If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

After weeks of roster overhaul, a familiar subject cropped up this week when it comes to USC football.

  • I’ve spoken to some coaches inside the McKay Center and there’s still a feeling of apprehension about the offensive line, which the coaching staff intends to put under the microscope during spring practice.
  • If they have a rough spring, you could efforts to find another transfer. Remember last week, Lincoln Riley mentioned the offensive line as an area he was excited about
  • Ever since USC hired Riley, it’s been said the money Riley is being paid ($90-$100 million) demonstrates how serious the university is about winning football games.

But I’ve heard that Riley is being paid with money donated by the late mega-booster Wayne Hughes.

  • TCU defensive end Ochaun Mathis, who is in the transfer portal, announced a top five of USC, Texas, Mississippi, Nebraska and Penn State.
  • I’m perfectly fine not knowing the latest endorsement deals for Caleb Williams.
  • I hear UCLA approached former USC assistant coach Ken Norton for its defensive coordinator’s position but he was not interested. Norton never seemed to be interested in coaching at UCLA whenever he’s been approached. Maybe he doesn’t want to be held accountable by UCLA fans?
  • Do USC fans really enjoy these 8:30 p.m. tipoffs like Thursday night vs. Washington? Especially when it is only on the Pac-12 Network?
  • Who is more likely to finish last in the Pac-12 South next season: Arizona State or Colorado?
  • Former USC tight ends coach Seth Doege has been hired as an analyst at Mississippi.
  • Thursday was the birthday of the late USC baseball legend Rod Dedeaux, who was born in 1914.
  • In a 1959 interview, Dedeaux, who won 11 NCAA titles, discussed what made USC teams great?

Q: Of all the traits that have made SC’s teams great, which one would you say is No. 1 with respect to giving us victories? Inspiration? Ability? Coaching?

A: The shirt with the name ‘Trojans’ on it is responsible for SC’s athletic success. I don’t care what sport it is — baseball, football, basketball every athlete that wears a Trojan uniform knows he is representing a great institution. There is no greater athletic heritage than here with the Trojans. It is this heritage that makes a Trojan.”

USC baseball coach Rod Dedeaux with Texas A&M coach Tom Chandler at the dedication for the Aggies’ new baseball stadium in 1978. USC played the first game at the stadium.
  • Did this crowd really happen last season?
  • USC won the annual Pac-12 Zero Waste Challenge where universities, athletics departments and sustainability offices collectively compete to stage a zero-waste home game. USC was selected as the overall winner of the challenge for the 2021 football season by a three-judge panel that included Bill Walton.
  • Former USC basketball player O.J. Mayo is currently playing for BC UNICS, a pro team in Kazan, Russia. Kazan is the fifth-largest city in Russia.

Here is Mayo hitting the game-winning shot in triple OT vs. CSKA Moscow last week.



And now for some history:

  • Last week I wrote about John Block, who should be in the USC Hall of Fame but is not despite averaging 20.3 points per game in 1966.
  • I will always list Clint Chapman (35) as an underrated USC player too. In 1972-73, Chapman averaged 15.2 points and 8.4 rebounds. Isaiah Mobley currently leads USC at 14.6 points per game.

Chapman’s 1972-73 season included 19 points and 16 rebounds against Washington State; 27 points vs. Washington and a pair of 26-point performances (Stanford, Hawaii). He also had 18 points and 17 points in two games against 30-0 UCLA, which was led by Bill Walton.

  • Do you know what event is taking place in the above picture? Answer is at the bottom.
Look at all the open space around Exposition Park and the Coliseum during construction of the stadium in 1922.

This is a good 1951 photo to show where the old Bovard Field used to be located. It was next to the historic P.E. Building, which still stands at USC.

The Annenberg School for Communication currently sits right where the baseball field was located. Bing Theatre and the Norris Cinema are also located where the field once stood along with other buildings where the football field was.

The small field across from the baseball field is where Heritage Hall was built.

Jefferson Blvd. is the big street at the bottom of the photo.

This photo is of the landmark Biltmore Hotel in downtown L.A. before it opened in 1923. The USC football team used to stay in the Biltmore the night before home games and often held its football banquets at the historic hotel until the early 2000’s.

