Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week


Jaxson Dart

He should start at Mississippi in a pass-happy offense and Lane Kiffin will enjoy making USC fans miss him.

Michael Trigg

See above.

Caleb Williams

Milking his situation for maximum effect.


All ready for that NASCAR race this weekend, which will draw more fans than any USC game in recent years.

Brandon Sosna

The Mini-Me of the athletic dept. is riding high as a Bengals fan. Will this put him at odds with USC’s pro-Rams social media account?


Andy Enfield

The easy non-conference schedule seems to be catching up a little bit with the Trojans. And he seems a bit slow to change the line-up.

Prentice Hill, Chris Hawkins

The former USC assistants were let go by Arizona State during NCAA investigation of Sun Devils program.

Media fanboys

Spent a stressful Friday monitoring twitter for that Caleb Williams announcement.

Lindsay Gottlieb

She didn’t coach the games up in Oregon and the Trojans got swept, including a 32-point loss to the Ducks. The Trojans are 9-9 overall. Gottlieb isn’t exactly pulling up trees this season.

USC social media

Jumping on Rams bandwagon. After previously jumping on Lakers bandwagon and Dodgers bandwagon and . . .

68 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week

  1. I wouldn’t say Williams is getting any benefit from continuing this dance, the suspense factor ended some time ago. Must be something to do with NIL negotiations. Once that number comes out, then we can put him in the “winners” column, because it will be big.

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  2. Also Losers:

    USC Football

    Losing out on Dart, a high potential QB who actually wanted to be an SC Trojan and not some for-hire mercenary CW would likely be

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      1. Someday someone needs to tell me why Helton went after all immobile pocket passers after the success he had with mobile Sam….
        #J.T. ??? Slovis??

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      2. Would’ve loved to have seen Slovis with better coaching and not get the living shit beat out of him cuz of protection.

        As for JT Daniels…all sizzle, no steak.


  3. I have the feeling Caleb Williams did not attend classes at Oklahoma, and the classes he did attend are not being accepted as credits so it could be Caleb will be forced to take some classes at a junior college before he can be admitted to USC. Looks to me we may see Caleb quietly taking classes this spring at TRADE TECH in Los Angles unless Wisconsin pulls some strings and admits him into the University.

    Sorry folks athletes still have to attend classes and have some decent grades to be able to transfer in to USC. I am sure Caleb and Riley are not happy about this, and it may force Caleb to enroll at another school if USC will not admit him for the Spring semester. I hope this is not the case but it certainly sounds like the big issue at the moment.

    Perhaps, it is time for the NFL to finally put in a development league for undergrad college kids who have no interest in getting a degree. The NCAA has created free agency like the NFL via the transfer portal, but universities still have the right to admit or reject a student based on their grades, and academic potential.

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    1. I say any “student athlete” who gets over, say, $10,000,000 in endorsements should receive what we’ll call “an academic waiver.”

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    2. I think you are on to something TommyD. How does a real idiot like Olivia Jade get in and Caleb is left out? Caleb is worth far more to USC than the $500K Olivia Jade’s parents chipped in to get her accepted into the University.

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      1. Maybe you’ve never read the wise words Olivia has placed before us on social media: “people can be mean… but that doesn’t mean they aren’t people.”

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    1. Funny —For some reason all Russian teachers, diplomats, businessmen and lawyers are being encouraged to take up English as a second language…

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    2. Peeple tell me those rushans are interested in a place called Ukiah, Nor cal, and that the Ukiah peeples are getting their pitchforks readee to defend their territery. Ed about as good of a conflic defuser as I’d ever seen. Ed, get yer Pinto warmed up, road trip!

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  4. USC women’s basketball will never be a revenue making sport nor will it ever be able to compete with Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, Colorado, UCLA, and other teams in the Pac 12. USC fell asleep on Women’s Basketball since Cheryl Miller left, and it will now never catch up.

