Saturday Notes: USC A No. 7 Seed In NCAA Tournament

I’ve been writing about Andy Enfield’s strained relationship with Mike Bohn since the end of last season.

Enfield was asked about his relationship after the USC-Washington game.

“Mike’s been a terrific supporter of our program. His big initiative was to get people in the seats and I think our marketing team has done an amazing job,” Enfield said.

  • Jerry Palm has USC has a No. 7-seed in the NCAA Tournament, facing Loyola of Chicago (20-5). If USC won, it would play No. 2 seed Kentucky.

You can be 22-4 but if you don’t play anyone, you’re a No. 7 seed.

  • The Pac-12 is always a loser when the College Football Playoff delays expansion. Because the Pac-12 is not good enough for a four-team playoff.

43 thoughts on “Saturday Notes: USC A No. 7 Seed In NCAA Tournament

  1. Translation:
    USC basketball is a joke…
    USC football is a joke…
    …The Pac 12 itself is a joke….
    …Scott has thrown the gauntlet down …

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      1. Yes MG I’m swamped.
        Boil it down to the boy/girl theory. Nobody wants what is easy to get.
        Translation: make CFB and MBB come to the west coast when the weather is nastiest in the snow belt. Give them(teams) an opportunity to get out of their little inbred towns. Have the PAC 12 commissioner schedule back to back out of conference games for teams that want sun/fun. We don’t go there, they come here. If a 10day road trip is too much, let them drive in the snow and freezing rain back east. The West coast is much friendlier to visit than South Bend or E. Bumfuck. We can show them things that 18-20 yr olds from little isolated communities cannot imagine experiencing. Crime/homelessness not included.
        Teams come to L.A. play SC & ucLOL in Jan MBB. Nov/Dec for football in L.A. or the Bay Area.
        Make coming to the Calif schools for 2 games a fun experience. If you do it right, Boston College will be happy to leave in Nov. Leave the SEC to their self important selves.
        Texas will be happy to play baseball in the spring in Calif. If they are not them stay in Texas, the land of 4 seasons. Wind, sleet, rain/lightening and humidity.
        SF, in all its shitholeness, tries to make the Cal weekender enjoyable. The Rose Bowl is always a treat for midwesterners. Why not make teams compete for the right to play in Calif in their winter?

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    1. Well, let’s disagree with everything our Scott wrote:

      Enfield says Bon-Bon is a “terrific supporter” and that he wanted to fill Galen with real fans. Maybe they aren’t drinking buddies, but sounds as if they have a professional relationship. We aren’t going to love everybody we meet.

      Next, SC has an opportunity to get a higher seed than 7 and avoid Kentucky. But the Trojans have to win out, including at sucla (Pauley is a tough venue) and Arizona possibly twice. That would place them at about 28-4 or so, certainly worthy of a Top-5 seeding. A tall order obviously, but it still is an opportunity and the team seems to be jelling at the right time.

      Finally, the Pac-12 is good enough for the “Final-4.” The Pac-12 now consists only of Oregon, Utah, SC, and possibly Oregon St. Face it, last year it was definitely Georgia as the No. 1 team, and no matter which team in the Top-10 played them they would have been turned into spam.

      So why not the Pac-12 with its Top-10 Team? That team would be as good as any other to be turned into fodder against any No. 1 Team.

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    2. USC’s season will all come down to the final two games. If they can beat Arizona and UCLA at the end of the season, they will be a much higher seed. So caring about Jerry Palm’s seeding right now is a moot point.

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      1. Michael. Correction. The ucla game put us in the sweet sixteen. The Oregon State put us in the elite eight and the Santa Clara game sent us to the final four. Tom Gola and La Salle beat Bradley for the title. Pass the torch on. I’m dying bro.

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      2. Michael. Correction. The ucla game put us in the sweet sixteen. The Oregon State put us in the elite eight and the Santa Clara game sent us to the final four. Tom Gola and La Salle beat Bradley for the title. Pass the torch on. I’m dying bro.

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    1. 1954! That SC – UCLA game at UCLA’s campus gym was on TV… Chet Carr dribble drive from the right side (short corner) for the winner. Big stuff for this 11 year-old. As I recall, none of the following games were televised or, at least, I never saw them. I did listen to the Santa Clara game…. read about the others in the Times.


  2. Michael, 80 percent of the basketball news and analysis comes out of the east coast and midwest, and given the times of pac-12 teams, nobody watches. ucla is coasting on their name and the fact that they beat Villanova about 4 months ago. They were wiped out by Gonzaga, they lost to USC w/out Mobley, and they also lost to ‘Zona. So against ranked programs, they have 2 wins (‘zona and villanova) and 3 losses (‘zona, usc, and gonzaga). They haven’t looked like a top 25 team in the last month IMHO.

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    1. Agree. We finish up against Oregon, UCLA and Arizona. Win 2 of those games and we should be #4 seed [at least].
      [And, if I’m not mistaken, 2 of them are at home]….

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      1. Hi Michael. I always remember our 1954 team around this time of year. Not big on talent. But tremendous heart. We won the southern division of the coast conference on a last second baseline jumper by Chet Carr that beat ucla. Then we played Oregon State the northern division winner. They had Swede Holbrook at seven feet three. It was a two out of three playoff. We lost the opener at their place by a lot but won the next two to become conference champions. That put us in the sweet sixteen. Next up was Santa Clara with all American Ken Sears. We were down by three with four seconds left. No three point shot in those years. They got the ball into Roy Irvin our center and our biggest man at six feet five. He tried a hook shot and was fouled. It goes in and he makes the foul shot. Overtime. We win. On to the final four. We drew Bradley. We were up by eleven in the first half. But sadly lose by two74-72 or 72-70. I cried. Michael. Dann that was yesterday

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    1. Ed
      You have to (1) read between the lines, (2) see things others don’t and (3) sometimes see things that contradict what you see…

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  3. Let Enfield walk to Maryland. Then hire Pitino. Carol Folt has gotten a taste of how making popular athletic hires improves her approval rating ✌️

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      1. I like Enfield, but I hope he leaves if for no other reason to have Bill Plaschke get on his virtual-signaling soap box: “If Mike Bohn has any integrity, he won’t hire Rick Pitino.”

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      2. These mother-effer’s at the Los Angeles Times … Kartje, McCullough, Plaschke … are so predictable. Took them two years to write that Clay Helton should be fired. I’m sure Mike Bohn enjoyed the tongue-bath you gave him.

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      3. Ha!

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  4. When Arizona comes to town the USC basketball needs to beat them. Win that game at home and everything else will fall in place. Tomorrow’s game at home vs. Washington State is a big one we must play well to win against a very motivated team.

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