Quite A USC-Arizona Stat

Arizona was the first Division I team to beat a 25-win team on the road by 20-plus points since 1981, when Arizona State beat No. 1 and undefeated Oregon State 87-67.

19 thoughts on “Quite A USC-Arizona Stat

      1. Substitute “world” for “Ukraine”. Russia wants to expand, NATO wants to expand.


    1. Scott has been partying at Brazil’s Mardi Gras for the last 72 hours…. we’ll see him next on “If It’s Friday”….


  1. Has anyone noticed there is alot more headline focus on USC basketball after a loss than a big win. There must be a great deal of hope from certain USC supporters including beat writers that they lose due to not liking the coach which is not fair to the players, assistant coaches, and the majority of the true USC fans.

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  2. Most people I know like Andy Enfield and his entire family including his beautiful wife. Hard to figure ………. I guess some people hate others because they don’t like themselves either.

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  3. Arizona hires a 21-year Gonzaga assistant. Doesn’t seem very sexy, but the guy sure can coach (like Few).


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