USC v. Miami In NCAA Tournament

USC was a seventh seed in the Midwest Region and plays Miami on Friday in Greenville, S.C. If you are thinking of going to the game, the Bon Secours Wellness Arena capacity is 15,951.

Miami finished fourth in the ACC and defeated Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Jan. 8, 76-74. It also won at then-No. 25-ranked Wake Forest. Guard Kameron McGusty leads the way averaging 17.6 points per game while guard Isaiah Wong averages 15.6 points. Guard Charlie Moore averages 12.6 points and guard Jordan Miller 10.2.

That’s four guard averaging more than 54 points per game.

28 thoughts on “USC v. Miami In NCAA Tournament

    1. Not only loop holes, Ed, but SC had better learn how to throw the ball in the hole.

      So if SC gets by Miami, then it will play #4 in the Country Auburn, and if they miraculously win that game they then get #6 in the country Kansas.

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      1. Exactly – get the ball inside. They start one 6’10 guy from NZ, who is thin, who presumably will guard Mobley, they have a 6’7″ guard who will presumably guard Peterson, their other starters are 5’10”, 6’3″ and 6’4″. Go big, Trojans, with inside/outside game.

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    1. Well, Eddie, the winning team is customarily the team with the most points when the Fat Lady starts to sing (i.e. clock is at 0:00)


      1. but thare is 4 teems that is 1 this yeer,ether every one gettin a trophey cuz thay is snow balls or thare aint no way nowing who is the best teem,probaly maik it so confusesing so the banks get all r munney,smdh

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  1. I hope I am wrong, but I just dont trust Enfield’s coaching to win against tough teams. He did a good job of recruiting, but has not really built a team that can consistently win.

    Giving him an extension committed us to many seasons of being almost there, but not quite ever getting good.

    Creating a winning team in basketball is a much tougher task than creating a winning football team.

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    1. Have to disagree– give me 3 great players and role players making up the balance and I will have a very good team.

      Football requires so many good players on both sides of the ball.


  2. Miami. 77

    Ladies of Troy 63

    Elsa Mobley 9 pts. 4 reb. 2 asst. 1 blk

    Nancy Drew Peterson 5 of 23 FG 11 pts.
    2 reb 3 asst.


    1. They say it was about a 30% to 50% chance that the then USSR and USA were on the verge of exchanging A-bomb arsenals in 1962 with the Cuban Missile standoff.

      That would have wiped out Moscow and other major cities in today’s Russia, and in America say goodbye to what we once knew as
      Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Francisco

      I stayed home from school all that week having fun, figuring it might be my last chance on earth. And from that day forward I have lived the cliche “Live for today, tomorrow is not a given”


  3. 50-50 game vs. Miami. They will give USC tons of trouble…….REASON- Miami is a strong guard oriented team with fast explosive guards. USC is a very big, mechanical team so this is going to be a very tough match up in the first game for the Trojans. Lots of good even teams in this tournament, and about 4 teams that can win it all including Arizona, UCLA, Kansas, Gonzaga with Duke and Auburn slight chances.

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    1. 50-50 is correct– actually ‘Vegas gives SC a 1 1/2 point advantage, but this is one of the few first round games that is virtually even.


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