Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of Week


Lincoln Riley

A huge recruiting weekend gave him a chance to have one-on-one meetings with big-time players like five-star defensive end Jayden Wayne of Tacoma, Wash. And Riley got to wear his favorite cardinal-and-white ‘SC pullover.

Evan Mobley

The Cavs rookie had 20 points, 17 rebounds, 4 assists, three blocks and made 9-15 field goals Sunday against the Toronto Raptors.

USC fans

The first two USC games of the Pac-12 Tournament will be on FS1 and not the Pac-12 Network.

Velus Jones

He ran a 4.31-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine.

Henry Bibby

When he coached at USC he complained UCLA never did anything for him but he was all smiles at the 50th reunion Saturday night of the 1972 team.


Jeremy Kipp

The USC swim coach resigned after a five-month investigation into allegations he was abusive to swimmers.

Mike Bohn

Kipp was Bohn’s first coaching hire and it’s turned out to be a failure. It’s a lot easier to hire football coaches, apparently.

Andy Enfield

He repeatedly pointed out after losing to UCLA (and Arizona) that the Trojans won 25 games this season. How many road/neutral court victories are against teams going to the NCAA Tournament? Mighty San Diego State at the Anaheim Convention Center?

Stat freaks

It had been been 737 days since UCLA had beaten USC in men’s basketball. No more counting the calendar.

Beach volleyball

The No. 1-ranked Trojans lost to No. 2-ranked UCLA, 3-2 on Saturday.

On the other hand, Carol Folt made an appearance Sunday.

32 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of Week

      1. Our president is a loser ?? Yeah you’re right MG. Got rid of Lynn but far far too slow on Clay. Not to mention that mini skirt which haunts me in my dreams and causes nightmares. Can I sue for damages ?

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      2. If they are going to take her picture, maybe they should ask her to stand up. She looks like Linda Hunt’s little sister.


  1. That’s the first time I’ve seen April dressed in anything other than her tiny little bikini——she looks really nice. Meanwhile I see Carol is dressed for Halloween. !!

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      1. Did you notice that 666 that was almost hidden in the picture of her where she was wearing her mini skirt watching the ocean ???

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  2. Can anyone here even imagine what Scott is gonna do to Andy if the Trojans gets tossed out of either of the upcoming tournaments in the second round?

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  3. I noticed that cute little Tirebiter ( how I love him so ) digressed yesterday so I guess I can too with a story. Seems like Chip Kelly owns an oversized house cat. The kitty had a toothache so Chip took the kitty to a dentist who found a cavity and fixed it. That’s right. Chips big pussy got drilled!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Carol Folt go get yourself some beach attire, this is California, nobody wears suits on the weekends. I’d like to see you in a sexy bikini, with some high heel pumps, because something tells me that you have some long perky nipples, and I’d like to confirm that.


  5. To describe the Scott-and-Andy Show, I metaphorically see a wild mustang that was caught and corralled for several months, but is finally set free to wreck havoc once again.

    Or a stalker lying in wait until that moment the fair damsel comes traipsing down the bunny trail.

    Or waiting until SC loses back to back to Arizona and sucla.


  6. I’d like to see Carol au natural—- NOT. But the bikini pix might be good if it would cover all her faults. But you know that’s really asking a lot for a bikini. I still don’t know how she got her position. Did Rick have anything to do with it ? Was a nationwide search conducted? If so then by whom??? Inquiring minds want to know.


    1. Well, I will be darn if I haven’t finally set this Site straight.

      I have had many deletions and been called caramel sparrow, not to mention other things.

      But to digress (Oops, there’s that word again!),
      can you find any heroes in the battle of the
      Baseball Players vs the Owners?

      The Players are demanding $725,000 minimum salaries,
      and the owners countered with $700,000. And neither side
      has budged on this. Talk about trivial.– $25,000 gross less
      40% taxes is $15,000 net they’re fighting over!

      But a long time ago money ruined my idea of sports heroes when
      Koufax&Drysdale were holding out for more money.

      What, my heroes are not playing the game for love?– That forever altered my views of pro sports heroes. But thank God we still have the
      amateur colleges.

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      1. So, LJ, you’re not so hot on Phil Mickelson playing golf over in Saudi Arabia for millions instead of playing at the charity tournament (the same weekend) in Pebble Beach?

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      1. Ha! [Running up the stairs –no problem. 2 rounds with my son at 75% speed — big problem]…..

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    2. Those were the days. We talked about Mc KAY and how he treated his players. A lady came on posting as LAWYER JANE and you said how cute or something like that. Where did the time go ?

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      1. Time– the one commodity there is not enough of.

        But that is why I still actively work because time slows down when working as in “When will it be 5 o’clock?”

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  7. Yeah, I wuz one of those stat freaks who was logging the days since UCLA beat USC at CFB and/or hoops. So glum now.

    My new stat?
    Days since UCLA beat USC in the WSJ rankings of top Universities for graduating students: 5,072 and counting. This one isn’t gonna flip.

    Here’s to hoping MBB and CFB get us back on the positive side of the ledger. Same with Beach Volley, M/W water polo, M/W T&F, etc etc.

    Days since B4me has sipped the Blanton’s?
    24 (and counting)–since the icy-veined Petersen rained 3’s and blocked tntc* shots to beat the fighting Cronins. Soooo, Here’s to a nice sip of the good stuff Friday night!

    *doctor talk for “to numerous to count.”

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  8. Velus Jones, JR–big winner!
    (unable to crack the depth chart with Gary Bryant, ARSB, Tyler Vaughn, Mike Pittman JR, Drake London, Deontay Burnett, etc etc).

    No hatin’, but Let’s see if Velus is a productive WR on Sunday’s.

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  9. These war pictures on TV are getting harder and harder to watch and I fear that they’re only going to get worse.


  10. In other news….

    Clay Helton is ready to use excuses out of the USC press playbook during the Georgia Southern Football season. For example after a loss, “The kids are improving and showing promise.”


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