New Scandal Emails Reveal How USC Did Business

The Jovan Vavic trial has caused the release of a new batch of emails tied to the Varsity Blues scandal

USC associate athletic director Alexandra Reisman is a key figure in the emails according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Will be at least a $1 million ask if we get her in,” Reisman wrote in 2013 to Donna Heinel regarding a potential student’s family.

In another email, Reisman said a grandfather had founded beer company.

“They’re like the Anheuser Busch family $$$$,” she wrote.

The Journal noted that in a 2016 email to Heinel, Reisman complained the family of an admitted student potentially “was going to screw us on a gift.

“We shouldn’t get the student a job until we get a gift first,” she wrote, referring to a role the teen wanted with the football team.

“You’ve done enough to get her in—they need to pay up,” Reisman wrote.

USC told the Journal today its admissions office had been deceived by Vavic.

“USC and our admissions processes are not on trial,” the university said.

29 thoughts on “New Scandal Emails Reveal How USC Did Business

    1. Bro, you don’t even remotely understand basic economics. I done explaining this shit to people, but if you think anything Biden did has had the slightest effect on gas prices. He can’t do anything the Senate led by McConnell has this far kept his promise to approve exactly nothing that Biden wants.


  1. Although I am not liking what I see in print, I am less happy that email can be made public. Even though nobody has an expectation of privacy, there needs to be less invasive and dissemination of what is found. Why is this information my business?


  2. My boyfriend and I need to take a trip to Europe, because I need to get away from the Palm Springs area until this scandal clears up. And I hope the IT department erased all of my emails connected to this pay for admission nonsense.

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      1. It’s only a scandal if the admissions office routinely violated their own stated admissions policies….


      2. That’s how Thornton Melon got into Grand Lakes.

        Lucky for us that he did, too, or else we’d have never seen him perform the Triple Lindy! (Or Oingo Boingo perform in his dorm room!!)

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  3. ugh,know i think i finely undur stanned y the so called litle poeples aint geting into good scools,cuz thay aint got the beer munneys like the rich big poeples,smdh

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  4. WARNING TO THE USC BASKETBALL TEAM! You better come to play tomorrow night vs. the Washington Huskies in the Pac 12 tournament. Washington, behind Guard Terrell Brown’s leadership and strong play has won 3 straight, and in tournament games a team with a “go to guard” who can score big time is very tough to beat. USC, has a tough time with guard dominated teams like Washington so they better come with their A game defense, and outside shooting vs. a tough zone defense or it might be 1 game and done which will really hurt their seeding in the tournament, and that will be a disaster with a 4 game losing streak.

    Just saying I still expect USC to win if they come to play if not Washington will advance. My concern is SC will take Washington lightly including Enfield will that fat new contract.

    Stay tuned………….

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    1. USC is presently at a 7 seed in the midwest–Indianapolis, where they played well last year, but….

      If USC could win their first game as a #7 seed in the big dance, they either end up with Kansas (a much better Kansas this year) or Kentucky in the present bracketology.

      The Trojan’s only “realistic” chance for getting to the sweet 16 is to beat UW and UCLA, gain a slightly higher seed in the big dance, and win 2 in the Natty.

      UCLA is presently slated at a #4 seed in the Natty and have two cupcake games to get them to the sweet 16.

      You are spot on tommyd with the UW game.


      1. Hi MG. I notice that when you are not on the thread hardly anybody gets any likes. Yet when you are active on the thread almost every post gets a like. Is that because you’re such a LIKEABLE guy. ??, no pun intended.

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      2. You’re right, George. I consider everybody here to be a buddy… and I really get a kick outta the stuff that gets posted. [btw, I’ll be taking a one week leave of absence starting the 12th to do some writing]…
        Be back on the 20th to support my InsideUSC buddies!
        In the meantime, maybe we should start posting Imaginary Spring Practice Reports. They’d be just like actual Spring Practice reports….but less real.


      3. No worries, MG

        SC only needs a defensive line and an offensive line, and then watch out, lights out.


      4. We all know rankings at this time of the year are only for clicks, writers take a scientific wild ass guess and come up with something to meet their deadlines.


  5. The ONLY reason this was a scandal is due to the the lack of money deposited into the University account. What difference is that schools admit athletes with poor grades, kids from large donors, quotas, and any connected individual with influence?

    All these people utilize an asset to have a leg up in the admission process. It has been done since the dawn of time. Regardless, they are still taking a spot from a more deserving student from an academic stand point.

    All hog wash! Any part of the admission process based on athletic ability, race and money should ALL be outlawed.


    1. SCGWH:
      Great to have you around here, doc.*
      I like your contributions.
      Pardon my wonkish long retort.

      I am an ardent supporter of the Meritocracy Society.
      USC is absolutely a school based on Merit first.
      The competition we Trojans faced along the way is a huge part of our personal and professional success, and the ongoing success which USC continues to enjoy. Irrespective of our background, we built a better school. This merit-based ethos is a HUGE part of the Trojan Family. It’s in our DNA.

      AMERICA is just not going in that (Meritocracy) direction presently.
      Some notable Universities are dropping the SAT/ACT. Will be interesting to see how THAT works for them. The Ivy League schools are “defending” their admission practices (before the US Supreme Court) which excluded bright, young Asian applicants based on racial profiling and diversity. Interesting.

      As a young USC student I was excluding from admission to UCLA Med and UCSF Med based on my gender and race (white male), though I had a higher GPA and MCAT scores than over half of the accepted candidates at both schools. (LAC/USC Med was my #1 choice anyway, so “lucky me”.) The race/gender based UC admission system was ultimately successfully sued and the process “over-turned.” Alan Bakke. Admittedly, affirmative action got more women (of all race/ethnicity) into the field and now more women graduate US medical school than do men. Way to go sister! Medicine is better for it.

      Schools are massaging their admissions characteristics to create the profile they desire. I’m confident USC will still be a World Leader, especially if it puts Drive/Intelligence/Accomplishment front and center.
      USC was first a school of competitive winners which was then leveraged by Zumberge and Sample into a school of BRILLIANT winners. The student-athletes are a part of our DNA–Heltonism being the lone failure. Many of us here on the site were student-athletes (mostly non-scholarship). We contributed to the diversity and college experience tremendously. I will always embrace offering athletic scholarships to USC to HS students who did not attend as superior a Cali public school as I attended. They made my USC better.

      …and Fight on, my friend.
      B4me, M.D.

      *I sense that this is your profession.


      1. I completely concur with your comments. There is a cultural tidal wave and we are being engulfed regardless. I take no issues with diversity but not a charitable one.

        It is great to know there is a medical colleague on the boards.


  6. Cannot get into SC based on athletic ability alone?– Well, there goes most of the football team.

    But it would give the Scott Wolfs of the world a chance to be the SC quarterback.


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