    I am sure Coach Gottlieb is a very good basketball coach, but I don’t think USC had to pay 1 million bucks a year for a top women’s basketball coach which makes her by far the highest paid coach in the Pac 12.

    Bohn overpaid on this one. Great for her, but this one is going to make Bohn look bad as no way will USC ever surpass the other already established programs in the Pac 12. I also truely believe Coach Gottlieb knows this, and within two years she will use this job and try to jump to the WNBA which probably doesn’t even pay the type of money USC is overpaying for a women’s basketball coach. Don’t get me wrong Coach Gottlieb is a fine coach, and took the job because of the high salary but deep down she must know the challenge might be close to being impossible beating Tara Vanderveer at Stanford, Cori Close at UCLA, and the other fine coaches in the Pac 12 at Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon State who all have established great programs in women’s basketball.

    Great move for Coach Gottlieb, not a great decision by Mike Bohn thinking a big name coach with a 1 million a year salarycould instandly make USC a Basketball Power.

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    1. On the money, tommyd —now answer this question: Why did Helton recruit pocket passers after seeing what a mobile QB like Sam could do?

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      1. Miller Moss is not a good match for what Riley prizes in Murray and Hurts, but oh brother, does Moss have an arm and a quick release. If you watch Moss throw, he has a much shorter “backswing” than Dart in the photo above, and thus can deliver the ball much faster. In a parallel universe, I hope that parallel Moss gets to start for that parallel USC.

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    2. I’ll give LG 3-4 years before I’m a hater.
      Give a coach a chance to recruit a full class and play “her” style of WBB.
      If the trend is not upward, time to part ways.

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  5. The Portal definitely looks like the NFL free agency market with 1 exception. A University still has to accept the athlete academically, and in this case I have the feeling USC has a problem with his grades, and transfer credits so it could be at this point they turned down his admission application. Perhaps, Wisconsin will let him into school some how……………..

    Kind makes me wonder if Oklahoma even requires their athletes to go to class yet alone pass them.

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    1. OK halftime speech,

      “If you guys don’t start blocking, then you’re all going to class next week”
      “Oh please coach, we’re trying but it’s hard”

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      1. Wilcox at halftime:
        “Okay, so what if we don’t have what it takes to beat teams with fulltime coaches — you still have French class to look forward to on Monday!”

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      2. He deserves props for dismantling Stanford.
        As for the Trojans: USC didn’t have a “fulltime coach.”


  6. One time #5 bozo bb takes the loser elevator out of the AP top 25 BB rankings.

    #Tanks Enfield.
    #Andyain’twinning gets an extension…..what a joke.
    #If only cupcakes and cream puffs counted.


  7. OWNS— you are now on the right track. Stick to Basketball you have no leverage at all on the USC football board. Speaking of cupcakes take a look at the UCLA football non-conference schedule in 2022. Speaking of raises -your school gave Chip Kelly all the cheeseburgers he wants. Now he can give some of his extra cheeseburgers to the midget Basketball Coach, and Corey Close your Women’s Basketball Coach who looks like she has lots of room for more calories in that beautiful body she has. Nice reward for the UCLA’s Chipster no bowl games in twenty years, and no conference championships since Terry Donahue left Westwood.

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      1. Werner Herzog is making an epic disaster movie featuring Chip and the UCLA football team floating down a river in the Amazon —- after a week they get lost and begin to suffer hunger, fever and hallucinations…. naturally, being bruins, they turn to cannibalism…..

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    1. Drew Petersen is the key. He seems to be either 9/10 fg’s, and the team wins by 20, or he is 2/11 fgs and bad stuff happens as the opposing D can clog the middle. If he is on, then IMHO USC can compete with any team. At close to 6’10”, he is very difficult to contest, particularly be defended by an opposing guard.

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  8. Why are people “loser fanboys” when they scan the internet for good news on USC but you are not for scanning for anything you can twist into bad news. Wait, you are a loser right.

