Former USC Assistant Goes To Notre Dame

Deland McCullough, the former running backs coach at USC, has been hired as running backs coach at Notre Dame.

McCullough was one of the best assistants at USC in recent years and left to go to the Kansas City Chiefs. He was associated head coach and running backs coach at Indiana last season.

20 thoughts on “Former USC Assistant Goes To Notre Dame

  1. McCullough was the only Clay Helton-hired assistant that was hired by another program (Chiefs) and not fired by Helton to save his own worthless neck.

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    1. There is bigger trouble in trojan land for you rah rahs than a former coach going to to Notre dame! According to sources Lincoln Riley grabbed the ass of Miller Moss’s mom last Friday. When confronted by Moss, Riley said it was okay because he thought it was his girlfriend. Moss is looking into transferring. Riley is doing damage control by providing co-eds for Moss to choose from.



      1. Yes I did report this same thing that Riley did to Jaxson Dart’s mom… You ought to be worried, this seems to be a pattern of behavior for Riley. One day he is going to grab the wrong ass and get his head knocked off.


  2. It really is remarkable that Clay’s assistant record over the years is something like 1 (well, maybe 4 or 5) voluntary quit, and about 50 who were fired. The Village Idiot. Very apt name for CH.

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    1. A few fans tied up Clever Clay down below in that basement before a game once a couple years back, hoped he widn’t figure out how to break loose and find his way to the field and screw up the team. But dam if Clay figgered out that if he started a small fire, then them fire boys would come to break him out. once the missus locked me up but I didn’t think of starting a fire. Smdh.

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  3. I can’t wait to see Georgia Southern’s athletic directors face after Clay Helton’s first season 😂 I think most of his assistant coaching hires were analysts last season from different programs.

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  4. Does anyone remember the hoopla over the return of Matt Barkley for his senior season? The fans at the Ucla game at the end of his junior year were chanting, “one more year.” The media circus was crowning him as the next Heisman winner and speculation ran rampant over his NFL draft status until a Christmas ornament arrived at the Kiffin house with a picture of Matty and Lane and the words “one more year.”
    His QB coach told the world that Matt’s mechanics were greatly improved as USC started what should have been their return to national contention year. But Matt had turned into the clayfooted draft bust of the future. He lost to Stanford early in the season and Ucla thanked him for embarrassing them the year before by separating his shoulder.
    All I’m saying is this Caleb stuff reminds me of the Barkley circus. We need to be careful what we wish for. (And yes Matt’s QB coach was Claydough himself)

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