USC Still Needs Social Media Help

I was originally going to write about how USC claims Al Davis and Joe Gibbs as its members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Davis was an assistant coach from 1957-59 while Gibbs was an assistant from 1969-70.

But the real problem of this graphic is they couldn’t even spell Willie Wood correctly.

All those support staff hires by Coach Bohn and still can’t spell Willie Wood right.

He is only a 9-time All-Pro and member of the NFL team of the decade for the 1960’s. And winner of five NFL titles (including two Super Bowls).

50 thoughts on “USC Still Needs Social Media Help

    1. That’s right, except if you are Ed, then everything is on the table– the use of pronouns instead of nouns, adjectives used as verbs, and adverbs entirely missing.

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      1. ..Ed is following in the footsteps of the great J. P. Donleavy …..

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      1. This comment was directed to MG’s ranting and raving about misspelled words.

        Geez, it is getting tougher and tougher to get a comment in that is germane to the subject.

        Anything we can do about proper spacing, Wolf?

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    1. Close enough, Ed. We all love you no matter what.

      By the way, would it not be a gut-buster if it turned out that our Ed. G is actually an English teacher in a local college?–

      With how covert some of the posters are here it would not be shocking, but some are true to form.

      The exception is Michelle Gospino (I may have butchered his name), he is who he is because he cannot be anything other than who he is.

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      1. That reminds me of a Mark Twain put-down. Asked what he thought of some writer’s writing ability, Twain remarked sarcastically, “Well, his writing style
        is of rural back-country Louisiana grade.”

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  1. It sounds like SW is a little upset because his ‘Ed impersonation’ did not get the laughs he was hoping for when he wrote Carrot instead of Carroll. He got no laughs at his joke and only got laughed at.

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  2. Scottie, you are right. “Willi”. Typo, obviously, how many Willies are spelled Willi? Where are all those quality control analysts when you need them.

    But if this is the biggest problem with USC athletics has now, then this is clearly a First world problem. With a capital F.

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    1. trojan1967,

      I see it this way, it is a lack of respect for the history of USC football and for it’s players. The people who wrote the mistake do not know who he is, what he did for USC, for the Green Bay Packers, for Vince Lombardi, and for football. They should have double and tripled check the spelling to make sure that it was correct. I see it as a slap in the face.

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      1. Besides the people that wrote the it were too lazy to make sure and unprofessional about doing their job.

        I get my last name misspelled a lot and when people ask me if I am that person with the incorrect misspelling and depending on the situation, I will say no I am not that person. Then they will ask me who I am and then I inform them that with the misspelling I am not that person but i give them my correct spelling.

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      2. PT, agree completely, there is a tradition and heritage that is being eroded with these types of inexcusable errors. There is no reason for it. Proofreading is simple.


  3. And speaking of incorrectly spelling Willie, sometimes it is spelled Willy, and the fact that SC was not that popular until the 1962 National Championship, it may not have been a grave error to misspell the man’s name. He was not famous at SC as the Trojans trudged their way through the 1950s, but he was a ball-hawk as a Packers’ cornerman

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  4. I mispell shit and use incorrect wording all the time on here because there’s no edit function. USC social media can edit, but they still get it wrong. Plus it’s their job.

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      1. I can see that stressful times have returned to the wolfman’s blog. I happily passed the baton to PasadenaTrojan as the next generation spiel checker but it appears he needs to be terminated.

        It’s a tough job that requires patience and at least one upper division English class. I’ve seen Guarino’s English. He’s out.

        John the lawyer, would you mind whipping these people into shape?

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      2. Playful MG repeating Charles’ words as if they were his own,
        reminds me of a gag by comic Dudley Moore:

        “Hey, guys, did you hear the one about the lawyer who went to heaven?- Ha ha ha, no lawyer goes to heaven.”
        “Say, I got another good one– did you hear about the lawyer who went to heaven…..Oh, you’ve already heard that one, huh.”

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  5. I don’t know shit about Parks and Rampart. I did watch Training Day again before the Super Bowl. Great Movie which included Snoop Dog and Dr Dre.

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    1. Each of our past presidents — including Max(!)—- is worth a dozen Carols.

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  6. OWNS– PLEASE COME OUT FROM HIDING. There is more to life than UCLA athletics. Your athletic program is going down the tubes, and we miss your creative thinking when it comes to USC athletics. Things are now so dominant on our side we are actually beginning to feel sorry for you. Have you finally thrown out the white flag without telling anyone?

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    1. It’s come to this, tommyd?


  7. I am convinced Scott commits intentional spelling and grammar mistakes to generate ridicule – which is pure genius, because he’s kept us spellbound for 2 decades

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  8. CAL75,

    Sometimes I don’t proof read what I write and i let it go. However, when I write for my job, i look at each individual word to make sure it is spelled properly. I don’t use spell check because I am better than that. However, once in awhile I will. Sometimes on the board I won’t or don’t care or I purposely do that. But in real life, I make sure spelling and writing are correct before I send it out to be looked at by anothe pair of eyes. Thank you Cal75

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