USC Morning Buzz: Andy Enfield Gets Another Contract Extension

USC has added two years to Andy Enfield’s contract, it announced today.

This is funny because USC previously said it would not announce how many years contracts were extended.

Enfield got an extension until 2025-26 before the season and now will go until 2027-28.

The irony here is USC athletic director Mike Bohn was stalling on an extension after USC made the Elite Eight and there was a strained relationship. One reason was Bohn’s distaste for USC being under NCAA investigation.

But Bohn’s decided the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

And Enfield might have told people he would go to Arizona State or shown interest in Maryland but at the end of the day, did his family want to leave Manhattan Beach?

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Andy Enfield Gets Another Contract Extension

  1. Scottie, who in their right mind would leave Manhattan Beach? Unless it is leaving for Maui, like Michael Guarino.

    I though the USC half court offense worked much better last year with its inside-outside focus with Evan as the key. I don’t get the 5 outside, 0 inside-sets they run this year. To win going forward, need a lot of transition hoops and/or the guards really start hitting from the outside.

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    1. I’ve never had any desire to live near the beach in LA/OC. Now Santa Barbara area, maybe. And yeah, Hawaii…that’s a big hell yeah!!

      But I’ll never do it. Not all USC grads make the big bucks, the way Mike does.

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      1. Mike’s “big bucks” are being drained fast. [Just got the bill for new air conditioning units —WAY more than the cost of my first house]…

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    2. Yes, on outside shooting. Is it just bad luck or do we suck from the outside? [And the timing of this announcement isn’t gonna look great if we depart early from either or both of the upcoming tournaments]….

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    3. Evan was such a talent. I think just about any scheme would have worked with him. Still, your analysis is spot on. This year’s team has done just about as well as possible–other than the two losses to the Trees.

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  2. Great move by Mike Bohn.! USC basketball has never been in better shape under Enfield’s leadership. I do see a trip to the Final 4 perhaps not this year due to a lack of a strong point guard, but I do see it coming soon.

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  3. To MG and LJ and everyone else who gave me good advice—a big thank you. After about 25 hours of straight sleep I have recovered. My long term memory is still intact but my short term not so much. All I remember is that our 2021 football season was cancelled due to Covid and that we have a good new coach and now are getting some PLAYERS!!!!!!

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    1. It’s okay, George. I have this theory that EVERYBODY’S RNA (memory) molecules will be screwy post covid. It kinda levels the playing playing field….

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      1. MG and So Cal. Yeah it’s good to be back. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but it was kinda fun there at the beginning for a few hours. Made me feel like 85 again. Made me feel like barking—even howling.

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      1. “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

        – Hunter S. Thompson

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      2. That Thompson quote pretty well described my life pal. I just hope I’ll be safe at home plate and not tossed out !!

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  4. “Enfield might have told people he would go to Arizona State” Might have? X might have done Y. Interesting way of reporting.

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  5. ugh,know he gotta anuthur contrack and I got none,how many contracks he nead?probaly got some loop holes to if u now what i meen,i geuss this is what thay meen when the so called litle poeple gotta wirk for thare munney wile the fat cats get fatter eating thare cigars doeing nuthing but geting all the contracks,smdh

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    1. Ed –we are not the “so called little people”… We REALLY are the little people…

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  6. “But Bohn’s decided the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.”

    This quote is fire Scotty in more ways than one.

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  7. Another own goal by Bohn. His whole career is based off of stupid-ass Florida Gulf Coast and drunk Pat Haden hiring him b/c he saw Enfield’s pretty wife on TV. And now we’re stuck with him b/c he had the NBA Rookie of The Year that helped carry USC deep last year while not giving him the ball every single time. #FailOn

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  8. Enfield is a good coach and a great recruiter. I still think Cronin is a better coach although not as good of a recruiter as Enfield.


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