Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of Week


NASCAR at the Coliseum

Around 55,000 showed up for the race and 70 percent had never previously purchased a NASCAR ticket per Ticketmaster. Reggie Bush and Drake London were there too.

Caleb Williams

The QB who shook-the-USC-world has an NIL deal with Beats by Dre. He said it happened before he transferred from Oklahoma but don’t forget Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine gave USC a $70 million gift in 2013.

USC men’s volleyball

The long moribund program is 8-2 under seventh-year coach Jeff Nygaard.

Lincoln Riley

The Oklahoma State student newspaper used Riley to troll Oklahoma when the teams met last weekend. The same Oklahoma State that supposed to be the “tough team” on USC’s schedule and is 11-11.



USC men’s basketball

Best start since Nineteen Seventy . . .

It’s OK, Pacific arrives at the Galen Center on Tuesday.

Donte Williams

He didn’t have the same swagger at the Signing Day press conference from back in the days when everyone worshipped him over his recruiting. Now he’s just another assistant but with a 3-7 record as interim coach.


Joel Klatt said USC is a darkhorse for the College Football Playoff. He must really think the Pac-12 will be awful next season.

Lindsay Gottleib

The wheels are officially off the women’s basketball season with six straight losses. No transformation of the program in Year 1.

59 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of Week

    1. Exactly. Some people see the world through rose-tinted glasses; some see it through their own personal agenda; and some see it the way it is. Which category is Scottie in?

      And don’t forget the winner of the Pac-12 is not necessarily going to be eligible for the “Final-4” because there are 5 conferences competing for that coveted 4-spots. Expansion from 4-teams to 8-teams will take care of that messy situation, but that is still in the future

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      1. But can he coach the secondary? There’s not much use in recruiting five stars if they still play like high schoolers in their junior year.

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    1. Agreed. Let’s remember the good times. Let’s remember Donte for getting the team super jacked up for UCLA at the Coliseum.

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      1. “Scott is in all three categories at once”

        Hey, MG, aren’t you a little too silly for this blog?– Come on, man, this is serious stuff here, and you’re always out of line.

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      2. Ha! Love it!
        [I was once asked if I was running for office out of ego …a personal vendetta …or an altruistic desire to do good. I honestly had to say “all three”].

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    1. Ed, it is not just LA Mayor Garcetti who needs to listen to you. It is also John the Blogger. Sir, you need an agent to help you manage your time with all the demands for your services that will be arriving soon.


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      1. That was federal money, 67. [Another place that kinda money went was to developers rehabbing buildings …who requested & received from HUD more than the full market value of the properties themselves….and then gave some back to the Clintons in the form of campaign contributions]….

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      1. Thank you for reminding us of Robert Armstrong’s moving 1933 tribute to the chained Ed on stage….


  1. We’ll know when the clock runs down to zero in the Utah game whether Joel Klatt belongs in the prognostication business…..

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  2. Klatt is right, the Pac 12 will be bad. It is every year, outside of one or two teams, and I doubt Oregon is going to be a heavyweight. It will come down to USC and Utah.

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    1. We’ll know if USC has a chance at the playoffs by the close of that game, 67.

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    2. Considering the other conferences I am not so sure the Pac is any weaker than say the ACC, Big10 or even a lot of the SEC. We have not had a couple of powerhouse teams like the others, but after the top two or three teams in each conference, they aren’t that much better.

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  3. You can’t out score every team. I see a couple losses without a proper defense. I should know as I majored in Woodwind Instruments at USC. Fight on!

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      1. Pete WAS a defensive guy –but something happened to recruiting… we ended up with some inadequate safeties and corners in 2005.
        Oh, yeah, the head recruiter’s name was…… Brennan Carroll…..

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      2. Who coached the LBs that year? I think that at least 3 of those guys played in the NFL. And they seemed confused that season. Now, they were young, but still.

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      3. Our linebackers were still fricking great that year —the strength of the defense —they just couldn’t cover for our overrated safeties [I won’t mention names]….


      4. True. They had a couple seniors —but they were mostly sophomores (Sedrick Ellis, Lawrence Jackson, Keith Rivers, Eric Wright —and Darnell Bing was a junior)…..

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    1. I wish SC had a Woodwind Instrument major when I was there It probably would have improved my grade point average.

      At Navy they give a prize out to the student with the lowest, but passing, GPA. If I had been there I would have been in the running. School’s structured learning was never my thing.

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  4. Loser; Coliseum grounds keepers. They have been laid off due to the field being plowed under and pavement being brought in for a field. The coliseum commission is looking for a suitable green paint for next football season, rather than plant grass there again.

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      1. Almost like Bernie beating Hillary in the ’16 primary (if not for the superdelegates).

        Sorry, i have no idea what this has to do with any of this, but there you have it.

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      2. It ALMOST makes you feel sorry for the democrat who wins the total popular vote in the primaries but loses the nomination due to the corrupt super delegate system – — Obama did it to Hillary and Hillary did it to Bernie —and Biden did it to everybody (under a slightly modified system)…


    1. Alex Grinch Scoring Defense Rank
      WSU 2015 74th (117th 2014)
      2016 50th
      2017 59th
      OSU 2018 52nd (15th 2017)
      OU 2019 64th (101st 2018)
      2020 29th
      2021 60th (USC 103rd 2021)

      Lincoln Riley Scoring Offense Rank
      2015 4th
      2016 3rd
      2017 3rd
      2018 1st
      2019 6th
      2020 6th
      2021 8th (USC 65th 2021)

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      1. The following isn’t gonna make everybody deliriously happy …but…if we have the 50th rated defense and the 3rd or 4th rated offense in the country next year, USC will be in the playoffs…

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      2. Of the 4 CFP teams in 2021-2022, each was Top 10 in at least 1 category and at least Top 20 in the other. It took Grinch 2 years to go from 101st to 29th.

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      3. It’s hard on defenses when offenses score fast. And run up big scores that take the pressure off having to play every down as though your lives depended on it. But, no matter how you cut it, if USC goes from 103rd in total defense to 50th (which translates into giving up about 7 fewer points a game) …AND… we score around 7 more per game, we’re gonna be VERY hard to beat in the Pac 12…

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      4. Going by 2021, what you’re describing would put USC #17 offensively (Michigan #16) and #53 defensively (they would need to allow 11.5 points fewer to be #20). But it could work.

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