USC-UCLA Game Forum

Boogie Ellis singlehandedly keeping USC in the game with 18 points.

With 11:13 left, USC is shooting 39 percent. UCLA 49 percent.

UCLA leads 36-28 at halftime. The saving grace for USC is that Johnny Juzang has been awful.

It’s USC-UCLA, Round 3.

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Coach Bohn looks happy entering the arena!

18 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Game Forum

    1. Didn’t I tell you clowns that these Ladies of Troy were softer than a pillow?

      Especially that Elsa Mobley, that girl runs like Herman Munster.

      It’s like the entire squad is wearing concrete shoes.

      Those girls will get bounced in the 1st rd. of the tournament


  1. Drew Peterson doing Drew Peterson things – dribbling too much, falling down and turning it over. He wouldn’t get near they hype he does if he wasn’t white

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  2. Kinda weird that UCLA seems to know exactly what USC is trying to do. I wonder how they managed to figure that out? I’m sure Enfield will absolutely not adjust.

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    1. They’re not careless with the ball, it’s the stupid offense Enfield insists on running no matter what. They start their various actions by trying to dribble to a spot or to the basket and UCLA knows this. As soon as they dribble inside the 3-point line the defense runs at the dude dribbling. And if there’s a defender near the dribbler that can see the back of the USC players jersey they sneak in and poke the ball away.

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      1. The Graham Harrell offense –find the open grass.
        The Andy Enfield Offense –find the open wood.


  3. Our boys battled hard tonight we just seem to be 1 talented guy short to match up with UCLA. Issiah Mobley seems to be trying to show the NBA scouts he can shoot from the outside, and he really hurts the team trying those 3 pointer. At best Mobley is a late 2nd round NBA pick.

    Too much dribbling to get inside the paint on every possession this team will only succeed if they pass the ball around more rather than trying to force everything in the middle of the paint on every possession.

    Enfield needs to get more athletic/ quick players. We look too mechanical on offense.

    I think UCLA will handle Arizona pretty easily in the championship game. The midget has this team fired up they play hard on every possession.

    We need a point guard……..Boogie Ellis is a scoring guard. I am sure he will test the NBA, but probably should come back for 1 more year to become a more consistent player.

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  4. President Flo’s hair … would you say it’s platinum? Could be a wig!? Bohn looking very concerned about the metal detector.


  5. I had to turn the game off in disgust with about 8 minutes to go in the first half– sucla makes 5 free throws in a row, and then our guy misses 2 in a row. And the Trojan “offense” consisted of wild-eyed 3s that sometimes missed the mark by 3 feet. It was just terrible.

    But apparently the team played better after that, but they were never going to catch sucla, which has a better team.

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