This is from comedian Georgia Carlin’s first HBO special, which was recorded at USC’s Bovard Auditorium in 1977.

Before one segment, HBO had the following message:


76 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. The HBO George Carlin “Warning” should be placed atop every page of InsideUSC….
    P. S.
    Thank you, Scott. The place a lot of us remember as USC comes alive again once a week in this column. It’s very nice of you to invite us back to visit.

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  2. The trait that is inherent in all of USC’s great teams is “Swagger”, which is built on tradition, ability, and coaching. Ever notice there was no swagger during the Helton years? When they have the swagger they know how to find a way to win, or come darn close.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. According to the latest Gallup survey it’s harder for teams to exhibit swagger when their coach does videos of himself wearing an apron and cleaning up for his wife in the kitchen….

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      1. Particularly when that player threw for over 500 yards.

        The game ball was almost as big as Carol. She needed two hands to carry it.

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    2. USC had fake swagger during the Helton years. Remember that embarrassing spectacle before the 52-6 Bama debacle? All the posing … that in-game D posing for the picture against Colorado in 2018. If you’re going to talk shit, you better be able to back it up (and not against some weak sister like CU). Talk the talk, walk the walk. Otherwise GTFOutta here!

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  3. seams like if justtin troodoh wunts himself a truk he shuold ask his missus ed to by him a truk for his birfday insted of takeing truks that aint his,smdh

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      1. Frederick’s of Hollywood?! I guess we see a pair of pink crotchless underwear in a certain Prime Minister’s future….

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      1. I suspect at least one of #JustinCastro’s siblings was fathered by #RonWood. #PierreTrudeau shooting blanks, but through this trickery and media manipulation, stayed PM for 16 years.

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  4. Scottie, what was the score of the hoops game last night? USC at 22-4.

    Chavez Goodwin with 24 points. Not much from Ellis. If this team can come together, they will be dangerous, but concerns about their inconsistency from game to game.

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    1. The biggest problem seems to be occasionally letting up a bit or losing gas in the second half —something they thankfully didn’t do in the UCLA game….

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      1. Glad that Isiah White seems to be coming back, as is Mobley after the broken nose. Defense seems to be consistently good, but some of the half court offensive sets seem less than sharp…

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      2. Jay Bilas on USC:

        “The Trojans are 3-1 versus Quad 1 teams and 5-2 versus Quad 2 teams. The win over UCLA was impressive. Isaiah Mobley was unavailable, and Rice transfer Drew Peterson torched the Bruins for 27 points, 12 rebounds and 5 blocks in a virtuoso performance against a crosstown rival. Is USC as good as last year? No. Is USC capable of beating just about anyone? Yes.”

        Sounds about right (though Bilas has ucla as ranked 8th…SMDH.

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      3. I’ll tell ya one [completely unprovable] thing, 67 —I don’t think this year’s team would fold the way last year’s team did against Gonzaga…

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  5. Well, the next time I want to win a game at the basketball playgrounds I will simply don an SC shirt and watch everyone fade away…

    Riley worked SC for $90 to $100 million?– I thought it was $10 mil for 4-years. If this is true I am returning to his nickname of Wiley Riley…

    If you want to see how craftsman cared about their work back in the early 1900s take a visit to the Biltmore…

    See, Russians can get excited too as evidenced by that Ruskie announcer…

    Finally, Scottie writes “If they (SC’s offensive line) have a rough spring,
    you could efforts to find another transfer.”–
    Our Ed may own the throne of difficult to understand English, but Scott is not far behind.

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      1. Crazy system here. You never know where your replies will lie. For example, Owns might write that SC stinks, whereas MG would write that SC basketball is on the rise. I wish to reply to MG, but instead it ends up in the Owns column. “Yessirree, I am with you all the way.”

        Oh well, there are worse things in life, and besides today is not a day to moan and groan, so Happy Lincoln and Washington
        birthdays’ holiday to you all!

