Alert: Bill Walton At USC-UCLA Game

Bill Walton and Dave Pasch will be doing tonight’s USC-UCLA game at the Galen Center. That makes it worth watching in itself.

41 thoughts on “Alert: Bill Walton At USC-UCLA Game

    1. Walton was famous for being a maverick & accidentally “missing” team meetings and meals —maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll decide to “miss” doing the game…..

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  1. The Big Readhead’s best quote was on the ncaa violations that went on under Cheatin Johnnie Wooden (never heard that moniker until I came here and got it from Pasadena):

    “ucla should have lost 10 natties and been on probation for about 100 years”

    This might be his second best quote:

    Bill: “John Stockton is one of the true marvels, not just of basketball, or in America, but in the history of Western Civilization!”

    Play-by-Play guy: “Wow, that’s a pretty strong statement. I guess I don’t have a good handle on world history like you do.”

    Bill: “Well Tom, that’s because you didn’t go to UCLA.”

    What will be Bill’s drug of choice tonight? Peyote? Mushrooms? Mescaline? Maybe a smorgasborg?

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    1. Careful, Cal75 — we could might possibly be getting an appearance by a certain uclan later…if evil temporarily triumphs over good….

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      1. He hasn’t been here much at all. Disappeared when the brubabies lost to every school in AZ. Trojans hanging in without Mobley, though I can’t say either team looks like sweet 16 material tonight.

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  2. I didn’t think USC was going to win this one even if he played. The first 2 months of the season USC would’ve slaughtered UCLA. Now, not so much. #ThanksEnfield


  3. I enjoy Walton’s rambling. He makes even the dullest game interesting.

    However, someone who forgets the subject matter of a conversation, or who he is and the position he holds is best left as a color commentator for NCAA basketball. He should not be elected President of the United States.

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      1. Michael, maybe it is just me, but I think Mr. Mushroom-Peyote would be better than what we have now.


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  4. Boogie Ellis- we need you please get hot in the 2nd half the Bruins are jamming up the paint. We need some outside shooting to stay in this game in the 2nd half.

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    1. Reverse jinxing is a very real thing. It’s happening every day. [Actually, several times a day]…..


  5. The brubabies are toddlers. Owns, don’t sink into that diet Dr. Pepper stupor. Andy always wins when it comes to Westwood, you should know that by now. Heck of a game by Petersen. He is impossible to defend by another backcourt player, assuming he can make the jump shot. Mickey Cronin goes down again. The curse of Sam Gilbert. Karma is indeed a bitch.

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  6. All right where is OWNS- that says USC basketball is playing a cupcake schedule. Yup we just be a cupcake team that wears powder blue.. for the 5th straight time WITHOUT OUR TOP PLAYER!!!! IS THIS NOW A USC BASKETBALL TOWN ALSO………….5 WINS IN A ROW IS THE PROOF NOW IN THE PUDDING.

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  7. THANK YOU ENFIELD! What a gutty performance without Issiah Mobley.
    Reece Waters Dixon is going to be a great player, and should be starting.
    We got out rebounded, and shot fairly well, but it was the will to win which brought this one home. Great defense on Johnny Juzang the entire game also as we matched up well to the UCLA intensity. The Midget coach at UCLA must be furious he lost for the 5th straight time to the Trojans.

    21-4 This is a good team……forget the easy schedule. We beat UCLA tonight, and we should have beat Arizona on the road but let up in the end. The Pac 12 is a good conference this year. If we can get some outside shooting from Reece Waters Dixon, and Hornery it will open up the paint, and we can do some damage in the tourney.

    OWNS- WE ARE ALL LOOKING FOR YOU TONIGHT!!!! The rent is due on the Rose Bowl, and UCLA basketball can no longer pay the rent for the football program. USC Basketball has arrived this time there is no Sam Gilbert to bail out the Bruin athletic program.

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    1. Good observations, tommyd — but — I think blowing the Arizona game at the end turned out to be THE learning experience that kept us fighting down the stretch today….. the Arizona let-up taught us how to finish…

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      1. Those Westwood loan sharks can be brutal….

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  8. Reece Waters Dixon is a star in the making. He needs to play more minutes to open up the paint inside with his outside shooting. Might be a secret weapon for the remainder of the season his shooting stroke has very few flaws.

    We need to keep Enfield. I hear we have another talented 7 footer about ready to sign along with another guard to compliment our top 10 class coming in already for next year.. Enfield must be taken care of to keep this program on it’s strong upward curve.

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    1. IF Enfield keeps this up thru March, I’ll agree with you..


  9. I don’t really enjoy much of anything Walton states, he is just way to arrogant for me. I guess he thinks he is gods gift to the world on basketball.


  10. Scooter,

    My friend doesnt care for Walton. However I do. I like his presentation and he is a fair and obejctive announcer. I have spoken to him a couple of times and he will talk to you. Nice guy. I tired listening the USC station and they are 30 seconds behind the game and the ugly broadcast was 15 seconds ahead of the tv. I listedn to both stations after the game. Ruin station had the whiners


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