USC Morning Buzz: It’s Selection Sunday!

USC is projected as a No. 5 seed by Jerry Palm and a No. 7 seed by Joe Lunardi.

Does that matter? Palm has the Trojans playing Virginia Tech in the first round while Lunardi has the Trojans playing Loyola-Chicago. Virginia Tech is No. 23 in the KenPom rankings while Loyola-Chicago is No. 24.

USC? No. 43.

Palm has USC playing Arkansas (25-8) in the second round while Lunardi has the Trojans playing Kentucky (26-7). Those are tough second-round games.

The highlight this week will be getting to hear Andy Enfield pronouce it as “tore-nuh-ment.”

19 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: It’s Selection Sunday!

  1. And we wonder why Enfield and Wolf are not drinking buddies.

    SC might play Virginia Tech (slayer of Duke) or Loyola-Chicago (winner of its conference) first. Either team will be a tough game. And if Troy can get by that first game then it could be Arkansas or Kentucky next.

    I don’t see SC getting into the Sweet-16 this year.

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  2. 5 seed???
    I was thinking 7 or 8, after how the season ended.
    Need to pull a 2021 Bruin’s type run (finish the regular season shitty) this year in the tourney.

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  3. They have struggled for nearly the last month. Hope it is not a first round exit, but without a dominant player and without a more effective half-court offense, they are going to have difficulty in the tourney.

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    1. You would think that by the end of the season Enfield would have put together some sort of team chemistry to create the half court offense. I say gone by the 2nd round.

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      1. Don’t forget about more than 500K dead from COVID, after he campaigned almost entirely on having a plan to defeat it. He stated in Oct 2020 that NO ONE WHO HAS HAD 200K DIE ON HIS WATCH SHOULD BE PRESIDENT.

        Thanks for admitting, Joe, that you should not be President! Those of us with any sense knew that long ago.


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