Some Good One-Liners From USC Staff

USC assistant coaches spoke to the media today. Remember the excitement when the staff met the media two years ago?

Anyways, today had some good lines. Here is one from wide receivers coach Dennis Simmons, who is closest to Lincoln Riley among the coaches: “If you don’t block, you won’t play. It’s honestly just that simple.”

Simmons also said this about Caleb Williams: “Those guys in the huddle all want to play with him and play for him, that’s something you can’t really coach.”

And from running backs coach Kiel McDonald: “I’m a West Coast guy. We all grew up watching USC reach those heights. I want to be part of the team to get back there”

57 thoughts on “Some Good One-Liners From USC Staff

  1. Scott, usually the term “one-liners’ means jokes. Here is the revised version:

    Wide receivers all want to be with the beauty queen and catch passes, but if they don’t also dance with the fat girls they will not be invited to the Ball.

    Guys in the huddle with Celeb either want to play with him, or if not, Celeb will buy out their scholarship and ship them out.

    I’m a West Coast guy and have lived through Larry Smith, Paul Hackett, and the Clay Pigeon, and I don’t want to go anywhere near those guys’ teams.

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      1. Ever notice how it is MG that sprinkles nearly everyone’s comments with the “Like” icon?– If I had 100 MGs in the audience I would be brave enough to try stand-up, but alas, that is as likely as getting a date with Carol Folt.

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      2. Ed and I have talked of running off together many times—but we’d never leave InsideUSC….. we’d miss Scott & The Gang too much….
        John, I’m pretty sure I can score that date for you. [Bring a game ball along —I hear you can get Carol to do just about anything once you’ve handed one of those over]….

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      3. Speaking of running off, what happened to Pudly Helton? He went to Georgia too? They do have dail-up Internet down there, right? I mean, it’s not like it’s Utah

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      4. Scott and Pudly’s divorce became final on January 1st, 2022.

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    1. Wherever that guy goes, trouble follows. He got shown the door by Cal after it was alleged he was pushing Cal recruits to Washington. Once he got to Washington, he didn’t last there long. Now he comes to Oregon from Jacksonville. Anybody remember how the Jaguars d-line performed?

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      1. Answer, 67:
        About as well as Oregon’s defense is gonna perform against USC in the Championship Game…
        #i.e., NotThatSpectacularly….

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      2. Jacksonville being Jacksonville, We don’t wanna be around a coach whose ‘wife’s’ name is Jordan.

        Lupoi’s middle name should be ‘one and done’

        The rarest Collectible on Earth is a complete collection of all Lupoi’s business cards.

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    2. NIL has rendered Nike’s former (legal?) advantage worthless. All things being equal, who wants to go to some outpost 2 hours from Portland? I am planning my first trip to Eugene in July for the Work Athletic Championships (Track & Field). Couldn’t believe it when I found it on a map.

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    3. With a bunch of Saban recruits. He was in the NFL for the next 3 years. ‘19 Cleveland 6-10, ‘20 Atlanta 4-12, ‘21 Jacksonville 3-14. 13 and 36 working on an NFL defense doesn’t give one much license to talk smack. Whatever though, it’s not like he’s gonna be at Oregon more than a couple years.

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  2. gee intresting how no one is talking abuot loop holes any more know that they gave them all out all reddy,and there aint any for the rest of us reglar poeples,makes u wonder whats going on and if they didnt think we wuold notiss,smdh!

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      1. Hi Micheal,

        The last reply on the other thread was to So Cal. Some guys on here cant take jokes. Have a good one.


  3. Interested in seeing how USC compared to OU last year. It’s easy to see how much USC might improve offensively with Riley, Caleb W et al. Defensively, OU wasn’t that good either, but better than USC … still significant potential for improvement.

    2021 Scoring Offense (Rank, Points Per Game)
    OU – 8th, 39.1
    USC – 65th, 28.7

    2021 Total Offense (Rank, Yards Per Play)
    OU – 6th, 6.89
    USC – 45th, 5.91

    2021 Scoring Defense (Rank, Points Per Game)
    OU – 60th, 25.77
    USC – 103rd, 31.75

    2021 Total Defense (Rank, Yards Per Play)
    OU – 81st, 5.71
    USC – 100th, 6.40

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    1. That means absolutely nothing. The Big-12 is a pass happy looney-tunes offense conference. No defense is going to look good there. Also maybe OU was so good on offense b/c the whole conference eschews trying on defense?


      1. That’s their reputation, but B12 had 2 Top 10 teams scoring defense and 2 others Top 40. P12 0 Top 10 and 3 Top 40 (not Oregon). OU had only 1 game where both teams scored 40+.


    1. well, he has beaten them last couple years, but sc does not have a mega 5 star under the basket this year, nor great shooting guards or a real point guard this yr like the last few years…he does have a very good team ,perhaps the next incoming class will reload or this years athletes will return and be like the athletes the past 2-3 years.
      I think the term mickey mouse is also incorrect,you need to see how many of the teams SC beat or played have done this year,some quite well. You are correct when ststing scheduling tough teams sharpens ones team,how far out scheduling is has some bearing also.


  4. Thanks Enfield! 19-3………….Beat Arizona. And by the way the schedule is not as soft as many of the critics are saying including Mr. Scott Wolf. No question about it Enfield is doing a fine job when you compare it to Floyd, Bibby, Raveling, Morrison, and Boyd who had one good year between them, but nothing that compares to the 3 year consistent run this program has had.

    The Pac 12 is real competitive this year perhaps only the Big 12 is better, and USC did beat Temple on the road which is a good team this year. Hard to believe anyone would knock the current run the program is on under Enfield even harder to believe the schedule is soft which is not the case.

    Will this team win the Pac 12 probably not with probably a 3rd or 4th place finish which is still excellent. Outside shooting and free throw shooting are the definite weaknesses of this team, and will hurt them in the tournament as teams double and triple team USC players down low, and with limited outside shooting the USC offense is very limited if the paint is taken away. USC lacks a true point guard who can also shoot, and it is remarkable that they have 18 wins without a talented point guard which is a necessity in college basketball. Issiah White should also be playing more minutes he makes things happen as he did last year in the NCAA tournament when he was a starter.

    USC needs to fill the Galen Center when they play UCLA next week. Perhaps, Mike Bohn and Staff should give away free Caleb Williams signed posters away at the game or THANK YOU OKLAHOMA TEE SHIRTS.

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    1. “The Oklahoman” is probably not the best place for Trojan football analysis these days…

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  5. JUST IN:
    Too bad a UCLA player started SPITTING on an Arizona fan after their loss —it gives the impression that UCLA is a classless program.

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      1. Probably –but I’d love it if USC makes the game more competitive than the bruins did last night, Tim….


  6. WORKS FOR ME… real game readying practices,I think with the additions and hurt athletes returning,this team just may win Pac12 ,even beat ND…

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