USC Coaches Find Impact Player

I spoke to a USC coach who said one player the new staff is high on is safety Callen Bullock.

Bullock had 40 tackles and two interceptions as a freshman but coaches believe he is poised for a much bigger sophomore season. He is considered the brightest spot of the secondary at the moment.

The cornerback position remains questionable at one spot. I’ve heard Colorado transfer Mekhi Blackmon is already the best corner on the team and one of the best in the Pac-12, so he will make an immediate improvement in the secondary. We’ll see if Oklahoma transfer Latrell McCutchin can make an impact.

19 thoughts on “USC Coaches Find Impact Player

  1. That’s what they need…..defensive players because LR’s defenses have been unimpressive in his 5 years as HC.


  2. Your corners are trash and your defense is trash too. Korey Foreman is just another Drake (No impact) Jackson. Alex Grinch is the second coming of Todd Orlando. 😂😂😂


      1. I see you don’t like to hear the truth. The only thing in the hole is USC’s O and D line recruiting. 😂😂😂


    1. Speaking of “trash,” after Alabama and Georgia and maybe Ohio St and Clemson, all college football teams are trash (i.e. incapable of winning a National Title)

      If that is all FU and TO have got I may as well go back to sleep


  3. It’s SO obvious—-our need is interior defensive linemen and upgrades on the offense line—. And we need them NOW via the transfer portal. That will determine how far we go in 2022


      1. There are plenty of ports, George, just not many 300 pound offensive linemen, or fast 250 pound defensive guys.

        But back to the present, and Arizona showing who is the best in the
        Pac-12, again. sucla was lucky to have had Goodrich&Hazzard, Alcindor &company, Wicks&company, and Walton&company. Heck, I bet George and I could have coached those teams to some championships and crowned ourselves “wizards.”

        sucla prides itself on being a basketball school (by default due to its football “program”), and yet sucla has won 1 championship in nearly 50-years.


  4. Lincoln Riley’s recruiting pattern is exactly the same as Clay Helton’s , pepper the team with skill position players, and grab any ole Linemen that’s available. Riley is building entertainment football, not National championship. He did the same thing at Oklahoma, which is why they got beat down in the playoffs.


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