Jayden Daniels To LSU

Former ASU QB Jayden Daniels is transferring to LSU, according to ESPN’s Pete Thamel.

I think Daniels has regressed and might not be good enough for LSU. But Brian Kelly won at Notre Dame with quarterbacks that didn’t excite me over the years so maybe Daniels will be fine there.

I’d have rather had Jaxson Dart if I needed a QB.

9 thoughts on “Jayden Daniels To LSU

  1. Clay Helton is negotiating to get ASU as Georgia Southern’s late August Opener…

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  2. The Wolfman(bark @ the moon) should enter the transfer portal. He’s long overstayed his welcome at USC….Any thoughts on where he might be a good fit?

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    1. “Inside LSU”, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, than Brian Kelly, though Scottie would need a crash course in LSU history for his Friday column.

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  3. Herm was building a formidable program at a school that intermittently has had good FB success.

    Nice to see the program disintegrating. Always a school of dimwitted losers. Comely co-eds? yes. Academic stalwarts? No.

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  4. I agree. ND has not exactly been QB U under Kelley and Daniels is not exactly a Heisman Trophy candidate. If I was him I’d go somewhere he is sure to play. Look what happened to our Daniels(J.T.). You just don’t get better sitting on the bench.

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  5. I attended the men’s volleyball game this past Saturday. It reminded me of football games when helton was coaching. Empty.


  6. hi folks, heres the thing with russ wilson qb hes a product of coaching and development Carroll, now that said, hell be a alright qb but wont win championships at denv. wilson thinks hes better than he really is !!!!1 regards , E


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