Sunday Buzz: Wisconsin Makes Play For Caleb Williams

Wisconsin is making its play for Caleb Williams.

The Badgers hired Baltimore Ravens assistant Bobby Engram as offensive coordinator. Engram’s son is a cornerback at Wisconsin. He was a high school teammate of Williams at Gonzaga College High School in Washington, D.C.

Bobby Engram is also friends with Carl Williams, the father of Caleb Williams.

28 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Wisconsin Makes Play For Caleb Williams

  1. If you’re goal is to go #1 in the draft in no F’n way does it makes sense to join run oriented offense, who just hired TE coach, to be 1st time OC.
    Yes, I know Paul Chryst had Russell Wilson for one year (BTW ,Wilson was on numerous all ACC teams and runner up to POY), and under Chryst, got him all the way to a 3rd round draft pick!

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    1. Inexplicable is the word for “Caleb to Wisky.”

      However, he WOULD get to play against several top notch defenses in the BIG14–including every day at practice. Jim Leonhard–former DB– has had top defenses at U Wisky every year there.

      That said, I think he would be good in the Big14 but exceptional versus the weaker Pac 12 defenses.

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      1. You make an excellent point. However, if his ultimate goal is to be the best in the NFL, it would serve him to play with the best now and be prepared. My son was a Navy Seal and he always sought out others who were better than he so he could get better. You never improve unless you test yourself against the best. Frankly, I am concerned about Caleb at this point. As Tony Dungy stated his team filled with super star players lost in their superbowl, his team that was filled with good players that worked as a team, won in their superbowl. It takes much more than a superstar to win in TEAM SPORTS.

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    1. Agreed! Caleb please go anywhere but USC, so we can find someone else to compete with Miller Moss for the starting job in 2022 and Malachi Nelson in 2023.

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  2. Honestly, UWM has every bit of the academic pedigree of USC and has been a better football program over the past 2 decades. Wilson is a recent success story and they’ll have a great line and RBs.

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      1. USC #19 nationally–per WSJ metric which emphasizes graduates’ first 10 years

        U Wisky #58 nationally and #13 Public School.

        Madison is a fine athletic and academic school, but not in the same league as USC, Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley

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  3. Here’s how ranked Wisconsins 5 greatest QB’s since they have had a football program(that goes back to 1889):
    1) Russell Wilson
    2) Darrell Bevell
    3) Brooks Bollinger
    4) Scott Tolzien
    5) John Stocco
    Pretty impressive group, wouldn’t you say, especially since Wilson spent 4 years at NC State(he redshirted his first) year and only one at Wisconsin. I’d say that it’s about time to start calling Wisconsin Quarterback U.
    Williams would be stupid if he went to Wisconsin.

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    1. And at Wisconsin Williams will throw to WHO??????? Badger fans need to get real. Dike is a nice receiver but then what????


  4. If USC gets left at the airport and Caleb is not coming it’s going to feel like a DDT from Jake “The Snake” Roberts or better yet André “The Giant” choking squeezing our throats with a huge smile.
    Similar to USC Football 2012 “Unfinished Business”

    USC Says……Coached 2 Heisman winners and all three of his QBs are currently starters in the NFL at OKLAHOMA+ USC (11 NC’s, 7 Heismans, 0-3 in the John Hancock Bowl 😂) No Brainer!

    Caleb Williams says…….”I had an awesome time at Spearmint Rhine-ohhhh!!! I mean USC. But yeah…….. I’ll call you!
    You don’t call me!

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  5. Where are those East Carolina QBs, and where are the QBs that weren’t first coached up somewhere else? I mean two of those kids were 5 stars, they were going to be in the NFL. Where is Spencer Rattler, a kid who started under LR and who struggled and was tossed for who, Caleb Williams a guy that went 5-2 in the worst conference, even though he had light years more talent on his team than anyone they were playing…

    Heisman Trophies are beauty contests for the big schools’ QBs and RBs. If you’re putting up big numbers you win, doesn’t matter if you can’t win a game of importance or if you’re in a run and shoot or air raid system that run up specific stats that aren’t relevant.

    One of the reasons people took every QB during the Chow era until that system disappeared was that SC had was that they were playing n a pro-style system that is the predominant system in the NFL. A USC QB is always serviceable, needed minimal development (which can be a two edge sword).

    Wisconsin’s system will probably do more to make Caleb Williams a complete player more prepared for the majority of NFL systems. The reading of defenses, calling protections and working with the line splits one sees in the NFL, the variety of drops lining up under center, timing passing, play action from under center, and more than anything playing against some better defenses and schemes of the Big 10 vs the PAC 12. One can argue that USC has a chance to beat up much less talent opponents and be a star doing so, but I don’t know that’s better for development.

    The idea that USC will just be better for a kid not particularly concerned with the school or program or teammates might find the grass is greener elsewhere; and SC definitely may find (even as its given up its options) that the true is the same for SC.

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