USC Sunday Buzz: Lincoln Riling Up The Fanboys

Lincoln Riley tweeted out a “Fight On” emoji last night, sending the fanboy-media into a tizzy.

Will USC add a commitment this weekend? Or get another transfer?

  • I hear Fox Sports officials have talked Ed Orgeron about a role in the fall. That would certainly liven up the college football coverage especially if it were a studio role.
  • Although USC has one more game at the Galen Center (vs. Arizona), the team’s seniors will be honored before today’s game vs. Washington State.

55 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Lincoln Riling Up The Fanboys

    1. Insert Ed Orgeron into the College Football on Fox, and get rid of one of the USC ass licks, Matt Leinhart, or the low character, pathological lying Reggie Bush .


      1. And BTW, that is pretty bad…saying that it’s no big deal for our new football coach to conduct himself the same way Hilton conducts herself.


  1. Have been hearing a lot about Joe Rogan. You can listen to his podcast for free on Spotify. The most recent episode includes unflattering talk about the World Economic Forum which USC BOT member, SalesForce founder, and TIME Magazine CEO Marc Benioff is a member of.

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    1. Maybe it’s time for the USC elite to start worrying more about the working force here in the U.S. and less about what’s best for “the world”….

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    2. Go to 2:44 … yes I’ve been listening to this for almost 3 hours … Maajid Nowaz is quite good … World Economic Forum is working to infiltrate governments with people that support issues such as vaccine passports and Chinese-type social credit scoring. Marc Benioff should resign from the USC BOT, but keep up with the mega-donations. Thank you STFU!

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      1. Thanks for posting, Charles. I’m for America as a nation state —taking care of all it’s own people [and that means everybody who’s here–everybody]! Fuck Biden, Kerry and Pelosi and their fascist globalist views ….their contempt for working Americans….and their disregard for the U. S. Constitution.

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      1. True. Not every game will be a gem. But at one point our boys went 7 minutes without a field goal. That will not get it done in the NCAAs


    1. It was a weird game. Washington State only made 4 or 5 2pt shots the whole game. Goodwin was more or less a no-show. USC seems to consistently struggle against teams with a beefy big guy. Anyhow, the next three games are going to be a bitch.

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  2. Ed O. in the booth might be fun. We can all learn to speak Cajun. He’s happier than a dead pig in the sunshine. He might want to avoid references to “coon hounds” (dogs used for hunting racoons) in case uninformed people don’t know the term isn’t racist. Neither is niggardly but let’s not be stingy with misunderstanding English.


  3. USC Basketball 23-4 – please no more comments on a cupcake schedule USC. If they beat Arizona at home –things will take care of itself along with split in the Pac Northwest. This is a real positive no need to find negatives on this basketball team even when they win which is most of the time.

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  4. Keep in mind that the California High School record for the hundred meters is 10.3, and we had the guy who set it (KC). I like what I see with Branch and I hope we can use both him and KC

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  5. Kenon is long gone……….sad USC lost a dedicated great athlete in both Track and Field and Football. I am sure it was hard for Kenon to say goodbye he knows USC is a special place but he was forced to leave just like Bru McCoy. In America your innocent until proven guilty under the Carol Folt empire your guilty, and it does not matter if your proven guilty. I wish him the best even if he ends up at UCLA, and there is a good chance both he and Bru end up in Westwood.

    Fight On Kenon!

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      1. Well, in a criminal case the prosecution really has to bring it, having to prove the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

        However, the standard is different in schools. To take away a man’s athletic scholarship for allegedly committing an offense is a quasi-criminal matter. But the schools seem to take the explanation of the victim (usually a woman) as gospel and do not give the same respect to the accused’s explanation. The law favors the women.


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