Friday Notes Column Supplement

On this day in 1966, USC forward John Block scored a USC-record 45 points vs. Washington.

He averaged 25.2 points per game at USC in 1966,. Block then averaged 20.2 points and 11.0 rebounds for the San Diego Rockets and was an all-star in 1973 for the Philadelphia 76ers

It’s good to see USC has tracked down Verne Ashby, who was just the second African-American basketball player in school history after Herman Hill in 1929.

The article doesn’t mention Coach Forrest Twogood and his history of not signing African-American players.

33 thoughts on “Friday Notes Column Supplement

  1. Never heard of Block. Great mention of he and Forrest Twogood by Scott Wolf. Yes, America has a history of racism including at USC. But much progress has been made and USC for many years now has had a very diverse and welcoming setting in downtown Los Angeles.

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      1. I like to compare the concepts of ‘racist’ vs bias. However we were born or raised we will probably become Christian, Jewish or Muslim. So this brain-washing by our parents will color how we look at other different folks. We are trained to be biased, to favor our “own kind” and to look at the “others” in a different light.

        Or observe at a construction site how the workers at noon lunch will gather with the Hispanics together and the black-folks together. Are they prejudiced or racist?– I say no, that people will gravitate to other people who are like they are– same color, religion, or ethnicity. Even the style of humor can be different (especially between men and women).

        So we are all biased. Whether this bias rises to being a racist is a matter of degree.

        Anyway, this is a sports blog, and so I wonder how is SC going to beat sucla when our best player Mobley has a broken nose? — Especially if he has to wear a face-guard. I bet the ‘Vegas odds take away 2-points from SC and make it an even game.

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    1. USC Gould, Rossier, and Dornsife promulgates pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist thinking. They would argue that it’s not anti-semitism. Carol Folt is a hapless order-taker.

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      1. Before my Uncle, Michael Musmanno, was Chief Supreme Court Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court he was a Judge at Nuremberg. He became a huge supporter of Israel –and was made Israel’s Man of the Year around 1957 or 58. As a kid I got so many letters from him extoling the virtues of Israel that I grew up thinking of Israel as the model state. Naturally by the time I was in law school I was too cool to side with Israel on every issue…. and I’d even find ways of arguing the other side no matter what Israel did. Now I’m back. I want to see this nation thrive. That doesn’t mean I don’t have sympathy for the Palestinians …but I now recognize that many of Israel’s critics within the present university system aren’t pro-Palestinian —they just have a fervent Death Wish for Israel.

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  2. hello sports fans, well the nfl wanted la in the stuperbowl with that stadium and all ! iam assuming they wont cheat for la to win the game?with that the cincinnati plus 4 points looks like it ! now back to walrus he wont win a super unless its fixed for him to do so hes a chart coach and stupid !!!!!!! regards , E

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  3. Scott: In terms of early black basketball players at USC let’s not forget the most talented one. 1ST ROUND DRAFT PICK-11th pick by the Lakers.

    This guy could really jump, and had a nice outside shot. Top 10 USC basketball player of all time. His number should be retired even though he only played at USC for two years.

    Does anyone appreciate today what was accomplished by USC forward Bill Hewitt? Hewitt played at USC from 1966-68. He was an All-American and All-Pac-8 player. Hewitt averaged 19.5 points in 1967 and 18.8 in 1968. He was the 11th pick of the NBA Draft in 1968 by the Lakers. This is why there needs to be something at the Galen Center that recognizes past players more than some wallpaper on a pillar in the lobby.

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  4. all ways tell missus ed that histry dont rekwire judjmint or opinyun,it just is what it is,so forest two good or too bad i dont care,he lived in a tyme and plaice we don’t so it aint the saim,onley a dum-mee think we r so purrfict in our beleafs that we wont be critisized fir what we think is normul,smdh

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    1. Indeed Eddie. The Pasadena public schools I attended in the 70s and 80s were a stewing cauldron of racism – heavy anti semitism and black/white/ Mexican/armenian racial fights were a constant. That reflected the conversation at the dinner table.


    2. This is so. If we are to be so righteous in our judgment of others, then judge them in the time they were living, not by today’s standards. It was only 150 years ago that much of this country believed owning black slaves was fine and ok

      SC is an underdog to sucla on our own court?– I hope our boys bring the attitude of
      “This is our house, and we especially don’t care for suclas in it!”

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      1. I think the teams are pretty evenly matched physically–but I’m hearing from my Westwood friends that this game means SO much to the bruin players…they’ve been thinking about this game all season….I’m afraid it means more to them….

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  5. Damn, MG, over the decades I have probably witnessed 1 SC win for every 6 SC losses to these Midget-Bears, and the odds are that tonight SC will not be able to shoot well enough to pull it off.

    But I have my ticket for tonight, and will brave getting the virus, because when SC beats sucla there is no greater sports excitement for me.

    You can have the Rams although of course I will be rooting for the home team, or do they still belong to St. Louis in spirit?

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  6. Floating around Facebook is a picture of the L. A. Rams (I) fearsome foursome. I recognized three of them as having been in movies and TV and looked up the fourth player out of sheer curiosity. Together they prove another perk of having an L. A. Pro football team. Even having two college teams doesn’t hurt. That Marion Morrison fellow from USC made a few movies and a Ucla quarterback has been around on TV for awhile for NCIS.

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  7. If we start getting blown out today (which I don’t expect –but anything’s possible, right?), I hope we call a timeout, pretend to administer covid tests, say the team came up positive …and get the game cancelled…

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