Can USC Win Pac-12 Tournament?

I hear the Pac-12 Tournament started yesterday.

I wouldn’t know because I don’t get the Pac-12 Network.

USC plays pesky Washington, which has won 4 of its past 5 games, around 8:30 p.m. tonight. I’ve happily noted this will be on FS1. Not the Pac-12 Network.

USC is already in the NCAA Tournament, of course. But as Coach Bohn says, “it’s about the seed!” 

Ken Pomeroy gives USC a 24.8 percent chance of getting to the Pac-12 Tournament final and 7.2 percent chance of winning it.

22 thoughts on “Can USC Win Pac-12 Tournament?

  1. ‘Waaaahh! Waaaaah! Waaaaaah!! I don’t have the Pac-12 Network!!”

    Yeah, but I bet you get to watch the Dodgers!! Greedy networks don’t care about the fans.


    1. I love paying $5 a month for the Dodgers channel I don’t watch as I’m not a fan! Larry Scott is the person you should be blaming for the current PAC-12 Networks distribution agreements.


    1. Oregon State’s chances of winning the Pac 12 tournament look a lot like Bluto’s GPA in Animal House….
      Personally, I like USC’s chances –we all remember that last time out we traded baskets with Arizona for 2 minutes after the half. They scored, we scored. 2 minutes straight. It was so awesome. Should be easy to stretch that 2 minutes into a full game, right?


      1. I sure hope you’re right Michael—— you know more than most—-no false pretenses with you—- I’m gonna really miss you. Take care my friend


  2. NO…………I think they will really struggle tonight vs. Washington because they play a tough zone which requires consistent outside shooting to bust it. (A USC weakness) Also, Washington has very good guard play especially Brown who can carry the entire team on his back which is a key ingredient for success in tournament play.

    Enfield must recruit some fast guards who can shoot. Jamming the ball inside does not work against the very good top teams. Boggie Ellis has been a real disappointment this seaon.

    Even if USC slips by Washington tonight I see UCLA playing Arizona in the championship game, and UCLA just might beat them.

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    1. Yes. I understand that on this site the default is to b*tch about intangibles — soft, chemistry, IQ, chemistry, “the locker room” – – but the most important attributes in college basketball is evaluating, and recruiting. Development isn’t as important because the dominant players are gone in two years.

      For whatever reason, Enfield cannot identify and then recruit guards. Or at least identify guards who have certain body types — Enfield prizes length and quickness — and are basketball players, not just athletes.

      He can recruit the big men. Maybe that’s because big men don’t have to do as much. They can impact a game as athletes, but they as don’t have handle the ball, make decisions, shoot off the dribble. They don’t have to be a good basketball players.

      Enfield just can’t find that guard, since J-Mac, who can break down defenses. Abd that’s how you go from win 25 games scheduling a .500 Big 12 team on a neutral floor as your top out-conference opponent for being a threat to go deep in the conference and NCAA tournaments.

      UCLA has that. USC doesn’t. And it looks like there isn’t any help coming in as a recruit next year.

      So I guess we will have to be happy with 20-22 win seasons and second round exits in the NCAA tournaments until 2227, because without a transcendent player like Evan Mobley, that’s Enfield’s ceiling.

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      1. This is not the quality take that you believe it to be. Last I checked Jordan McLaughlin, De’Anthony Melton, and Kevin Porter Jr were cashing NBA checks.


      2. Most of us cannot wait until 2227. In fact most of us cannot wait until 2027 when Enfield’s contract expires.


  3. Can USC Win Pac-12 Tournament?

    No, Ilsa Mobley is too soft and Enfield doesn’t know anything about chemistry.

    This clown Enfield’s ever changing lineup doesn’t allow the players to get in a groove.

    And why Enfield keeps playing this Jacobs or Jacobson kid whatever his name is…is pure stupidity.

    USC will get bounced in the 1st round of the tournament as soon as whoever they play gets physical with that girl Mobley and she wilts like the little flower she is…it will all be over for the Ladies of Troy.


  4. You boys are telling me Ilsa Mobley isn’t soft? Soon as someone muscles her out of the paint she’s done for. She’ll be relegated to shooting from the perimeter the rest of the game.

    If Ilsa takes another shot to her nose, my guess is she’ll be riding the bench for the rest of the game.

    Look for Peterson to come out ice cold tonight, but that won’t stop her from throwing up brick after brick.

    If Andy doesn’t throw the entire roster at U Dub and sticks with just a few subs off the bench the Ladies of Troy win tonight, but they’re definitely going to have their shorts taken down and get spanked by whoever they play next…I guarantee it.


  5. USC needs quicker guards——-Yes Boogie Ellis has been a big disappointment he is too inconsistent, and just not on the same level as the quicker guards at Washington, Cal, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Washington State. Pac 12 Honorable Mention means nothing……….take a look at all the players ahead of him. Taj Eddy was much better than Boogie, and this is why USC will not go far in any tournament.

    It’s going to be a UCLA -Colorado final in the Pac 12 Tournament- UCLA wins it! They are playing well at prime time just like last year.


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