Is Lincoln Riley Changing His Attitude?

Oklahoma media have noted Lincoln Riley did not allow Caleb Williams to speak to reporters all last season but allowed Williams to go on Good Morning America yesterday.

Is Los Angeles changing Riley?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I suspect Riley sees it is too good for his program to not let Williams do media. And frankly, Good Morning America probably wouldn’t have called if he was transferring from USC to Oklahoma.

This is a byproduct of being in the nation’s No. 2 media market. This is part of what gives USC an advantage over most schools.

Riley is probably changing his attitude about the media. Let’s see if that applies to players besides Williams.

21 thoughts on “Is Lincoln Riley Changing His Attitude?

    1. Having heard Caleb field questions yesterday I get the feeling the more he’s out doing interviews the better it’s gonna be for USC. He’s a great spokesman for the university –honest, engaging and charismatic.
      Btw, Scott, there are rumors that after about 2 more months of the “new normal” in New York, Los Angeles will be the #1 media market in the country.

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  1. Ummmm, maybe it was because he was a freshman? Although, the way you try to frame it makes it sound like LR has gone Hollywood. Just like you scooter. #scottalwayswearssunglasses

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  2. I don’t think that there will be a problem. I think the players want to win. I think that there are still some team players even in these days who will put the team first. And for the ME FIRST players, the more SC wins, the more exposure these players will get. Like I said. I don’t think that his celebrity status will be a problem among the players.

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  3. Wolfie is slowing down, I don’t see any controversy in his statement.

    ‘Celeb’ has obviously matured since being an OU freshman, and he was very natural and at ease with his interview, and even laughed vigorously at a Michael Strahan joke.

    These SC footballers are in the limelight, and they all should be given some training and guidance in how to public speak– it is good for SC and it is good for their future.

    Now the idea of gagging ‘Without-a’Fault’ and ‘Bon-Bon would undoubtedly help SC’s football recruiting, but is it possible?

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  4. Some times you read what Wolf writes and you kind of shake your head and ask, Really? Of course I have been away for a while so it strikes me differently. I do get tired of the negative schtick sometimes, especially right now when we are coming out of such deep depths of despair. Don’t mess with my high Wolf, I am buzzing like Lightyear.

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    1. While other people are beginning to be bullish on USC again, for the first time since Swann upped the anti by giving Helton more time, Scott remains Bull sh*t on USC it’s his thing


  5. Excuse me just for a second yo’all. I was informed by a gentleman who no longer posts here that I might post this.
    Now I realize that FU and S(so named by mommy to allow him to remember his name) and a few head case 5* who think their stars, all by themselves, will take them to the next level may find this content too difficult to understand, I have faith that many here might appreciate it. If it doesn’t make your head explode. Some may even begin to grasp the content. BTW, Not all football players are dumb.

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    1. Please give Pudly a big hug, Cal 75…and ask him to come back when USC football doesn’t embarrass him (that would be sometime in early September)…..


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