NASCAR At Coliseum!

It wasn’t a sellout but the crowd was bigger than for a USC game last season.

And amount of positive publicity for NASCAR and the Coliseum was worth the hassle of building that $1 million track.

You also had the pit crews off Martin Luther King Blvd. across from the Honda dealership.

Who won? Does it matter? Only to Joey Logano.

22 thoughts on “NASCAR At Coliseum!

    1. Ed, we just need to get you into the mayor’s office so he can see your problem-solving skills firsthand. Once Garcetti sees your genius, he will kick himself it took so long to bring you on board. LOTS and LOTS of stuff Garcetti can turn you loose on.

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      1. ..and, when people get tired of dealing with Ed and never come back to City Hall [and move out of the City] their names will appear on the Mayor’s “Problem Solved List”…..

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    1. “Not so fast, young man.”– Sure, the Rams have the better team, but only if they don’t turn the ball over a couple of times. And this Burrow kid seems to have luck on his side.

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      1. The Super Bowl is going to be fixed for the Rams. As a gift to Kronke for bringing back the NFL to LA and dropping 5.4 billion on so fi Stadium. Not too hard to figure out.

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  1. Oh, and as far as fan violence at the game, I would gladly take on a 49er than a Bengal tiger, so I believe Cincy fans will get through the game unscathed.


      1. Well, with tickets starting at $5000 at Barry’s Tix, all the way up to $10,000 and beyond, this is not your usual game, and those prices will probably keep most thugs away anyway

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  2. What a farce! The whole floor of the coliseum paved under like a parking lot and reason given was auto racing of cars that can go 200 miles an hour? A real race would have been to put them on the 110 and send them to Pasadena via the freeway system during rush hour.
    However the real silver lining is the crew lining the pavement as a temporary parking lot for next weekend. With shuttles running people parking on the floor of the coliseum, they’ll make enough money to recoup the cost of tearing it all out and resoding.

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    1. Ghost of me,

      that reminds me, one time i was in Little Tokyo and drove up the Pasadena Fwy to Allen and Villa to drop off a friend of mine where he lived. It took us 13 minutes to go the distance. But it was at night time. Still not bad.


  3. I was there Saturday and Sunday. It was one of the most incredible sporting events I’ve ever seen. I think they should do it every year. I was so impressed with how they designed and set up the track. For everyone who thinks it wasn’t fun and awesome, I think they should have gone to find out for themselves. It was a great day of racing and those drivers have unbelievable skills. Big cajones too!

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