USC Lays An Egg Vs. Arizona

Thanks, Enfield!

What a night at the Galen Center. It was sold out. The students in the first row spelled out “Drew’s League” on their chest and yes, someone was an apostrophe.

Then the game happened.

USC was never really in it. Arizona dominated inside and outside.

Drew Peterson, Isaiah Mobley and Boogie Ellis were a combined 8 for 34.

Thanks Enfield!

51 thoughts on “USC Lays An Egg Vs. Arizona

  1. And just like that, boy wonder posts within 5 minutes of a loss.
    Somethings never change.

    No excuses but this is the 2nd ranked team in the nation.

    AZ has COY and a bunch of Euros portraying student athletes.

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  2. It’s almost as if Scott was hoping USC losses only because he hates Andy Enfield or is it really Andy Enfield hates Enfield because something that was written in the past.

    True the team laid an egg tonight, but in reality Arizona is like an NBA team, and should at the very minimum make the Final Four, and USC is just a good college basketball team without a true center, and a point guard.

    Is Issiah Mobley a 1st. round pick- 2nd round if he is lucky.
    Boogie Ellis- needs to stay in college for another year.
    Drew Petson- improving fast but should probably stay in college another year.

    Arizona- all 5 starters will be drafted in the 1st. and 2nd round of the NBA draf.

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    1. Yeah …but it’s probably not a good sign when Washington State, Oregon State and Arizona State came a lot closer than we did in their most recent games against Arizona….

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    2. I follow both teams (SC alum & UofA dad). The one thing all Enfield teams have always lacked is a steady progression of improvement during the season & just playing good team ball down the stretch. Both things the Cats have done this year ( “Euro All Star team” or not). Last night was no different. No elite 8 for us this year but Arizona can go the distance.

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    3. Pre-game I looked at the ‘Zona stat sheet and compared to the Trojans.
      On every facet of the game ‘Zona was superior. In all fairness, Zona had a cream puff non-conference schedule also. There was no way the Trojans were gonna win this game unless Zona came in moribund.

      We’re still building a good program.
      I, for one, would be very happy with annual sweet 16’s and elite 8’s.
      I will die having never seen USC win a MBB Natty.

      Shoulda’ watched the WBB Natty Teams when I was on campus in the 80’s.


  3. Please don’t say Scott is picking on Andy for personal reasons —

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    1. MG. Were the Wildcat players told that if they beat the Buffaloes they would all have to service Carol ?? And maybe all on the same night ?? Sicilian guys are in the know.


  4. I’m still picking UCLA over SC on saturday but after the way SC lost that game, I’m not so sure anymore. SC will be wanting to make amends. It will be a good game.

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      1. If I was betting on that game I would be torn between two things:
        1) SC and UCLA are fairly evenly talented and coached teams. When you have a situation like that you can’t have one continue to dominate the other and USC has won the last 6. That would make me choose UCLA.
        2) USC was embarrassed in their own house by Arizona. I would think that they will hit the floor against UCLA like a bat out of hell.
        It’s going to be a good game. I would still pick UCLA but I’m not as sure anymore..


  5. Nobody talked about USC basketball prior to Andy Enfield, so if you don’t behave, Scott Wolf he’ll end up at Maryland.


    1. Theoretically, a very good idea. [But] It’s gonna be hard to get anybody to give you those 25 points…

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  6. So Enfield called out Wolfie after a win. Wonder what creative name he would have for Scott after last night’s barrage.

    And the best Scott can dig up is his over-used “Thanks Enfield” refrain?– Be creative, blogger-man.
    Something like, “Hey Enfield, enjoy merry-land’

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    1. I hear Enfield got very “creative” in the locker room after the game — blaming the loss on the “curse” Scott & his friends placed on Galen when they were there last week…..

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  7. This is just Scott’s schtick. He has lost the ability or inclination to evaluate things rationally…he has become a troll on his own website!

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    1. Thank you! The stats he gave out on Peterson, Mobley and Ellis were the most irrational things I’ve ever read.

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  8. Scooter,

    I thought SC was going to win last night by a point or three. Boy I was wrong. They were out of the game by the first bucket by UofA. SC got smoked. Too bad. However, there is a silver lining in all of this, SC plays the Putin supporters, ugly, this Saturday at 7 PM. SC can make up for this.

