USC Barely Survives Vs. Washington

What an unimpressive opening effort for USC.

Lots of turnovers and chances to let Washington win.

The Trojans survived, 65-61, but didn’t convince anyone.

USC with a season-high 23 turnovers and will have to play a lot better Friday night vs. UCLA.

It’s 56-54 USC. Washington has no depth and should not be in this close of a game with the Trojans.

USC staging a comeback and cuts lead to 46-44 after Boogie Ellis’ 3-pointer. Drew Peterson has only 2 points for the Trojans.

  • Washington leads at halftime, 39-36, as Terrell Brown has 21 points for the Huskies. Brown has made 8 of 13 shots but the Huskies are shooting just 39 percent.

Boogie Ellis and Reese Dixon-Waters each have 7 points for USC.

  • Washington is shooting 40 percent and USC is shooting 56 percent but the Huskies are ahead, 26-23 with 7:18 left in the first half.

24 thoughts on “USC Barely Survives Vs. Washington

  1. As predicted USC is very..very weak at the guard position. Terrell Brown is going to beat them all by himself if this keeps up. We just don’t have the quickness at guard to keep up with him, and in high level tournament games guards win the games. Coach Enfield needs to recruit some quick guards Boogie Ellis has been a big disappointment this year. SC has the size, but not the quickness to match up with certain teams.


    1. Ha! USC is cruising. Another Big Win for Andy. Games like this make me feel real good about making the Final Four…

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      1. Say MG, I hope your sabbatical does not turn out like Chevy Chase’s in some movie where he is a writer, and he rents out the perfect country home, no sounds about except for chirping birds, the perfect set-up to bring out a writer’s expertise. But he draws a blank, writer’s block, it was all too perfect.

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    2. TO also called Evan Mobley a girl, I think it was “Elsa”. Looks like “Elsa” will be rookie of the year.


  2. 27 turnovers-sloppy win……..Won’t work if they play like that vs. UCLA who is playing extremely well right now. UCLA-Colorado looks like the two best teams right now. USC really needs a point guard to go far in the tournament.

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  3. Who hasn’t been upset in a conference basketball playoffs, it happens every year, and it’s usually a indication of nothing.


  4. IF USC gets out of their slump. IF UCLA plays their normal fashion. IF the refs aren’t the same as the previous game. IF the tournament isn’t rigged.
    Who am I kidding? To many IFs to worry about SC winning this thing. I’ll catch another installment of “Thanks Enfield.”

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  5. Interesting line on this game–
    SC shoots nearly 50% to Washington’s 30%
    SC out-rebounds Washington by a wide margin
    But Washington had 13 steals leading to SC’s 23 turnovers

    One would believe SC will hang on to the ball better tonight, and if Troy can get by sucla Arizona lost its starting guard, so who knows?

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  6. Time and again, guys were getting trapped on the baseline, leading to turnovers. I’d love to see better spacing and not so much dribbling.

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  7. Yes, us old farts have trouble staying up for an 8:30 game.

    However, the first of my 2-3 trips to the bathroom each night came at the perfect time! I turned on the TV and caught the last 12 seconds!

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  8. Looking at USC Basketball for the last five years it has become abundantly clear that Andy Enfield is the reincarnation of Steve Sarkissian. Great talent, play down to the level of competition, focused solely on offense, defense and rebounding are optional.


  9. USC basketball needs to recruit more small, quick guards. The size advantage works, but not against teams with quick guards. Point guards are the key to advancing in any tournament including the NCAA’s, and USC needs one badly. John Wooden use to say quickness was one of the key ingredients to his success at UCLA, and USC lacks that in the front court. Watch tonight UCLA will put on a full court press that will again cause many turnovers, and really change the game their way.

    Bruins by 15 tonight- The UCLA advantage is at the guard positions


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