USC Morning Buzz: JT Daniels Visiting Oregon State

Former USC quarterback JT Daniels is visiting Oregon State according to Pete Thamel. He’s also scheduled to visit West Virginia (Graham Harrell) and Missouri.

There are two ways to look at this: What a come down from Georgia to Oregon State.

On the other hand, when you transfer, you must go to a school where you will play. Will he beat out Tristian Gebbia if he goes to Oregon State? He couldn’t beat out Stetson Bennett.

The third time must be the charm for Daniels.

44 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: JT Daniels Visiting Oregon State

    1. Didn’t I tell you people this clown Lincoln Riley isn’t too bright? First the idiot shows he has no understanding of the importance for a strong offensive line. The idiot shows no interest in recruiting offensive linemen, just skill position players like that other clown Clay Helton.

      Then ‘Ol Mule Shoe (that’s where Riley is from, Mule Shoe, TX) goes and overpays for a house in PV that isn’t all that…

      What did he pay, $17 million for a house that was on the market a year ago for $7 million? What an idiot!

      USC football is in trouble…still. ‘Ol Mule Shoe is Clay Helton 2.0


      1. huh? He bought the historic Roessler House at 909 Via Coronel, which was on the market for $19.5M. The $7M house in your video is 2121 Paseo Del Mar.

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      2. I agree, Lincoln Riley football philosophy is not physical football, and his five years at Oklahoma proves it. The Sooner won lots of games under Riley, which was s something he’ll obviously do at USC, and only because the PAC 12 is a glorified Mountain West Conference. So far all I’ve seen in recruiting is hints of Steve Sarkisian, and Clay Helton, all skill position players and no mussel up front.


      3. what an idiot you are. that isnt the house, the house he got is one of a kind in the Lunada Bay area. It is 3 acres on a bluff that just overlooks the ocean and is close to schools and etc, etc. get a clue.

        welcome Lincoln to the neighborhood.


  1. It’s not going to be the same here on this board with Michael gone from March 12–20. We will miss your insight and wit. Readership will fall too i opine. Check in from time to time if you can pal.

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    1. This Board without MG in it is like a monkey with no trees to climb.
      Or a crocodile with no water to play in
      Or a lion caught and caged.
      Or– enough already, you get the drift;
      or as Ed might put it, the draft.

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    2. I bet readership picks up, George — Lawyer John, 67, Bourbon, So Cal, tommyd, Cal75, onewayusc, Charles, The False GT, P.T. & Ed (etc., etc.) will kick ass…..

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  2. This is an amazing
    Coincidence My wife just told me she’s leaving on a trip to Hawaii from March twelve to March twentieth. I swear I don’t think there’s any connection regarding our friend on this board

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    1. Reminds me of a joke–

      A guy is talking to his friend:
      “2 years ago my wife Maria went to Hawaii and came back pregnant.
      Last year Maria went to Hawaii and came home pregnant.
      But this year is different– I’m going to Hawaii with Maria. “

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      1. Michael. I’m really going to miss you. You know so much that others don’t. And that’s really true not false


  3. If USC had bothered with quarterback protection we might not being hearing about this has been. We wouldn’t know about the Slovis has been and we might not have seen Jaxson Dart. Someone once said the football is not round so it will bounce funny. All of the above quarterbacks knew as far back as Max Browne that USC didn’t care about the O line. There are more former USC quarterbacks playing football than current USC quarterbacks. Hopefully the future will put an end to the past


    1. Clay Helton didn’t believe in offensive lines, he recruited as if he was in a 7on7 passing league. His philosophy was pass, pass, pass, even inside the red-zone. He was a total imbecile, who’s head was as thick as a vault in Bank of America


  4. I wonder why he doesn’t visit Georgia Southern, because he’s familiar with the coach who benched him for a lesser talent, after he injured his knee ? 🤔🤔


  5. JT- to Georgia Southern? Clay Helton, owes him a favor after making a ton of promises.

    Best location for him is probably Arizona State after their QB just transferred to LSU. Cal, and Colorado would be good choices for Daniels along with San Diego St.

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  6. And then there is the sad J.T saga:

    He goes from being a mighty Trojan
    To an ugly bulldog
    To being further reduced to a dam beaver
    Probably should decide to be a Mountaineer

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  7. I wish JTD well, but the problem is that he does not like getting hit. At USC is consistently dropped his eyes when he felt pressure. Interestingly enough, on the play against Fresno State where he blew out his knee, he dropped his eyes and covered up, but it still didn’t protect him.

    It was an issue at USC, particularly because the year he started the O-Live was the worst it had been since the 50’s, but it didn’t go away when it went to Georgia.

    In the two seasons he was basically recovering, he learned not to instinctually drop his eyes, a result of some solid coaching at Georgia. And when he got protection he was excellent. He was great against Missouri and Montana State, but in the SEC, you are going to have to also play against Florida and Bama and LSU and A&M, and even Kentucky, they are going to hit you no matter how many five stars you have on the O-Line. But instead of dropping he eyes, he tended to check down at a rate that would have made Cody Kessler think “Dude, you need to hang in there and take a shot or two.” The Clemson game, with their physical front 7, was instructive; 6.75 yards per attempt, one pass more more than 20 yards (21).

    And, like the complaint about his at USC, he didn’t hold up well in physicals games. He was injured too often, and took too long to get back on the field.

    Plus, rumor was the Georgia staff had little use for JTD’s dad. Kirby Smart ain’t going to be rolled as easily as Clay Helton.

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    1. At USC J. T. had an excuse –Toa was rolling the ball on the ground —so J. T. had to stoop to scoop it up. He was losing a full second on every down doing that. That excuse disappeared when he got to Georgia. That’s when his stock really dropped …..everybody forgives players for not shining under Helton.


    1. Matt Cassel did OK for himself, considering he never started one game at USC.

      Best job in the NFL, the backup QB. You make well into six figures and never get hit.


    1. Daniels is an outstanding QB. He’s been robbed twice. As good as Slovis was, I think that Daniels was better. Harrell just liked Slovis and he wasn’t overly impressed with Daniels. And he was certainly better than the guy Georgia went with despite the fact that Georgia won the NC. He can’t afford to miss out a third time. He has a chance to make it at the next level but he must get off the bench.


      1. If I were Daniels, I wouldn’t go to WVU because Harrell is there and I don’t think Harrell ever thought much of Daniels.


      2. Great arm, great touch. Not great mobility, injury-prone, problems handling the rush. Hope he has a great year wherever he goes.


  8. JT needs a real good ‘o’ line. Big 10 has good ‘o’ lines, and q/b’s rarely run. Hope he finds a home. Seems like LSU is always in need of a good passing q/b


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