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    1. Blinken actually asked Biden to practice saying “Ukrainian” before the address –even going so far as asking the President to spell it out loud before the speech. The Washington Post is reporting that, after hearing the President spell it incorrectly 7 times in a row, Blinken said “I guess you’re as ready as you’ll ever be, Mister President.”
      The Post is also reporting that, after the President said “Putin has no idea what is happening next”, Kamala laughed and mouthed the words “just like us.”

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      1. He really is clueless. To say that the inflation we’re experiencing is a high class problem and merely the result of everyone doing so well and having so much money to spend?! REALLY?!!

        He’s so out of touch. And I get so tired of his “In Scranton, my dad used to say…” stories. But an old man with dementia doesn’t remember that he’s told that story over & over again

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      2. At least he didn’t refer to her as President Harris for the umpteenth time.

        So sad that it’s come to this and that we have 1,056 days to go under this administration.

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  9. It’s not as if we had any money on this game is it? Oh wait the coach’s salary, but that’s chump change to USC’s donors. Anyway, maybe the crowd was too noisy. After all, the Galen Center has been a sell out only a couple of times and at least one of those times it was for a Barry Manilow concert.

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  10. Basketball isn’t a sport. It’s a track meet for tall people who run wind sprints for thirty minutes while trying to bounce a ball. Every once in a while one of the tall dudes (both male and female teams) throws the ball at a hoop mounted on a board. People cheer if the ball goes through the hoop because seeing a ball go through a hoop is about the only excitement many of the paying customers see all day. The winner is decided by the number of times one of the sprinter teams manages to throw the ball into the hoop. If the the runner gets anxious, he/she throws the ball early and is awarded more points for effort. Once in a while, when the referees get tired, they take the ball and dare one of the tall dudes to throw it into the hoop from a designated spot. Like I said it’s not a sport.

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      1. Baseball is the only sport of America’s Top-3 sports where a white man has a chance to see the field because speed and jumping ability are not essential requirements, but rather the ability to throw a ball 100 mph and to hit a ball at 100 mph is required.

        And the hitter does not have to be perfect. Getting a hit every 4 or 5 times at bat will net a player several million dollars. Of course, to get paid there must first be a season.

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  11. Baseball is not a sport. It is a group of 7 spectators who watch one person throw the ball to another, while a person from the opposition tries to whack the ball with a stick as it passes by. The stick guy gets three tries to hit the ball unless one of three occurrences happen. 1. The ball is called by its name by the guy nobody argues successfully with- If this guy calls the ball by name 4 times the stick guy can trot to the first of four destinations on his way home. One of the opposing spectators will undoubtedly smack the opposing stick guy on his ass. (a traditional greeting in baseball) 2. The stick guy hits the ball with his stick, but it is deemed foul by the non arguable person-then he has unlimited chances to hit foul balls until the game is called on account of lost balls. 3. The stick guy connects with the ball using his body and is awarded a trip to the first destination on his way home. If during the three tries the stick guy misses three times and the ball is not called by name more than three times, he is considered out. After three outs are called, the spectators switch places with the opposition, all spectators congregate in an area called a “dugout”. This is where they watch their stick guys while they scratch their anatomy and spit profusely on the ground. This repeats at least 9 times and can last for hours or until GOD sends rain in sufficient amounts so as to raise a puddle of at least three inches in depth. All spectators on the field can expect to be payed as much as a football coach gets paid per game-BUT Football IS a sport. (unless you are from UCLA – then it’s a pass time)


  12. Mark Twain, so I’m told said, Golf is great way to spoil a nice walk. NASCAR is a sport for people who were absent the day they mastered the right turn in driver’s Ed.


  13. Absolutely Thanks Enfield….
    Last season no one expected to make a run to the Elite 8…
    Enfield got us there….

    When Evan mobley and Taj Eady left everyone said it was a rebuilding year…
    Instead we are tied for second in the PAC 12 with one game left…
    Thanks Enfield

    We have an outstanding recruiting class coming in next year
    Thanks Enfield…

    USC has beaten UCLA five games in a row
    Thanks Enfield

    Yes… USC laid an egg on National TV but let’s remember Arizona had a terrible game right before they played us…
    It happens…

    USC is not at the same level as Arizona but few teams are….

    But let’s always remember that Enfield has slowly Rebuilt the USC basketball program and currently has them at the highest consistent level of play since the 1940’s

    Thanks Enfield…Please stay at USC


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