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    1. One of the top 10 college football coaches ever, Caesar, was crapped on by Scottie constantly. It is a neurosis he has. Or maybe that is the schtick that keeps the advertising $$ coming in. (Thx for the clicks, owns).

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  9. Don’t forget USC has Costello from Oklahoma State. Big arm, and can run.

    Brendan Costello

    6-0, 188 | 40: 4.68 | Class of 2019

    HometownSan Clemente, Calif.SchoolSan Clemente High SchoolPositionQuarterback: Dual-threatStatus: TRANSFERRED TO USC in the Spring of 2021.

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      1. 24/7’s scouting report couldn’t be higher on him…. they say he makes things happen no matter what and has the “it” factor….but he’s actually closer to 5″11’….

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      2. I just watched his videos —It doesn’t look like he lets his height get in the way as he goes through his progressions — he definitely sees the whole field somehow [judging from his decision making and the high percentage of completions]–I worry about him getting hurt , though— he isn’t built to take that many hits……

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      1. All is forgiven, Caleb. Sorry for all the shitty stuff we were saying all last week…

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    1. BUT…let’s not count our chickens before they’re hatched…


    2. Various Rants&Raves:

      When sports writers are speculating, I love how they use the word “sources” to try to validate their guesswork. Because who really knows what was said between Riles and his former quarterback?

      And speaking of prophesying, is it true Caleb will be changing his name to ‘Celeb?’ It is LaLa land afterall, where perception is often more important than production. Get that easy upfront money now, Celeb, before you have to earn it on the field.

      And who let the Rams and Bengals in to play in the latest edition of the Stupor Bowl?– Josh Allen’s Buffalo and Tampa Bay’s Retiring Quarterback were robbed, or at least jobbed, and would have produced a true Super Bowl

      And did you see how some B-actress chastised New York City for closing down the streets to honor the policemen shot and killed the other night while investigating a domestic dispute? — “They shut down New York because of one F—ing cop?” This is must reading for the anti-cop poster that MG made mincemeat of earlier today.

      That’s it. For now.

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      1. Mr Wolcott
        In the olden days of SF when we still read the paper, there was a columnist by the name of Herb Caen. He used to write his column from… The Three Dot Lounge…

        And his Friday column was called,
        Bon Mots and Cheap Shots.

        You and MG could tag team and kill it.

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      2. Cal75,
        I hate to think of Herb Cain as the “olden days.”


  10. Michael: You very good at looking at film. I don’t even think Scott Wolf knew about this guy. Have you noticed Lincoln likes QB’s who can run nothing higher than a 4.6. I don’t think Darnold, or even Dart had times that fast. One of USC problems in the last few years is our QB’s were slower than slow including Barkley, Kessler, and Slovis to name a few. Good arms, but none could make a big play on 3rd down with their legs.

    One of the key elements in Lincoln’s offense is some speed at QB. I am not worried about Caleb any longer we can easily pick another in the Portal if he does not have the grades to get into SC which might be likely until at least the fall semester.

    Ok. St. has had some terrific offenses in the past few years. I think this kid Costello might be a sleeper, and beat out Moss in the Spring until Caleb comes in the fall.

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    1. Hurts and Murray are natural QBs for him, and Hurts definitely delivered much more for OK than for ‘Bama. Williams has a really strong arm, accuracy needs some work, but he might be as good as either one of these guys.

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    2. You’ve been preaching dual threats for a long time — it only dawned on me recently how right you are, tommyd. That’s on me. But what’s Helton’s excuse?

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      1. Sadly, Clay was the village idiot. It is remarkable he was able to recruit as well as he did.

        “Mercy, what a great day for me and Miss Angela to be Georgia Southern Eagles!”

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  11. Just Rent,

    I thought it was funny when you said that SC basketball is running on bald tires. The season for SC is to beat the likes of ugly, stanford, arizona, and the oregons. We are in the still wait and see mode, however,

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