Morning Buzz: Caleb Williams To USC!

USC tweeted out the “fight on” emoji this morning.

And Pete Thamel tweets Caleb Williams tells him he is coming to USC.

The drama is over. Hurray!

“I wanted to go somewhere I thought would provide me with the best development both on and off the field,” Williams told ESPN. “Getting to know Coach Riley and gaining familiarity with his offense definitely played a part in my selection, as well as already knowing some the guys on the team.”

Williams registered for classes late Friday and is expected to attend classes today, so he will be able to participate in spring practice.

“I want to get to work right away, earn the trust of my teammates, win championships and help bring USC back to being a top-rated program,” Williams told ESPN.

54 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Caleb Williams To USC!

  1. All I can say: It better happen today….or there’s gonna be hell to pay on this page —the kinda nasty, irresponsible, immature, over the top shit (especially coming from me) that drove Pudly76 away.

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    1. All of a sudden…and I mean this sincerely and I say it outta love —-I feel so sorry for UCLA….

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    2. Just In:
      Mrs. Chip Kelly has been photographed waiting in line for her neighborhood Cleaners to open their doors this morning —reports indicate she is holding a badly soiled pair of men’s extra, extra large stretch pants…..

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  2. If true………..look out Pac 12 next year, and in 2023- USC National Title contender. Now we have a duel threat QB with another couple of offensive line transfers and recruits definitely the most explosive offense in college football.

    UCLA announces they can no longer pay the rent at the Rose Bowl due to poor fan support, and will move all home games to Spaulding field their on campus practice facility.

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    1. A Sad Note On This Otherwise Joyous Day–
      Unfortunately UCLA’s “football” team can’t play at Spaulding either, tommyd: higher ups wisely recognize they can’t make it that easy for members of the team to be located for legal service of subpoenas. Due to the $753,000 in back rent they owe [and can’t possibly pay] to the Rose Bowl Committee, UCLA’s Administration, players and coaches have been told to go into hiding by their Chancellor.

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  3. Game,set, and match!! Riley got his quarterback and we have a new hope of winning again. This is huge news for USC and for the recruiting . Let us all take a moment to FIGHT ON and enjoy the moment.

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    1. Me and the missus were at practice one day, having a mountin doo, we gave a few to that fella Hilton, man, could he knock those yellow drinks back, and all we could see was these small, fast fellas runnin’ around, no rhyme or reason. No big guys anywheres to be seen. The missus was the biggest person out there. After the thrid mountin dew, that Hilton fella asked the missus to long snap the ball take out the nose tackler. smdh.

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  4. You fraudulent morons screamed he’s a diva and he better share his NIL money with teammates! Now you have a legitimate chance to win a championship (or more) so all is forgiven? Grow up. SC has a real coach now and stop your panty- pinching.

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    1. USC fans are spoiled and need to grow up. Riley will put a great product on the field. Will it be CFP ready in 2022? That would be a miracle.

      Helton decimated the program over many years. Riley might need 2 years to get it rolling. That would be pretty good

      Either way, it is going to be FUN again. You remember fun, right? We dont need to be CFP contenders to have fun in 2022. We just need a competent coach that doesnt frustrate us with his incompetence.

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      1. A ten win season is the rational, along with beating Utah and earning a spot in the Pac 12 Conf champ game.

        However, getting 85 young men who have never played football together as a team to gel is no small accomplishment. I expect some bad days along the way…

        Now 2023/4? High expectations for those years.


  5. By the way, nobody wants to work their fannies off for nothing and that’s what SC had become under that dude and the caretakers who chose money and access to the integrity of the program. Things like Fight On Forever is what SC is about. If that kid doesn’t come, then God bless him and Fight On. We’re going to be all right. SC always finds a way in spite of the frauds.

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      1. …and that is why Jeff Bridges represents UCLA so well…


  6. Football games are won by both stopping the run and pressuring the opposing QB. 1 & 2.
    Hell, I’ll even watch William’s razzle dazzle.

    So looking forward to Nov 5. Hope your saviour lasts that long with the OL from Pepperdine.

    At least MG doesn’t stroke out now. ##

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    1. Stroke out?! Stroke out?!! Ha ha ha! Whoever said I was in danger of stroking out??!! Ha ha ha ha!!


  7. Scooter,

    I am in the mental mind frame of when the Blues Brother’s shows up late and they start performing and NO ONE says a word or even clap. They waited to see what would happen. We will see.


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