Saturday Buzz: USC Will Always Get Skill Players

USC will never have a problem getting skill players.

Cedric Baxter, a four-star tailback from Orlando, Fla., with 45 offers is going to visit USC on March 5.

  • USC is asking fans to wear cardinal to tonight’s game at the Galen Center.
  • This sorta reminds one of a Duke game:
  • Rick Caruso has officially entered the race for Mayor of Los Angeles.

What is his base? Millionaires? I know two people who support him: Carol Folt and Mike Bohn. Neither lives in Los Angeles.

39 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: USC Will Always Get Skill Players

    1. I don’t know much about Caruso as a politician. But he says he wants to address out of control crime, homelessness, and corruption in Los Angeles. That statement alone separates him from out current mayor, governor, city counsel and DA who have no interest in these issues but instead back no bail, no enforcement of trespass, drug, or property laws, take a knee to BLM and Antifa, do nothing to improve public education, and are part of the system of corruption that has plagued LA for decades.

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      1. I actually like Caruso …but … his statements about BLM after George Floyd’s murder look a little naive now….


      2. The Lincoln Riley press conference is the most I’ve ever heard Caruso speak. Doesn’t seem to be all that charismatic!?


      3. Caruso held a big fundraiser for current Los Angeles DA George Gascon. His family donated of money to Gascon’s campaign. That is a non-starter for me. Caruso won’t get my vote!


  1. Caruso will not get my vote……the good news hopefully he will no longer be involved with USC or as much if he wins. His plastic surgeon needs to give him a tune up before he hits the campaign trail.


    1. I knew he has won people over by pouring resources into football but I don’t have it in me to forgive him for hiring Carol Folt. I am wondering if the administration still wants him on the BOT. He is triggering the students with talk of prosecuting criminals and clearing the homeless. They’re running out of crayons for the woksters who have to visit the safe rooms after listening to him. Okay, enough snark for tonight.


  2. Not optimistic about tonight’s basketball game vs. UCLA. Midget Mick will stack his defense inside to slow down SC who cannot shoot from the outside. Only way we have a chance to keep it close is to shoot over 40% from the outside.

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    1. Ed,
      “If you dream a thing more than once it’s sure to come true..”
      —Cinderella [speaking to a cute little bluebird]


      1. The blog “decided” to place my reply above your comment…


    2. If Caruso is not fit to be mayor, then who should we support? He is a wildly successful businessman who has the money necessary to compete with the George Soros backed democratic candidates. He may not be perfect but I will settle for any “electable” candidate who seriously addresses the crime, homelessness, drug, and corruption problems in LA or at this point even has the guts to say that he will address them.


      1. Caruso IS fit to be Mayor. And if he decides to play it straight & tough [instead of playing ‘let’s split the difference’], he might BE Mayor.


  3. “USC sent Allen and Rick Caruso to personally court Lincoln Riley” … does this mean Allen and Caruso were camped out some Holiday Inn in Norman meeting with Riley that Sunday LR took the job!? If yes, I would compare the precision here to Operation Vengeance where the USAAC flew 600 miles to take out Yamamoto at Bougainville. WHOMP there it is!

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    1. I do not and will not miss the Village Idiot. He didn’t even try to get better as a coach. The motivation was never in him to go visit Dabo or Saban and spend a week or two over the spring to see how they coach their teams (something that Cristobal did several times at Alabama). One of the Village Idiot’s biggest “crimes” was talking too much. This always resulted in over-promising and of course his teams always under-performed (except the Rose Bowl year where Darnold was the miracle worker). It was the real anger of loyal Trojan fans on this blog and on other blogs who stayed away from the Coliseum and withheld their financial contributions that finally compelled the Administration to act after YEARS of under-performance on the field.

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  4. Just tell Caruso to HOLD HIS BREATH while campaigning. Seems to work for the current jerkoff. We in CA have been and continue to be doomed. What a mess.

    Flow! Throw your hat into the ring!

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  5. I know Rick. He’s a great guy, not just a good guy but a genuine great guy. He’s done a lot of good for SC because he really cares about our university. He is very smart and he works really hard on things and puts in a lot of hours. It didn’t surprise me a bit that he was an emissary to woo Riley. Los Angeles is a really screwed up city. The crime is crazy and the public schools are horrible. I don’t know if anyone can fix it, but if Rick doesn’t succeed it won’t be for lack of heart or effort

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  6. Riley isnt dumb, he knows he will need the big guys. He has hired some good position coaches to go after those big guys. Now they just need to do the recruiting. Having top skill guys will only help to sell USC to the guys on the line.

    Give it a little time. Rome wasnt built in a day. I personally think USC will compete to be the top recruiting class in 2023. There will be more transfers of talent into the program now that Caleb is here. Between the transfers and high school recruits, USC is going to have a roster capable of dominating the Pac-12 every year, and a coach who is no fool.

    The only thing that could change the trajectory of USC is if Dave Aranda took over a Pac-12 team, and I just dont see that happening soon. Aranda at UCLA would be tough, not sure he would want the job at any other program. Oregon and Washington are locked in to coaches for a while. Whittingham might retire, but Aranda wouldnt take that job. We are just lucky that UCLA has extended the contract for Chip.


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