Morning Buzz: Is USC-UCLA A Friendly Rivalry?

UCLA coach Mick Cronin has lost to USC on two buzzer-beaters in the past two seasons but said the rivalry is nothing like the Cincinnnati-Xavier rivalry he experienced at his previous job.

“It’s not like where I came from where there was no love lost with the Hatfields and McCoys and my days at Cincinnati,” Cronin said.

“(But) I’d like to not get beat at the buzzer.”

Here’s what Cronin was referring to:

  • I’ve tried to avoid the USC-Oklahoma fan wars on social media, but it looks like USC athletic dept. personnel are weighing in.

32 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Is USC-UCLA A Friendly Rivalry?

  1. Well, I’ve always been friendly!

    The comment threads on this blog used to be just about the gloomiest place on the internet, but these days the fans’ positive attitude is positively infectious!

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  2. I recall in 1987 going up to quarterback Rodney Peete before a sucla game and saying, “I hate ucla,” and he responded, “Why?– I don’t”

    Some of my best times have been at Pauley Pavilion where I have “led” cheers of “Bruins Suck” to nothing but bruin jeers.

    But it is all in fun. You cannot tell a Bruin from a Trojan if they were not wearing their respective colors. SC used to be put down as the rich school, but most sucla folks seem to be doing alright too.

    Still, it is a rivalry because each school at times has stood in the way of the other, preventing them from winning a championship.

    If sports excitement were measured from 1 to 10, the only 10s I ever reach are with sucla and neuter dame and sometimes the Rose Bowl if SC is in it. No other team does it for me, not even the Rams on Sunday.

    So on Saturday it will be Hallelujah, whereas on Sunday it will only be
    ‘big deal.’

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      1. Of course I will be rooting for my childhood team to a possible victory (the Rams) although I do not believe this is going to be easy against a very dangerous Cincy team. But I’d still prefer a win over sucla.


  3. I am sure Mick Cronin is not going to say he hates USC to give the other team more motivation. However, there is no question he has hated losing to USC 4 times, and will do everything possible to knock them off on Saturday. UCLA will come to Galen Center highly motivated the question is will Andy Enfield be able to get his team to match UCLA’s intensity. One thing for sure we must shoot at least 40% including from the 3 point line, and make our free throw to even have a chance on Saturday night.

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    1. Yeah…they haven’t reached #1 on the Hate-O-Meter quite yet — but they’re getting there….

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      1. I am glad oneway clarified his hate Oklahoma remarks because otherwise he would be missing out on some pretty fine women (as if every state doesn’t have desirable women)

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  4. Scooter,

    Cronin did not address the ugly spitter. How did he do with that?

    As far as hate goes, it is hatfield and the moccoys with me. Everytime I get paid i see the state tax that is taken out and I hate ugly for that. I hate ugly for their cheetin’ ways which ironically started with the greatest cheeter of all time, johnny cheetin’ wooden. If you need to hate, then just think of ugly, johnny cheetin’ wooden, paying taxes, and angela davis

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    1. PT, I don’t hate UCLA. I want to beat them as often as possible, in every sport possible. Having them as a direct rivals encourages USC to strive to be better. As far as your state taxes…with California politicians they would take your money the same with or without UCLA’s existence and give that $$$ to homeless, drug addicts, or illegal aliens. I can’t hate UCLA as too many of my friends and cousins have graduated from there (I guess that’s the reality of having 2 major universities in the same city). Furthermore, as far as the hate meter our rivalry is way more laidback than say Auburn-Alabama. No one in LA is killing trees on their rival’s campus.


      1. Calabasas,

        All my friends are ugly fans. They are wrong in who they cheer for. LOLOL. You are right the hate is not as bad at the mama -auburn rivalry. However, they have nothing else to do there but hate each other. LOLOL.

        It is the amount that they take out for the Political Crapness ideas that we pay for that pisses me off. I went to Cal Poly Pomona so the state and federal govt helped me. However, the students, teachers, and the empployees were/are decent hum beings. At ugly, you have the Politcal Crapness crowd along with the antifa to stir up trouble and waste money. I hate that.


  5. What’s USC’s take? $35!?


  6. FRED LYNN- Great baseball player. People forget he also played football at USC as a defensive back, and also started his USC baseball career as a pitcher until Rod switched him to the outfield so he could play everyday.

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