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    1. The Biltmore has or had unusual plugs for their sound system in the 70s. My dad was sent there by the CSU chancellor’s office to record the meeting of the CSU presidents once. They built in sound equipment but used twist-lock 220v plugs. When the building maintenance people came to help set it up they brought adapters for those plugs. They unfortunately tied into a live 220v circuit on the opposite side of the pillar and fried the equipment pugged into their adapters. Great building though.

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    1. Scott would hate to hear this …but…he’s actually our link to more than USC’s Golden Age… but to L. A.’s as well….

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  6. Where the hell is OWNS! ?????????????????????????????????????????? No luck finding him in the obituaries so perhaps like most Bruin fans they go into hiding at the local temple when things are not going well in Westwood which as of late is quite often.


    1. Owns once commented that he had a “low tolerance for embarrassing USC behavior.” In that connection it should be noted he left the SAME day as Mike Bohn asked whether Lincoln Riley was “fun or what?!”
      Draw your own conclusions…


      1. #MyGuess:OwnsWon’tBeAbleToResistAReturnIn2024…

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  7. Even with all that open space around the Coliseum in 1922 you know that the neighbors would have still charged an arm and a leg to park your Ford Model T.



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      1. Probably —I can’t say for sure, though…

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  8. You had me scared there for a minute, MG, I thought you were talking about you being 100, but if we make a 100 I imagine some of our quips are going to look even more lame than they do today.

    Is that possible?

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    1. No coach has a sweet contract like that pasadenatrojan. Perhaps that was figuring in the cost of all Riles’ assistants and perks, but even that would not equal $90 million, so that is an error, not that Scott ever makes them, mind you.

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  9. Say Marvienna, I had to look it up and a dollar in 1922 was worth nearly $17 in today’s market. So yeah, I bet SC was charging a buck to park and ripping off our poor grandfathers.

    Who said in the movies, “You doity rats you.”

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  10. The Oline is still garbage and will get Caleb hurt. Here’s to hoping that 5 star kid from Seattle doesn’t commit to USC.

    P.S. Defense will still suck too!


  11. Scott, I hear the Kazan Times is looking for a new beat writer. You would be responsible for basketball and gorodki tournaments. Pay is low, but plenty of vodka.


  12. Wow, OJ Mayo ripping it up in Mother Russia instead of the NBA.

    I have to think that his contribution to the “Lack of institutional control/NCAA death penalty” for USC just wasn’t worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good article, Charles, keep them coming

      And apparently Bon-Bon was more involved in the coaching search than he was given credit for. Of course, if Oklahoma had been part of the Final-4 I don’t know where SC was going to go in their coaching search.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. Early Saturday morning, not much going on. I do recall Ronnie Reagan exclaiming that he did not want to retire, because Saturdays would never be the same again. Saturday is special, maybe even better than Sunday, because then you have only one-day until you have to return to WORK!

    Anyway, the SC world is looking pretty good. Wiley Riley (he deserves that moniker if he indeed worked SC for 100-million) has brought the Good Ship Lollipop home again, the basketball team has put together a couple of good seasons together,
    and the sucla slugs have slithered off into the sunset.

    What’s not to like!

    P.S. I have to be more careful what I scribble here because our Charles R. Smith is monitoring me


    1. The Portal only got really going this past year, and something like 17% of eligible college footballers have used it. Before the Portal kids were pretty much stuck with their first choice college. But that is not true anymore.

      So Wiley Riley has benefited, but did he personally mine the Oklahoma football riches, or did these kids voluntarily leave OU for SC?– ‘Celeb’ and his father apparently were quite busy in determining which school he would go to, so Celeb going to SC was never a given. And apparently Riles stayed out of any participation with Celeb, and did not interfere or influence the kid.

      And the star receiver Williams made his choice quickly, and again apparently void of any Riles’ influence. And some of the other Sooners liked what they saw in SC and have made the plunge.

      So is this on Riley?– One can argue most anything, and the Sooners’ nation is still beside themselves over Riles, and their emotions are affecting their ability to be objective. I feel for them as I had similar emotions with the exodus from L.A. by the Raiders and Rams.

      But much of life is business, and business often has no moral compass.


    2. USC has DC Alex Grinch and 2 other former OU D assistants. Just speculation, but I think there will be more OU transfers after spring practice especially on D side.


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