Jaxson Dart, Michael Trigg To Mississippi

What a gift USC sent to Lane Kiffin as Jaxson Dart and Michael Trigg said they will transfer to Mississippi.

Kiffin gets a top quarterback and tight end just like that.

Does the fact Dart officially left USC mean Caleb Williams is a done deal for the Trojans?

I’m sure a lot of USC fans will develop a sudden interest in watching Mississippi games.

52 thoughts on “Jaxson Dart, Michael Trigg To Mississippi

    1. I don’t want Chuck n Duck even if Caleb goes to LSU, Wisc, or anywhere else. I’d
      rather have LR work and develop Moss.

      As far as Kiffin, it’s obvious that at 46 he has matured as a person and as a coach compared to when he was at SC as a 34-37 year old. But I still don’t want him back at SC in any position.

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    2. Well JT is not worth an once of the hype from the beginning. But why would he come and why would LR want him. Even if he was good, he is the antithesis of the prototype of what works in the style of offense Riley runs. He is not good for the system, nor is the system good for JT. He’s not mobile or creative enough (do you think he will ever run for 145 yds a game as Mayfield, Murry, Hurts, Rattler, and Williams consistently did?). And do you think he wants to take open field blows? (there is a reason for the word “duck” in Chuck and Duck). No foot speed, no agility, no grit, no toughness.

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      1. Mostly true [like 85%] …except I’d say he has mental toughness and pretty good touch on the short and medium stuff [when he has time to throw]….

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  1. Anybody catch how the Pitt new quarterback is rated No. 10 in the country?
    His name– Slovis.

    Dart was listed just behind Williams as the best in the portal.

    I recall the evolution of Trojan fans loving their recent quarterbacks:
    First it was JT Daniels
    Then it was Slovis
    Then it was Dart
    And now it is the phantom Williams

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    1. When you are desperate for a winner like all Trojan fans have been for 10-12 years, you cycle through your admiration of QBs rather quickly when you see that changing QBs isn’t getting us different results.

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    2. …and…the way things are going…. we might be adding another name or two to that list before long….

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  2. So does Caleb announce his commitment on National Signing Day? Is that the reason for the delay? Or does Caleb not intend to attend Spring practice, so he will not be attending during the Spring?

    Just doesnt feel right, even if his commitment has been locked in for a while now.

    If Caleb goes elsewhere, who does Riley go after? Riley likes mobile QBs, is Jayden Daniels a possibility? I really liked Dart.

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  3. Both guys were serious losses for USC. What Williams does is what Williams does, not to many of us care. LR will come up with the answer to the Qb question soon enough. I still think 2022 is a period of getting their shit together and prepping for 2023 balls out.

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      1. How so? I don’t understand how you all spend so much worrying and judging kids that aren’t even on the team. They’re 17-19!year old kids. They have no idea what the hell their doing


      2. WHERE?
        I remember it mattered if you won and also how you won. Today most only feel,they can’t think, so feeling is the way,and only winning matters, how one wins does not matter.

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  4. It’s well known the C. W’s goal is the NFL. It’s logical then that C.W. commits to a team with a coaching staff (OC) with NFL experience.

    “Bobby Engram, the former NFL wide receiver who has been on the Baltimore Ravens’ coaching staff for the past eight seasons, has been hired as offensive coordinator for the Wisconsin Badgers, a team official told ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg on Saturday.

    The contract to join Paul Chryst’s coaching staff was approved by the Wisconsin Board of Regents and signed Friday night, the team official told ESPN.

    Engram served as tight ends coach for the past three seasons with the Ravens, overseeing the development of Mark Andrews, who went from a third-round pick to an NFL first-team All-Pro. Prior to that, Engram served on Chryst’s staff for two seasons at the University of Pittsburgh.” ~ESPN

    Remind me Clownsters, what coach on Riley’s staff has NFL experience?

    #Oh well.

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      1. Yeah —a bit of a disappointing analysis from my friend Owns. Playing ball for a coach stepping down from the NFL means more than playing ball for a coach that sends player after player into the NFL?

