USC Adds A Transfer Corner*

Colorado cornerback Mekhi Blackmon has decided to transfer to USC. He was an honorable mention All-Pac-12 selection.

USC needs a corner because another reasons, Donte Williams didn’t seem to develop the younger cornerbacks last season.

Now here is a back story that only interests coaches: Colorado secondary coach Demetrice Martin was hired by Oregon and quickly got his top Buffaloes corner, Christian Gonzalez, to join him with the Ducks.

So why didn’t Martin try to get Blackmon?

Blackmon chose USC over Cal and Utah. So why wasn’t Oregon interested? Again, it’s something that coaches in the Pac-12 talk about.

UPDATED: USC got a commitment Wednesday night from Oklahoma cornerback Latrell McCutchin.

Are these endorsements of USC freshmen corners Ceyair Wright and Prophet Brown?

16 thoughts on “USC Adds A Transfer Corner*

    1. Well, parcelman, there are thousands of high school footballers with the size (160-210) to play receiver or defensive back.

      But there are only a few hundred in the country with the 280-310 pound size to play offensive and defensive line play.

      And boy, have we seen the competition to get these few guys into a college football’s system.


  1. Here is another cornerback transfer – 40 minutes ago Wed. Jan 19, 8:57 pm

    Cornerback Latrell McCutchin, Oklahoma, 4 -star — a top-100 national prospect from that 2021 class — announced his transfer to USC as well.

    McCutchin played 186 defensive snaps for Oklahoma as a true freshman and allowed 11 receptions on 19 targets for 223 yards and 2 touchdowns, per PFF. He had 1 pass breakup and 2 forced fumbles.
    He was the No. 4-ranked CB and No. 79 overall prospect in the 2021 recruiting class, out of Austin, Texas.

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  2. The portal is woke as fuck! How can they allow all these kids to live their lives how and where they want?

    I acknowledge it’s been a boon thus far to USC but this shit is getting out of hand.


  3. They are rebuilding the team room by room. Clearing out the Heltonites and replacing them with talented committed real football players. Wide receiver room. CHECK. Defense line room. CHECK. Cornerback room. CHECK. Offensive line room. CHECK. Next up. Linebacker room, Safely room, Quarterback room and then the Running back room. USC will finish with the top Transfer Portal Class in the country (currently #3) once they sign Caleb and the Oregon running back.

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    1. RB room look pretty good with the Mater Dei kid coming in, maybe Barlow (I’m not a fan), and Dye from Oregon. Rescue Kenon Christon from the portal and we’re flush.


  4. I like how this douchebag OU writer dropped in the notion that maybe he entered portal because of Roy Manning, although Manning was no longer on the staff and yet where does he end up. Though Manning isn’t coaching corners at SC, but still…

    “While there is no confirmed reason as to why McCutchin entered the portal, based on his post he highlights recent staff changes as one of the reasons he decided to enter.

    Roy Manning has been off the staff for a while now and it was pretty well known via social media that most of the players weren’t the biggest fans of his.”


  5. Ceyair Wright and Prophet Brown were by talent among the very top CBs, high 4stars with better 100m numbers, but I guess the idea is that they’ve been poorly coached by Donte and despite Grinch also being a pretty bad coach, he feels his coaching was better… Mekhi Blackmon is from San Mateo whereas McCutchin like most of the OU transfers is out of Texas, but I hear the swooshing sound of California talent that will be headed elsewhere.

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  6. The original intent of the transfer portal was to allow sports scholarship players the same freedom as other college students; the right to transfer to another school at will. It was never intended to be a recruiting station and trade junction for football (and other sports) students. Unfortunately that is what it has become. Antique notions such as loyalty and earning a spot have been replaced with leap before you look if you think it’ll help. To a college aged kid with NFL dreams one school is as good as another and the one that gets me into the NFL is the best. It’s no longer Fight On, it’s more like Rights on just for me, I’ll take a look and see what I see. An alma mater here is just a chance before next year. Rights on just for me. Rights on!


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