USC Wins Fifth Straight Over UCLA

Mick Cronin might be a great coach and loved by the media but he is 0-5 vs. USC after Saturday night’s 67-64 loss to the Trojans.

Cronin couldn’t even beat USC without Isaiah Mobley, who was a late scratch. It didn’t matter as Drew Peterson scored a career-high 27.

It’s the Trojans’ first five-game winning streak since 1943.

As for Cronin, he gets another chance next month at Pauley Pavilion. Remember when UCLA was ranked No. 2 in the nation?

52 thoughts on “USC Wins Fifth Straight Over UCLA

    1. It was made to me in regards to something about how mom jokes aren’t kosher here. I didn’t really get to blowback. I mean, we all know Pudly’s relationship with his mom isn’t one that’s generally considered traditional. The ass-less chaps and the ball gag thing was the red flag.


    1. Ed. G speaks for me too, although my life still might have had a little bit of purpose left if SC had lost, but perhaps not. Ed is seldom wrong.

      The SC students needed no prodding or a cheerleader last night as they brought their A-game and displayed how a raucous basketball crowd can make a difference. I don’t believe the Trojans would have pulled that one off without the backing of their fans.

      But it was frustrating having a 30% shooting sucla team stay in the game with rebound after rebound. Mobley would have made a difference there, and SC will have him back for the rematch at Pauley, aiding the Trojans in their quest for 6 in a row

      And good for Peterson, after his tragic shooting at Arizona, he was the man last night. But come on, Troy, to almost throw the game away at the very end, now that would have been a true tragedy at a Shakespearian level.

      Just throw the ball past midcourt and ‘game over!’

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      1. California Assembly Bill 1111, is hereby introduced as follows:

        “In addition to teaching the contributions and methods of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates, this Bill mandates that the 21st century philosopher Ed G. be given the same level of prominence in the curriculum. The pilot program will be run at that state university which is costing the taxpayers about half a trillion in lawsuits.”

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      2. Late Breaking Bulletin From UCLA:
        “Although Ed G’s busy schedule prevents him from being able to teach this revolutionary class personally, Ed’s Assistant, Adam Sandler, has agreed to launch our pilot program…. and has graciously offered to pay for the desks, tablets and pencils required. Due, however, to the lack of safe housing at UCLA, the class will be housed at the site of the ancient Council Of Nicea —which will require rebuilding the city with state funds….and instructing in ancient Latin.”

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    1. Good on Scott —he did something he’s never done before — allowed himself to “shake hands” with someone he fairly obviously despises….

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  1. I hate to pile on but UCLA also lost women’s softball yesterday. Has anyone seen Own’s this could be the the end. Next time at Pauley we are going to sit are whole starting line up to give little Micky a chance.

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  2. One more word(s) about the SC student section last night. Many of them (most of them?) probably had never been to an SC basketball game before.– Well, they found out how exciting a big-time game can be, and I bet they never forget it.– So hopefully they come back for more.

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    1. Very nice point. That’s another reason it was important we win. It would have been such a downer for those first timers if we blew it at the end….

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      1. All-time game for Petersen, 27 points, 12 boards, 4 assists. I can’t remember how many blocks he had, but USC team blocks were 10. Ouch!

        10 rejections of the baby bruins! What was that great coach Mick Cronin doing, not telling his team to shoot the jumper?

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      2. A leaked video of Cronin at halftime shows him telling his team, “I’m amending the goals I set out for us at the beginning of the season— our only goal now is to stop USC from getting SIX in a row.”

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      3. Amen, brother, and so true

        It is always, “Well, I hear you played great, but did you win?
        Oh, you lost– well then don’t pucker up, you’ll get them next time

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    1. The curse of Wooden letting organized crime buy his way to victory. What goes around comes around. I hadn’t realized the series record since that time. Maybe bruins should stick to what they do well. Gymnastics, soccer, water polo.


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      1. Could not agree more, at least with the “silly football game today” part.

        This is one of the best days to take a day trip. I once drove from Big Sur to L.A. with hardly a car on the road.

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      2. Sam Shepherd told a San Francisco Chronicle reporter that he used to like taking a drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco on Super Bowl Sunday. The reporter said, “gee, I don’t know if I’d like that.” Shepherd responded, “..then you shouldn’t do it.”

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  3. That’s right, MG! Or as Johnny Carson used to say about laughing, after an audience’s ambivalent reaction to a joke:
    “Don’t– if you’re not sure”

    OK, I will give you a 1-Cent (downgraded from 2-cents) capsulation of the Super Bowl– Rams win 27-13
    Tiger’s Burrow will furrow his way to a few scores, but not enough to win. He is good and lucky, but today his luck runs out.
    Ram’s Stafford will throw an interception, but it won’t matter with that stout Rams’ defense.
    Oh, and the Rams want it more than the Tigers. Not that Cincinnati will not be motivated, but Cincy won’t match the Rams’ emotions and intensity.

    (P.S. Aren’t you glad this information comes free!)

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  4. Scooter and Just Rent,


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    1. I miss my friend Owns –but I shoulda seen this coming. Owns posted a message on Gettr saying, “I see UCLA entering a dark age — an age in which they’ll routinely abase themselves so terribly in every sport they’ll be asked to leave the UC system so as not to embarrass UC Riverside’s Athletic program….”

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  5. All right ladies, calm down. What do think this is, a sorority house? Want you up at 400 hours for a 25 mile hike with a 80 pound pack. Will run ya till you are puking out your guts. That’s all. Dismissed.

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