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    1. This Rents to Owns fella reminds Old Ed of himself back when me and the missus got hitched second time. (First time, Ed forgot to sign some paperwork, so had a do-over, smdh.) Anywaze, old Ed went to a rents to owns tuxedo shop. They say “Ed, rent this foosha beauty for $40, or buy the sumbitch and it is yours for $39.99!” Hell, old Ed knows a deal when he sees one! Now we are living in Cali with the missus 3rd cousin twice removed, and damn if the foosha coloring in my owns tuxedo is illegal in this state! smdh!

      I bet that there are a few rents to owns places on that LA state campus that rents to owns likes. And hell, why would a tight end coach be good for a QB? smdh.

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      1. I believe I mentioned once before that one of Ed’s Commandments is ‘Never wear Deep Purple’….. [or any other color associated with Pat Haden’s late age palette]….

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    2. Now they’re gonna tell ya about the guy who poached transfers coached by others….

      And slobber over the selfish QB this same coach decided wasn’t worthy of being a starter until his offense struggled and the father strarted throwing hissy fits…

      Then that same kid who is supposed to be their messiah went 5-2 with all the talent on his side in a piss poor conference.

      Troll on Owns, there’s plenty to work with.


    3. Not that I care where the kid goes, but you logic makes little to no sense. LR’s staff had no NFL experienced coaches on it before. Maybe you remember him sending Mayfield to Cleveland, Murry to Pheonix, and Hurts to Philly in successive years. Just cause a dude coached TE’s in the League doesn’t mean his offense or qb will be locks for the next level. If you new anything about the Badger program you know that Barry Alvarez still runs the show over there and made both the new AD hire and hired and mentored Crist. They are Wisconsin and will always be Wisconsin and there is something noble about that and it will always be defense and run first and the guy under center will manage the game properly. The OC will not change that or he will be out.

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  5. Mobley bails out the Trojans against Cal, 24 points, career high. Ellis with 21, but Petersen and Ethan A. just 11 combined. Need more consistence from those guys.

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    1. May I quote myself from last week (but without conviction and more as a joke)? “This win is huge —it’ll get us back into the Top Ten!”

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  6. FYI Clownsters, Nick Saban was an NFL HC that resigned and headed to Alabama. How’d that work out? Just asking for a friend.


    1. Didn’t that fella Jimmy Mora be a NFL HC before coaching at LA State? Hard to keep track of all them LA state coaches, so many of them, they all get 86’d, smdh.

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      1. You mean the first LA State coach EVER to display a prison/ghetto/Nat’l Felon League mentality in response to the Trojan drum major stabbing the field during pregame? “They can’t be disrespecting us like that?”

        It’s no wonder he went 0-3 against USC when he wasn’t getting help from the NCAA. He was more worried about the band than what his team did on the field.


      1. That loss doesn’t take away from what a GREAT coach he is. And from the little I know about him, he seems to be just as good of a person as he is a coach. This is coming from someone who roots against them all the time, just because I’m tired of seeing them win.


  7. hi there football followers, Brady showing the retire card! well he had a fine season lack of injury !? i think hes playing one more !? he may want to distance himself from ariens a boozer coach ? Regards, E

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  8. hello foootball fans, this qb aaaahhh start dart mississippi bound well that reminds that mississippi is the unhealthyest state of all ! the state has most Fat folks of all states and are a burden to health care costs there ailments are ten more costly than a normal person weight wise!! Regards , E this guy darts a strange qb frosh!? a reactionary type

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  10. Well there are good former NFL coaches and there are bad former NFL coaches. John Robinson was an NFL head coach. Lane Kiffin was an NFL coach. Pete was an NFL coach it’s all relative.
    I’m still thinking Caleb just wanted to jerk LR’s chain before he returns to Oklahoma because he’s “loyal to his team.” USC should announce that the offer has been rescinded and move on.

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  11. The biggest weekend of NFL football and the people around Tom Brady cannot wait for Tom to make his own announcement of retiring?– What is it with these gossip-freaks, saying Tom needs to spend more time with his kids, and his wife still has career ambitions, certainly not modeling, at 40 years old.

    Well, Tom has between now and August, about a half year to be with his family fulltime. Maybe from August to January the guy needs a break from the family.

    Besides, Brady is still dangerous on the field, and he obviously loves being with his guys. I just watched his last college game where he was 23 of 27 for nearly 400 yards against Alabama in the Orange Bowl, a winner for Michigan. He looked pretty darn good even back then. And yet was the 199th player chosen in 2000.

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