Caleb Williams Isn’t Only Transfer USC Is Waiting On

Everyone is naturally focused on Caleb Williams, but linebacker Lorenzo McCaskill from the University of Louisiana, also has not committed anywhere yet.

Does this mean there is a loophole which would allow both to participate in spring practice if they commit later?

I suspect USC has a way to get around that enrollment deadline.

  • Jahlil Florence, a four-star cornerback from San Diego, committed to Oregon over USC.
  • Aaron Butler, a Class of 2024 “athlete” from Calabasas, commited to USC over the weekend.

33 thoughts on “Caleb Williams Isn’t Only Transfer USC Is Waiting On

  1. Folt: I will make Caleb Williams follow our strict enrollment guidelines to the letter!
    Riley: Don’t worry, Caleb…..

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  2. Dart going to Mississippi might have been the best thing going for him because he will be worshipped in a place that values football much more than most L.A.ers do. He could be the next Johnny Manziel without the ‘head-case’ problems. I only wish he had been allowed to ply his talents at SC for a couple of more years.

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    1. Exactly right, brother, that Powell fella at the feds is just one of them dime a dozen layers (no offense, MG) from investment banking, what does he know about sufferin from high prices?

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      1. Ya gotta admit –Ed is on a helluva streak…Winner after winner…

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      2. Me and the missus showed up at that Folt ladies house in Saint Monica. Hard to find! Big fellas outside, maybe futball players who didn’t make the cut, tells me and the missus we can’t see Folts. We showd them the mountin doo and the plastic roses we brought as a housewarmer, still them big guys wont let us in. smdh.


    2. Ed, you have gotten to be too big of a fish for this tiny forum pond. Time to hit the road with your act, and I hear ‘Vegas is always looking for unique talent. You definitely have the ‘unique’ pat down part.– See what you’re causing us to do.

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  3. Riley to Mike Bohn and Carol Folt.–You told me when I came here I would have your full support.

    Carol Folt to both Mike Bohn and Lincoln Riley- We don’t have basket weaving, and basic pottery in our current curriculum, and those credits are not transferable to USC it would be an insult to our university if they did. Your athlete Caleb Williams is an athlete not a student, and if he wants to come to USC he is going to have to meet our accredited core class requirements this spring somewhere else, and then re-apply for admission this summer. USC is not Oklahoma students have to meet our admission requirements.

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    1. Eddie, what about that time you went on the mountain doo bender, and those pee cup fellas found you was over the caffeine and artificial yellow color limit? smdh!

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      1. We can only hope Ed doesn’t rise to the bait of of replying….

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  4. Patton might have also added:

    “If I had a thousand EDs, and not you worms you call soldiers, I would march my little army all the way from Paris to Berlin without losing even 10% of my boys. I have always wanted to have the same feelings Sherman must have had as he raided the South at the close of the Civil War. Or what it was like for the Mexican army when they killed off the last Texan at the Alamo to go on their short-lived rampage. But alas, there is only one ED, and one is not enough for me to live out my fantasies.”

    P.S. ED is probably a shy-guy, so maybe he doesn’t appreciate all this free publicity

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    1. I have to admit –I AM wondering what Ed must think now that this site has become “All Ed, All The Time!”

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  5. I found this blog 3 weeks ago while searching for Caleb Williams info. In just a short time, I’ve noticed that there isn’t much insight provided by Scott, but 90% of the posts are hilarious! Keep it up fellas!

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    1. A big say hey to JWB! When Scott went away a year and a half ago, Michael, GoTroy22 (sadly left) and Pudley76 kept it alive by something like 10,000 (?) posts on Scott’s last blog. Scottie has slowed down a bit, the snark is still there, but a bunch of interesting guys and gals, a Maui lawyer (MG), a purveyor of fine firearms (Cal75), a physician (Bourbon), real estate fella (Pasadena), Charles, Calabassas, Tim, TommyD, Parcel, Rialto (diff handle now), many others, and the one and only Ed G.

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      1. ….And the Grand Host of InsideUSC, trojan1967!

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  6. Everything I read about the culture Riley is creating is right on-target. SC fans just need to chill out and let him do his job.

    Football can be fun again under Riley. Will we win every game in 2022? – no. But if you expect perfection, you need to go get a life. By 2023-24, this team is going to be really good and I can almost guarantee that SC is in the top 4 recruiting classes every year from 2023 on.

    Isnt that what we want? A team that is fun to watch because they are well-coached, talented players that make us proud.

    USC fans are suffering from PTSD. Some of you need to get treatment.

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    1. There is no treatment for the Curse of ClayHelton. It just take time, some shaking our heads, and the philosophical announcements from Ed. Riley is working on the cure.
      But we won’t need a vaccine.

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      1. Since this is a condition that ordinates in LA and spread you should check with the esteemed DOCTOR Barbara Ferrer about the vaccine. Masking is always necessary. Follow the science, don’t assume.

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    2. Sign me up for the PTSD treatment gameTV!! I actually went to the Oregon St and the BYU games last season, not to watch the games (because it was unwatchable), but to hang out with my brother and my old frat bro and have beers.

      And I agree with you that we should not have
      high hopes for this upcoming season. I am on the record as saying that the Village Idiot left the program in such bad shape that it is probably a 2 yr rebuild.

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      1. I’m hoping you’ll be surprised. Remember we were picked as a “top twenty” 2021 team (some respected rankings even had us as a top 15 team) until we jettisoned our coach, the team let down and we limped through the majority of the season.
        And some of our less motivated players have been bid a fond adieu by Riley and replaced with way better players being coached up by way better coaches.

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