, fans and potential NIL partners.

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    1. One tiny problem: If Caleb comes, psycho dad is gonna be Riley’s problem for as long as Caleb in on the team.


  9. Though I wish they would make up their mind, I’m not knocking Caleb or his dad for taking their time. Just seems like Lincoln Riley was their guy the first time and after the freshman year that Caleb had, that Riley should be their guy again.

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  10. Based on their conversations, Riley must be confident that he’s going to land Caleb Williams. But the time to fish or cut bait is fast approaching.

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  11. I obvs am not a 100% fan of the perspective of Caleb and his dad but I understand it, and his dad was pressing for him to replace Rattler, so it isn’t like it’s been smooth sailing.

    As much as he’s trying to talk up his son, he didn’t win the job out of camp and came in almost half way through the season, seemingly to some as a way to cover for the poor offensive performance and struggles. Jeff Lebby wasn’t willing to offer guarantees and was searching the market.

    The knock on LR in the QB area has been that he’s basically poached players half-groomed excellent talent from elsewhere and the Air Raid ran up stats, (which happened even at schools like Wazzu regardless of the Win-Loss record and a lot of the losses can be attributed to it.) That OU has top 5 talent in a league that it OU, dysfunctional Texas and the Big Sky conference but still struggles, and can’t play vs big boy teams was also a knock. With the desire to up Caleb’s stock to a #1 draft pick (which isn’t likely but can’t blame him for shooting for it, they have to consider it all.

    I assume, with what they’ve openly stated, that Caleb and his father are also speculating about how that looks in the PAC 12, and a USC that plays ND on tv and doesn’t play I-AA schools as out of conference cream puffs like OU. He’s looking at the talent exodus at Oregon, but then weighing Utah, ASU and Wilcox at Cal, and what’s going on in South Bend, and a conference that has DCs that are familiar with “Air Raid Killer” defenses… They also have to be looking like the rest of us on what talent is coming in to USC.

    A lot of teams seem to be courting Dart and Trigg more than Caleb (Dart seems to be all about “I wanna play and show what I can do for my team and coach and the NFL will come when it comes”); and Caleb doesn’t seem to have anyone necessarily attached to him to sweeten the deal.

    All of this is why IMO that LR should just make the call with Dart and Trigg and not just for now but for the future for himself and the culture of the team.

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    1. The Williams Twins have had more than enough time to get the lay of the land. At this point they’re hurting Riley’s (& USC’s) image. They don’t think a fucking month is enough time to decide where to land? Great. Take your show elsewhere pappy.

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      1. Damage is done– SC and Riley don’t want to be seen as mercenaries without even interest in their current employer beyond how it might intersect with themselves at whatever junction. Getting him to come is worse than not. LR already has a rep for reasons already discussed– he doesn’t need this. #Culture #Team

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  12. Losing both Williams and Dart, JT returning in 2022, Malachi Nelson stepping in as freshman starter in 2023 would be an interesting turn of events.

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  13. I wouldn’t mind Chuck and duck coming back for a encore! I think he would thrive with the skill players USC has now. Getting really tired of CW and his dad seeking attention about the situation. It’s getting old already.


  14. As if football skill levels could be quantified, Oklahoma’s Caleb Williams comes in at a 100 rating with Dart behind at 99, according to one rating system.

    One wonders what the conversation between Wiley Riley and Dart was:

    Wiley: “You know, son, you are a fine quarterback, but I have this guy named Williams from my Ok team that I have to bring to this SC team, and if he comes you will be the back-up quarterback.”

    Dart: ” If so, coach, then I am out of here because I have never been a back-up, and besides, I think I am better than your guy. Also, if you don’t get Williams to come to
    SC I don’t believe I want to play for a coach that thinks I am second-rate. So with all due respect, I am entering the portal as soon as I can get the paperwork done. I hope your dream quarterback works out for you, but I believe in me, and I believe you have made a colossal mistake in not appointing me the starting SC quarterback in 2022, a dream that once was mine.”

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  15. P.S. By Williams and his father procrastinating their decision on who to play for, it further cements the fact that Dart is not returning to SC.

    Recall how all SC fans jumped on the Dart bandwagon after his gutsy victory over Washington St, but as soon as Okie Williams name was mentioned, most of those Trojan fans jumped off the Dart bandwagon and tried to hitch their ride to the Williams’ bandwagon, the one that reads, “it is all about me.”

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    1. I’m ashamed to say I was one of those fans. Caleb is turning out to be more trouble than he’s worth. If he doesn’t decide in the next day, Riley needs to take the initiative and tell his “stage mother” daddy that USC’s no longer interested.
      Troy’s other players (yeah, remember them?) are watching this clown show and it must be starting to make them sick.

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      1. Well, MG, and all the rest of the “Hang-On” SC fans, the bizarre last decade of post-
        Pete Carroll has been challenging (except that No. 3 rating with the 2016 Sam Darnold
        Rose Bowl team). Meaning, we who love SC football with all our hearts, find it hard to accept 2010- to 2022 as football resembling the SC-style.

        I am not totally sold on Wiley-Riley ($40-$50 million to coach SC), but ‘the proof is in the pudding.


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  16. Until LR comes out and states “What The Fuck?!?!? I will remain patient…meaning I’ll keep refreshing numerous USC pages for updates every 10 minutes.

    Can’t believe Caleb would go anywhere else unless there’s some wild card with Joe Brady landing at a great program in the next few days. Other than that, we should be a lock.


  17. Caleb’s decision…not his dads! Is this the Ball family again?
    Regardless, why try a new coach when you’ve already had an excellent experience with LR & he’s already groomed QB’s for NFL?
    Maybe Dart is way to go!


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