Let’s Check In On Those NFL Combine Results

Here’s a couple useful charts that show how USC (and Pac-12 players) performed at the NFL combine.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Check In On Those NFL Combine Results

    1. ITS will be a project CB if he even gets an NFL contract.
      Obviously, he has great measurables and NFL calibre speed.
      I think he never had a decent CB coach, despite getting to practice against NFL-calibre WR each and every day of his CFB life.
      (Pittman, Jr; ARSB; Drake; Deontay; Tyler; Gary B–who is speedy).

      By the time Donte came to USC, it was likely too late for ITS.
      I think there was some improvement with ITS but it faded when Donte was assigned HC duties. He got burned so much in 2021, State Farm wouldn’t issue hazard insurance to USC.

      He will likely be a free agent practice squad signing.
      Steele might be a bit better.

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  1. ugh,this is so bad,john aint doin his job as couch if he lettin theese poeple put up scorrs like this,we be luckey to win a gaim nexxed yeer,smdh

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  2. If Drake London has a weakness- it’s speed which may hurt him in the NFL but it didn’t in college. The receivers Lincoln is bringing in now all have great speed which will make USC a very explosive team.


    1. hello football fans, the drake has speed issue ? thats ridiculous drake has quick feet and good speed !!!! those small recievers coming in well over the middle of the field there sitting ducks and will be clobbered !!! one small player is all you can afford !!!! regards, E


  3. hello sports fans, carroll fibbed some ???aaahhhhh well in the profootball world of shady operators so what !!!!! usc has employees that have records the size of telephone books !1 chinese proverb dont throw stones when you live in a glass house !!!!! Regards , E


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